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#1000: Maruchan Yakisoba Beef Taco Flavor

Here it is. The one thousandth review. I’m pretty surprised; really didn’t expect to get this far! But I have and don’t see and end in sight – reviewing instant noodles is a lot of fun for me and looks like all of the people who check out the site like it too!

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering ‘why beef taco flavor; what the heck?’ I saw a few new varieties a couple years ago on Maruchan’s website – there was a Jalapeno Cheddar, a Four Cheese and a Beef Taco. The Jalapeno and the Beef Taco both sounded quite fascinating to me. I’ve never heard of mixing Japanese and Mexican food concepts together like this before and since I like noodles, why not try? I looked everywhere for them and couldn’t find any of these. I mentioned it once or twice on The Ramen Rater facebook page to get a reply ‘actually, it’s not that good, dude.’ But that’s seriously beside the point. I really like trying new things; whether they taste wonderful or not isn’t the most important part to me – its the trying.

A few months ago, my wife Kit and I went to the local Grocery Outlet. All of a sudden, she says ‘don’t look’ and I’m wondering why not. She brings to me three triumvirate of flavors I had been seeking. ‘These are the ones, aren’t they?’ she asked knowingly. At $1 apiece I was even more stoked! It was that day I knew that Beef Taco would be number one thousand.

Well, here we are. Without further ado, the review.

The bottom of the package (click image to enlarge).

Under the wraps (click image to enlarge).

The noodle block.

The vegetables go in the tray and are cooked, hence packet number one.

An interesting melange. A lot of powdered spice.

After the cooking is complete, then enters packet number two.

A nice chili cheese/chili mac kind of taste I found very nice.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

Things I added including some amazing guacamole my wife Kit made for me – thanks babe!

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added ground beef seasoned with Mexene and minced garlic, tortilla chips, iceberg lettuce, Mexican blend cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole (made by my lovely wife Kit) and green onions. The noodles are great – nice texture and very mellow. The flavoring? Awesome! Tastes kind of like chili cheese fries! Surprisingly, it works quite well. The heat level is pretty reasonable for most I’d think. The veggies came out pretty well. This was better than I expected and definitely unique. 4.25 out of 5.0 stars – get it if you can find it! UPC bar code 041789007026.


Countdown To Review #1,000

The wall above my screen at The Ramen Rater HQ

Right now, I’m at number 996 and going to pause. I will start reviewing again on Sunday, March 10th 2013. Why? Well, I figured I’d give myself a birthday present. #997 on Sunday, #998 on Monday and #999 will be on Tuesday. #1,000 will be reviewed and videotaped on Wednesday and posted on Thursday, which is my birthday!

I think I should also mention some other things. First off, the site has moved! The Ramen Rater is now hosted at WPEngine instead of at WordPress.com. This allows for a lot more flexibility and configurability of the site. I’m sure you’ve noticed the advertisements for The Ramen Rater Store. What we’re hoping is that these spaces will be purchased by instant noodle companies and other entities such as grocery stores. The Ramen Rater is a place where people from the world over congregate to get information and find out about instant noodles – I think there is a serious value in that.

With the move, those of you who have followed the site via WordPress.com in the past will have to follow now via the link on the bottom of the right hand column – you’ll see it right underneath the RSS feeds.

Another big change is that The Big List is now not only sortable but it has links! You can peruse the list online, sorting by brand, country of origin, rating, variety and what kind of package it’s in. Go have a look!

Yet another big change is that now every single review has been edited. I went through every single image and resized, watermarked and basically made it so everything looks nice and loads much faster than it used to. Let me tell you – resizing and editing over 6500 images took quite a while! A major reason for this was for the mobile crowd. I’ve partnered with a fellow from Oregon who has made most of the changes around here possible. He’s working hard behind the scenes and is responsible for the sortable Big List and pretty much how everything looks here!

Android users: in the future, there will be a The Ramen Rater app! The app is currently in beta but I will let everyone know of it’s progress and happily announce its completion at the right time. Some features we hope to implement will be search via UPC code (yep – scan a pack at the store and it’ll pop up on your mobile device!) amongst other things.

Well, that’s it until Sunday. I want as always to thank everyone for reading the blog, your great comments and sending donations and samples to review – without you, the blog would be quite boring. Big thanks to Dave J. who has invested a lot of time, effort and money into getting this site looking so nice! Finally, an enormous thank you to my lovely wife who puts up with my crazy instant noodle obsession and antics. I love you, Kit!

The countdown to #1,000 starts Sunday!


Hans Lienesch

The Ramen Rater