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Binders Full Of Women? Nope – Noodles

Binders Full Of Women? Nope - Noodles

Since my 200th review or so, I’ve been keeping the packaging from the instant noodles I review. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. First, it’s kind of a physical representation of the varieties I’ve sampled. Also (and more importantly), the bar codes are on them all. These can be added as tags to the posts and be added. I started adding bar codes in the tags around review 800 or so. The Ramen Rater apps all have bar code scanning capability and so adding these in makes the app more functional for the site. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of tedious work to do in that area. Anyways, Someone asked about how I store my noodle packaging and was curious to see some binders, so here you go! ...see full post