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#1758: Vit’s Duck Instant Noodles

I’m always in a quandry when it comes to duck and here’s why: it’s tough to find duck around here. I mean, why can’t we just go to the grocery store and get a couple slices of cooked duck at the deli counter? Chicken? Sure, no prolem. Turkey, pork, beef? Again, no problem. So on this one, I unfortunately have no duck to go with it, which is unfortunate – I really like duck! Well, let’s check out this one from Malaysia! ...see full post

#1534: Vit’s Seafood Instant Noodles

Here’s another one that Thomas from MyKuali got for me while we were on our trip to Malaysia! Thanks again! Vit’s is a brand that’s well known over there, but one I’ve never reviewed before. This looks like a spicy seafood variety – let’s give it a go! ...see full post