Samples From Eastland Foods – 1 of 2!

I remember hearing about ‘the original’ sriracha sauce a while back. It really seemed illogical that the ‘original’ would be made in Southern California, especially since I was in a city called Sriracha in Thailand this May. I found a Bon Appetit article mentioning the true original and some comment by Eastland Foods. I emailed my contact Michael over there to see if he could help me out with a sample – and he really came through – thanks! Let’s see what’s in these boxes!

Sriraja Panich is the first sriracha-style sauce. I do like the Huy Fong that comes out of SoCal, but this looks to be the real deal.

Not only did he send the Panich, but a huge bottle of Shark Brand Sriracha Chili Sauce as well! I tried the Shark Brand one yesterday – Definitely like it better than the one with the rooster on the bottle – it’s sweeter, thinner and has a nicer chilli flava.

Eastland Foods is the east coast distributor for Indomie – in fact, this is the original way I met Michael.

I didn’t know that they also distribute Vifon products – a Vietnamese brand. Thank you very much!

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