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#4022: Yumei Night Market Chow Mein – Soy Sauce Flavor – China

#4022: Yumei Night Market Chow Mein - Soy Sauce Flavor - China

Found this one at the Asian Family Market on 130th & Aurora in Seattle. They’ve got a lot of premium varieties – this one is in a little box which is pretty neat. I’ve had some from this brand in the past I really didn’t like but I’m hopeful – I mean, they’re mentioning night market in the title and night markets are really, really cool – at least when I visited Taiwan. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#13: Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein Japanese Style Noodles

Sapporo Ichiban: Chow Mein
Stars: ***1/2
Notes: Now this stuff is quite different – and quite good as well. It definitely
tastes like a greasy, heavily sauce laden noodle. The broth is dark brown
mainly because of all the soy, but it’s not all that salty. It is quite good
and I highly recommend it. One of the more compelling packets in this one is a little cellophane pouch of ‘green laver.’ It’s seaweed powder and adds a delicately mossy green shade to the concoction if added like pepper evenly to the top. This is a must for the adventurous and keen on the weird factor.
...see full post