Invitation To Visit MyKuali In Penang, Malaysia!


Well I’m really excited today! My wife and I have been invited to visit MyKuali in Penang, Malaysia! Wow! Our flight’s booked and we’re getting ready for it later this month! The furthest from home here in the northwest I’ve been was the east coast in Georgia way back in 1995, and the only other country I’ve visited has been Canada. This is going to be really amazing! Thank you so much to MyKuali – this is absolutely great and I can’t wait to share pictures and words about our trip with everyone when we return! It’s still a few weeks away and we’re really excited!

I never expected my obsession with instant noodles would go this far – it’s pretty surreal to be honest.It all started back when I was a kid and my mom would make me that Nissin Roasted Ramen and then they stopped making it and we hit up Uwajimaya, a big Japanese grocery in Seattle and found all these interesting different kinds of instant noodles to try. In 2002 I started Ramen Rater (added the ‘The’ a little later LOL) and since then it’s changed a lot, but really is the same original thought behind it: I like to try new things. Twelve years later, and I’m off to Malaysia! Wow. I guess it goes to show that if you do what you love, good things will happen.

I want to say thank you so much to MyKuali for extending this kindness and can’t wait to visit the place you make your exceptional noodles!


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