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#2956: Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle

#2956: Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle

I took a look in the closet the other day and boom – hey look a six pack of these cups! Forgot about these ! You have to understand – I have a lot of noodles to review – hard to find space for them! But here they are ready to go! Thanks to Paldo for sending them along! Let’s check out these super spicy noodles from South Korea!

Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle – South Korea

#2956: Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add boiling water to line and cover for 3 minutes. Drain. Stir in liquid sachet contents. Finally, stir and enjoy!

#2956: Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle

Detail of the lid (click to enlarge).

#2956: Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle

The noodle block.

#2956: Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle

The liquid base sachet.

#2956: Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle

Smells very spicy!

#2956: Paldo Curry Volcano Chicken Noodle

Finished (click to enlarge). The noodles are thick and chewy with a ever so slight sponginess to them which is negotiable, but there./ The flavor is an extremely spicy one with a kind of sweet taste alongside. It doesn’t scream curry to me honestly, but it’s pretty tasty albeit like licking a volcano. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 648436101306.

Volcano Spicy Chicken Noodle 2 Bundle of 4pack

Watch me and Miles give this one a try!

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

One of my favorite varieties has been Paldo’s Cheese Noodle – that’s a really tasty one. Well, Teumsae is one of their spiciest varieties and they mashed it up with cheese. I really want to get samples of the new ultra spicy Teumsae variety, but I can’t find it anywhere from nobody… At this point, I’m wondering if it even was produced! But it had to be… Come on. It’s hanging out somewhere! Anyways, cheese is good. It’s time to do a mukbang, so check out the video at the bottom of this review.. Let’s give this one a try!

Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun – South Korea

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Unsure whether it’s meat free or not – check for yourself. To prepare, add noodle block and sachet contents (except cheese powder sachet)  to 550ml boiling water and cook 3 1/2 minutes Finally, stir and sprinkle cheddar cheese powder on top and enjoy!

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

The large noodle block.

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

The soup base sachet.

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

Smells extremely spicy.

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

The vegetables sachet.

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

A colorful mixture.

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

The garnish sachet.

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

The cheese powder.

Finished (click to enlarge). Love the noodles – thick and chewy with that nice thin kinda gooey outermost layer. The broth was pretty good – definitely not the punch of Teumsae, that’s for sure. I know the cheese took off some of the sting, but it honestly seemed more like a spicy ramyun. The included vegetables were of good quality. Tasty with a slightly bitter back and an easy one for a spicy foods buff. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.  EAN bar code 8809296884200.

#2942: Paldo Teumsae Cheddar Cheese Ramyun

The Spicy Ramen Pack Endorsed By The Ramen Rater

Watch me tame this beast!

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - 팔도 볼케이노꼬꼬볶음면6입

This one was sent by Anders and Ji-Min from South Korea! Thanks again! So here’s Paldo’s new extreme foray into the uber spicy class of instant ramyun. I really enjoy seeing these – especially how neat the packaging looks.

I looked everywhere to find the characters for this one to search by. It seems either this one is just too new or I don’t know, but I’m not finding really anything about this one – a few poics here and there. Hopefully I’ll dig up some more info. Anyways, yeah – looks like a burner for today. Let’s give it a look!

Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun – South Korea

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - 팔도 볼케이노꼬꼬볶음면6입

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Unsure whether it contains meat. to prepare, add noodle block to 600ml boiling water and cook 3 minutes 30 seconds. Drain. Add in 40ml water and contents of liquid sachet. Return to heat and stir fry for 30 second. Add garnish sachet. Finally, stir and enjoy!

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - 팔도 볼케이노꼬꼬볶음면6입

The noodle block.

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - 팔도 볼케이노꼬꼬볶음면6입

The liquid base sachet.

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - 팔도 볼케이노꼬꼬볶음면6입

The hot stuff.

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - 팔도 볼케이노꼬꼬볶음면6입

The garnish sachet.

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - 팔도 볼케이노꼬꼬볶음면6입

Sesame seeds and seaweed.

Finished (click to enlarge). I will say right off the bat that these noodles are very good. They’re thick and you could throw almost anything at them and they’d be great. Indeed the sauce is extremely spicy and strong. However, I have had much stronger. Nonetheless I would put these in the ultra spicy category for sure. The seaweed and sesame seeds are a nice touch, but they kind of get lost with all the heat. The unfortunate thing with this one is that it really didn’t smack of any curry I’ve had; maybe a little, but I had to dig deep for it. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 8809296883760.

#2467: Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - 팔도 볼케이노꼬꼬볶음면6입

Paldo Bulnak Pan Noodle Irresistable Sweet Spicy Ramen (Pack of 4)

I did a ‘mukbang’ video trying this one.

New Samples From South Korea’s Paldo Food

First, I want to send a special thank you to Yongmin Park for sending me product samples! See, every year I do the Top Ten South Korean Instant Noodles list and each year it’s starting to seem like I get fewer and fewer products to try from South Korea. People have been getting grumpy about the list too – see, it’s only for products made IN South Korea, not elsewhere. Let’s have a look inside and see what awaits!

Under the lid (click to enlarge).

New premium varieties – jjamppong and jjajang (click to enlarge).

Budae Jigae (click to enlarge) – if you look at the enlargement, you can see that there are very interesting things on the package – beans, macaroni, sausages… Budae Jigae was developed after the Korean War – lots of US military rations were left for the people and they adapted them into a special stew/soup!

Finally, Bibimmyun – IN A BOWL (click to enlarge)!!! I’ve been trying to get my hands on this for a VERY long time! Thanks again Yongmin Park – you rock!

#1677: Paldo Rabokki Noodle (Export Version)

A couple years back, I did a Meet Ther Manufacturer with Paldo, a South Korean company. I was stoked to get a pack of this Rabokki back then and asked if it would ever be in the United States. It sounded like there weren’t any plans to bring it this way and I was bummed – really bummed. Well, bummed no more, I can happily announce that it’s gracing store shelves in the USA now! Rabokki is a fusion of ramyun and topokki Topokki is what you see there on top of the noodles on the package – finger length rice cakes that are chewy – about the consistency of string cheese, served most popularly in a thick sweet and spicy sauce. I will say it’s probably one of my favorite foods of all time – especially the way I’ve tried it lately at a local place called Chi-Mc n Hot Pot, with cream cheese – egad it’s really good. Let’s check out this ramyun-topokki fusion from Paldo!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add everything to 400ml boiling water and cook for 4 minutes. Stir and enjoy!

The gigantic ramyun block!

The soup base sachet.

Has a nice spicy scent.

Topokki sauce!

Smells like happiness.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added kamaboko, mung bean sprouts and spring onion. The noodles plumped up just perfectly – thick and a good chew. The broth is more of a sauce and it’s very rich – spicy and sweet – like an adult version of Spaghetti-O’s which I find delectable. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 648436101054.

Rabokki Noodle 5.11 Oz (Pack of 4)

Making Rabokki at home.

Re-Review: Meet The Manufacturer: Paldo Jang Ramyun Soy Flavor Noodle

I asked my wife Kit to pick which pack of noodles to begin Meet The Manufacturer: Paldo week and she picked this one. Sounds like a great place to start!

Back of the packaging (click image to enlarge).

That’s one big noodle block!

Powder seasoning.

Bring on the flavor!

Veggie packet.

Nice looking little bits.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added some veggies, odeng, Fresno peppers, kimchi, a slice of processed cheese and some Sunchang Gochujang. The noodles are really great – nice and thick – and plentiful. The broth has a great balance of soy flavor and heat. The veggies weren’t bad but wish there were more. All in all, quite good. 4.25 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 8801128504737 .

Hey look – noodles and baseball! Deinifitely a winning combo!

I’m not exactly sure, but it looks like a huge food drive in Korea?

Meet The Manufacturer: Paldo Promotional Gifts & Samples

I got a couple of large boxes from the folks at Paldo America today! Wonder what’s inside?

Samples to review! Some new ones, some that I’ve already reviewed too. Really looking forward to a week of Korean noodles! Yum!

I think this is a hint! Okay I’ll try using chopsticks again!

I’ve never seen anything like this – it’s a USB drive built into a card! Thanks! Now I can have a backup of all my noodle stuff in my wallet!

Speaking of wallets, they sent me a Paldo card wallet! What’s great about this is that my business cards are usually too tall to fit in my wallet so this is perfect!

They sent some baseball related items too – it looks like Paldo is the big sponsor of South Korea’s Korean Baseball Organization! This is a giant baseball on a little wooden stand! Very cool!

A big sticker!

They also sent a couple ball caps – the one on the left is from the SK Wyverns and the right is the LG Twins.

Finally, this interesting little guy. Not exactly sure what he is though! It’s made of a heavy rubber – my wife thinks it is to hold down the lid of cup noodles. I think he’ll do splendidly at this task! *I was told by Moses that it’s actually an enormous pencil eraser!

Thanks go to Moses and all at Paldo for these nice items and great products to review!

Meet The Manufacturer: Paldo Interview

I’m very happy to announce that today begins Meet The Manufacturer Week: Paldo~ There will be many reviews and information about this great South Korean company. Here, we shall start with the interview. Enjoy!

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview! Could we start off with some information about Paldo; when was Paldo founded, where and by who?

PALDO> Paldo was the Brand name of Korea Yakult Company in 1969. End of last year in 2011, it was separated from a brand name to a complete food manufacture company with our CEO, Choi, Jae-moon. We are still same company but, we are different in the management part.

TRR> For those of my readers who are not familiar with your line of products, could you tell us a little about them?

PALDO> Our Products are consisted of three big categories. 1.Noodles, 2.Beverages, 3.Retort processed products.
For Noodles, we have Bibim-men, Hwa Ramen, Kokomen Packet and Bowl noodles. Also, have Doshirak, and King Noodles.
For Beverages, we have Aloe Vera Drinks, Shikhye(Rice Drink), Soojeonggwa(Cinnamon Drink), Coffee, Pororo(Kid’s Drink).
For Retort Processed Products, we have Soy Bean Broth, Cold Noodle, and other Snacks.

TRR> How did you come to the ‘Fun & Yum’ motto? What’s it all about?

PALDO> Fun & Yum is changing this world happier with different color of the taste. It contains our challenge and philosophy. Also, ”Yum” pronunciation in Korean also represents the sound of delicious eating sound.

TRR> After a very long wait, Kokomen has just been released in the United States. Could you tell us about Kokomen and how it came into existence and what makes it special?

PALDO> Usually New Ramen comes out from existing similar types. For instance, Jjajang, Jjambbong, Yuk-gye-jang, Cold Noodle, Kissmyon, Nagasaki Jjambbong Etc. But, Kokomen is very unique and prototype of all recipes. Kokomen was introduced through a Cooking Contest and food critics and people were amazed by the taste of it. Paldo took this recipe and developed to a total brand new product to our consumers.

TRR> When did you decide to the the United States, and why in California?

PALDO> Paldo’s America’s office was established October of 2010. California located at the major ports in the west coast. For Paldo’s Products to come-in, From this location, we will expand to Mid-west and east coast in near future.

TRR> What does the name ‘Paldo’ mean?

PALDO> The word “Pal” means number 8 in Korean and “Do” means Province. If North Korea and South Korea combines together, there are 8 Provinces. Our philosophy is that we as Korean wishes to be united in someday. Even though Korea has separated into North and South after the Korean war, people from 8 provinces are still in Paldo. As unique people work in Paldo, also provide unique and the best quality products nationwide and furthermore internationally. The logo of Paldo represents our customer’s excited moments of our products expectations and pleasures as our customers open our products. Paldo creates remarkable tastes through our times to our customers’ satisfaction. Our logo’s red color represents “passion of our quality” and the color green represents “nature and health”. In addition, “Pal-Do” could mean, “Friends(Pal), let’s become Friends”

TRR> Is Paldo involved in the local community around you?

PALDO> We are yet involved in the local communities, but we are planning on a significant contribution in near future. From last year, we started a little support to a charity foundation near New York.

TRR> How many packs, cups and bowls of instant noodles do you make in a year?

PALDO> We produced 343,773,000 in sales counts in the year 2011. In the year of 2012, we expect more than 446,905,000 in sales. Our prediction is about 130% sales growth compare to the last year.

TRR> Are there any new products that will be coming out soon that you could tell us about?

PALDO> We are planning to introduce “Kokomen Jumbo Cup and Small Cup”, Namja Ramen(Pack/King/Small), Rabbokki, Milk Tea, Energy Drink, and Snacks etc.

TRR> A lot of people wonder about the health factors (sodium, etc) when it comes to instant noodles. How do you recommend people made instant noodles a healthy part of their diet?

PALDO> Usually our consumers adds vegetables, eggs, and meats or takes out little portion of our soup-mix to control the sodium level. Paldo recommends adding mushrooms, bean sprouts, or corns. Mushroom will add rich taste, bean sprouts gives fresh tastes. For your diet, you can cook half portion of the noodle or DO NOT take the soup all the way down.

TRR> I noticed on the Dosirac, the packets have writing in cyrillic – not something I commonly see. Can you tell us why?

PALDO> The Dosirac in Cyrillic writing is the most popular product in Russia. Dosirac Ranks Market share #1 Product in Russia, so you can say that we are the TOP 1st.

TRR> Do you make/sell products other than instant noodles?

PALDO> As previously mentioned, we have beverages, Retort processed products, and snacks etc.

TRR> What was your first product?

PALDO> 3 Noodles were introduced in September 1983. 1. Sooeh-gogi(Beef) 2. Chlorella, 3. Sesame Flavor

TRR> I hear Paldo pronounced with an ‘i’ instead of an ‘l’ in Korean commercials – is this the correct way to
say the company name?

PALDO>I think the pronunciation “L” in Korean differs from English Pronunciation that makes little different and it sound a bit like “paido” for you. But, it is really Pal-Do with” L”

TRR> How does the process in which you make your noodles differ from other brands?

PALDO> 4 Major Korean Noodle making company’s Facilities and processes may be very similar to each other. If we were to bring out what Paldo is really different from others is that we have tried more to come out with better products. For instance, we came up with liquid soup mix NOT dry, we built facilities to make Retort processed products, we spent more time to develop our products and these make a major different from others. As a result, for the first time in the history, we have applied this liquid mix to Bibim men, and Jjajangmen’s Retort processed technology would be our valuable outcome from our longtime effort.

TRR> When you make instant noodles for yoursself, do you add anything or have any recommendations?

PALDO> In Korea, there is a very special soup that increase energy, boost metabolism, promote fitness, made out with Chicken, Ginseng, jujube, sticky rice, and Whole Garlics in a pot. We call this “Sam-Gye-Tang”. As a special recommendation, you can start with our soup mix, a strip of ginseng, some jujube, and garlics. Boil these for about 20 min (recommend to put a little more water than recommended) and put your noodle and cook this with your toppings if you like. This recommendation will be the most Healthier and wellbeing Ramen Cooking for you.
We do not have any other recommendations than this, but if we really have to recommend, we recommend the instructions in the back of our noodle packs. Especially, adding water portion could make a big difference. Cooking equipment and time also makes difference, but when you cook our new product, we recommend not adding anything because we want you to taste our original taste provided.

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn more about Paldo!

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