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Unboxing Time: Instant Noodles Swag From Prima Taste

Unboxing Time: Instant Noodles Swag From Prima Taste

I saw some promotional events that Prima Taste was running and some of the neat stuff they did with giveaways and what the folks who were giving out samples were wearing. I asked if I could possible have some swung my way and they obliged! Thank you! Let’s open this boxc up and see what’s within!

Unboxing Time: Instant Noodles Swag From Prima Taste – Singapore

Tee shirts, posters and stickers? Awesome! Thanks again!

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Deshome

A box of samples from Deshome!

All sorts of different kinds of noodles and different flavors.

A brochure about Deshome.

The owner’s daughter put a bunch of interesting items in with the package!

There were a few sheets of temporary tattoos!

Some stickers.

Looks like something you pop out of the cardboard and pout together.

A deck of cards, too! Thanks to Shelley Su and her daughter – lots of neat stuff in the box!

#321: Little Cook Spicy Beef Flavor

So this looks really interesting. Upon tearing off the outer cellophane, i notice that where it says NEW TVP SPICY BEEF FLAVOR is actually a sticker. In fact, on the sides there were stickers as well – ingredients, nutrition facts and direction on preparation.

My Spidey Senses were tingling. I took the lid off of the bowl and held it up to my swing arm lamp. Lo and behold, hidden by the NEW TVP SPICY BEEF sticker were the sacred words ‘with Real Meat.’

The bowl contained two packets – first a small one containing some bit of veg and some soup base very much smelling and tasting like curry.

Then, the retort pouch – something I have not seen since my youth. What is funny is that its exactly the same as it was when I was a kid – same size, lettering and everything. So this means there’s some sauce and possibly some decent veg and meat going on inside. Thing is that from seeing what it said underneath the sticker on top and reading the ingredients sticker, I was not going to find any meat in this sucker.

Ah yes – don’t use this if its punctured or oozing everywhere.

There’s the curry like soup base atop the noodles. See the line? That’s the boiling water line! I was floored – it asks for so much…

But I obliged it to a degree; it said to leave the lid attached and use the Retort Pouch to hold it down as the noodles ‘cooked.’ I decided of course to go the sane route and use an old Tower of Power record.

Here we are – the finished product (click image to enlarge). First, the noodles are great – nice texture and firmness. The broth is spicy and beef-like and very curry. Finally the textured vegetable protein fake meat things that are found here and there are really weird but interesting and flavorful too. In short, this whole things is a smorgasbord of oddities tat I find irresistable. 4.75 out of 5.0 stars! Little Cook is the man!