#1116: Tokyo Noodle Mini Instant Noodle Artificial Chicken Flavor

Went to Uwajimaya in Seattle yesterday and saw these – little four pack of mini noodles! Let’s check ’em out.

Here’s the back of the pack (click image to enlarge). Contains wheat, soybean and fish.

The pack has four little individually wrapped noodle blocks!

Here’s what you get. You might be wondering ‘where’s the seasoning packet?’ Well, these are much like the first instant noodles ever invented in that there is no seasoning packet; the flavor is infused into the noodles. What’s cool about these as they can be tossed in a mug and steeped, crunched up and eaten as a snack, or (the way I’ll make them) cooked on the stove in a pot.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added fried egg, narutomaki and green onion. The noodles are different from what you might expect in something akin to ‘the original instant noodle.’ They’re not like they’re extremely light and have a flat surface. Even a little elasticity! Not mushy or crumbly, but very delicate. The broth is salty and soy sauce with a little hint of fish here and there. It’s funny; just like the original instant noodles like 1958, these are supposed to taste like chicken. What I would say about them is chicken wouldn’t be my first thought although I think adding chicken or egg to it is very nice. Identical to the aforementioned 1958 variety. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 011152220079.

Here’s a video by a guy named Furious Pete – at one point, he eats 147 little bowls of noodles in Tokyo!

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