December 14, 2012

The Ramen Rater Noodle News #23

Been a while, but here we go with the 23rd edition of The Ramen Rater Noodle News!

I search the ‘net for interesting news and view on instant noodles and beyond. Oldest articles start at the top. Here you go!

  • Information Nigeria – Unemployment: Youths Shut Down Indomie’s Largest Factory in Africa Located in Kaduna – Nigeria – Link
  • The Village Voice – Ivan Orkin and Shigetoshi Nakamura to Cook Ramen for Sandy Relief at Smorgasburg – USA – Link
  • Rocketnews24 – Instant Ramen Maker Sets Up Tiny Restaurant In Shibuya Station: Three Dollar Lunch, Anyone? – Japan – Link
  • Global Times – Uni-President to sell JV stake – China – Link
  • Japan Daily Press – Special committee formed to review ‘one-third’ rule on deliveries and stopping food wastage – Japan – Link
  • The Pyramid – Ramen Revolution – USA – Link
  • The Canberra Times – Popping Into Gangnam – Australia – Link
  • The Smoking Jacket – Minute Hacks: Hack Your Ramen Noodles – USA – Link
  • – Miss A, Cup Ramen To End Diet.. Suzy “One More Cup!” – Korea – Link
  • Washington City Paper – Last Night’s Leftovers: Ramen Rating Edition – USA – Link
  • 4-Traders – Nissin Ajinomoto Alimentos Ltda. to Start up New Plant in Northeast Region of Brazil – USA – Link
  • autoevolution – “NEXT” A-Class Chases a Ramen Truck in Anime [Video] – USA – Link
  • Huffington Post – Minute Hacks: Making Ramen Less Boring – USA – Link
  • South China Morning Post – Tingyi returns to profit growth as China economy steadies – China – Link
  • The Ramen Blog & Other Goodies – Pot Noeldle, the turkey and stuffing flavored instant noodles – USA – Link
  • The Japan Times – Meet The Ramen Ambassadors – Japan – Link
  • Everyday Food – Convenience Food Of The Day: Instant Ramen – USA – Link
  • Japan Bash – Ramen School In Japan – USA – Link
  • The Japan Times – Ramen Eateries Catch On In London – Japan – Link
  • The Economic Times – Maggi still rules the roost: HUL and GSK Consumer still have to get their act right in instant noodles category – India – Link
  • Food Beast – Here’s What A LEGO Bowl Of Ramen Looks Like – USA – Link

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