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#3208: Myojo Bari-Kata Tonkotsu Ramen – Japan

#3208: Myojo Bari-Kata Tonkotsu Ramen - Japan

Today we have a Zenpop.JP variety – so what’s Zenpop? They’re a subscription service for all things Japanese! Definitely, check them out. By the way, use coupon code RAMENRATER to get $2 off! Here’s what they had to say about this one – ‘Hard, thin, straight noodle fits excellently with thick and rich tonkotsu soup. In Japanese ramen shops, we can choose the hardness of the ramen noodles! Cook this for only one minute to experience the ‘barikata’ noodles!’ ...see full post

#961: Trident Chow Mein Soft Noodles


Here’s one of the packs that came from Australia! Thanks go to Melanie I. of Jannali, NSW for sending these and also thanks to Mark K. for getting her to do it! The last one was a ‘2 Minute Noodle’ while this one says they’re soft noodles. I wonder what the difference is? ...see full post