#143: Mamy Chand Clear Soup Oriental Style Instant Noodles

So what can I say – cheap noodles are fun too. These are from Thailand and called Mamy but they’re MAMA brand…

Didn’t have to open the powder to know it was delicious! That’s handy!

Chili, powder and oil.

Click image to enlarge. Rice noodles, was spicy from the chili… Noodles were good but nota lot of backbone. 2.75 / 5.0 stars. Get it Here.


  1. i tried this flavor tonight. i thought it was interesting that they called it “mamy”. i think mamy is the version that they export, and the mama version of the chand clear noodles is the non export version. they both have the same exact ingredients, yet the mamy one says “FOR EXPORT ONLY” on the back. theres also another version of the chand clear soup with mama on it, but with flat rice noodles instead of the regular thin ones.

    to me, this tasted almost exactly like the thai kitchen “garlic and vegetable” flavor. i think thai kitchen copied mama and started selling it to the US market. i really liked this one. i was thankful the chili powder came seperate because man, was it spicy! i only used a tiny pinch of the chili.

    the ingredient list for this one is pretty small – mainly salt, sugar, garlic powder, chili powder, and msg. it makes me almost want to make my own. that would sure be fun. maybe id send you some mini zip lock baggies with predetermined amounts of oil, flavoring, etc and you could review it! (youd probably be worried id poison you though.. nevermind)

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