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Meet The Manufacturer: #2083: Nissin Taisho Fried Noodle Sesame Paste Flavour Instant Noodle

Last night, we went to a little Taiwanese restaurant nearby and I brought home some leftovers. I got some Hakka style fried tofu, squid and pork belly with vegetables; not covered in sauce but nicely seasoned. I immediately though ‘what noodles night this go well with for Meet The Manufacturer?’ This one sounds like a good bet! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#550: Nissin Taisho Fried Noodle Yakisoba Flavor Instant Noodle ( Hong Kong )

Here’s another one from Nathan in Canada! Some Nissin I’ve not seen before! That’s one of my favorite things – and Nissin makes a good yakisoba – I really liked that one on the top ten – the one with the mayonnaise. So let’s delve into this one. ...see full post