January 21, 2012


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Have you got a favorite recipe for instant noodles? Comment on this post and I’ll add them to the Recipes page! I’m seeing a lot of people posting them elsewhere, so add em’ here too! Maybe also leave your first name, last initial and city/ state! You’ll be immortalized in The Ramen Rater!

4 thoughts on “Recipes!

  1. Gonzi

    I have a simple recipe.

    Spicy Cheesy Chicken Ramen.
    instant chicken flavored ramen
    1 slice of American cheese
    sriracha hot sauce.

    Prepare ramen as normal, add to serving bowl. Add slice of American cheese and stir in to create a creamy broth. Add hot sauce to preference.


  2. Casey

    Here’s a quick but awesome recipe that I eat a lot.

    – 2 Maruchan chili lime shrimp ramen
    – 2 tbsp miracle whip
    – a can of tuna, drained

    Cook the noodles and then drain most of the water. Add the tuna, both seasoning packs, and miracle whip. Chow down!

  3. Brian noel

    2 chili ramen soups

    1 12oz can diced habanero & tomatoes

    1 15oz can Bush’s black beans w/corn

    1/2 tsp butter

    Yes, you guessed it, Drop the chili’s and tomatoes, black beans w/corn into a medium sauce pan. Heat at simmer.

    Next, cook the ramen soups per directions, drain off 2/3 water.

    pour into sauce pan with chili and beans, add flavor packets, butter, mix well, find the Cheeze its!

  4. Brian noel

    2 beef ramen soups

    diced onion(fried)

    1tsp cumin

    1tsp cracked red pepper

    2tbsp tahini

    1tbsp olive oil

    Take the onion and dice it up in a small dice, drop it in a non-stick skillet, add olive oil fry until done.

    Cook the ramen soups, drain the water, mix in the flavor packs.

    Next, mix the tahini and the olive oil. stir in the rest of the spices mix until smooth.

    Add in the onion, toss, a little black pepper and grab a spoon.


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