More about the old

So first a bit about one of my favorites and one of my nemeses. First, Indomie Jumbo BBQ Chicken instant noodles. This stuff is a perfect example of well thought out noodles, in that they have a few packets in there for more preparation fun, and there’s a lot of noodles. These are of the five star ilk, but I have but one complaint about them: unless you eat them quickly, after you cook ’em, they dry out and get frumpy and obstinate on the fork.

As far as noodles I’m not so fond of, these are Nissin Demae Ramen noodles – red package. They are basically overly salty and require a lot of garnish to fend off the smell. I would say however that Nissin Demae Curry flavor is one of my favorites. In this case, the noodles are standard cheap ramen noodles; its the stinky powder I can’t stomach.

(Updated 11/26/2012) – This was written in 2002 – wow I would definitely not call the Nissin Demae Sesame anything like a ‘nemesis’ these days! It certainly seems my tastes have really changed… I should note one of these bowls is no longer with us – the top one. I still use the one on the bottom quite regularly.

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