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#3516: Paldo Jjol Bibim Men – South Korea

#3516: Paldo Jjol Bibim Men - South Korea

Looks like this is a local version (I do’t know that there is export ones) of Paldo’s Jjol Bibim Men. After a little researxh, it looks lik the difference between this as their Bibim Men are the noodles are chewier in this one. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#1480: Paldo Jjol Bibim Men

Here’s a new variety of Paldo’s Bibim Men line to come out recently. Jjol means ‘chewy.’ Bibim Men – now this is slightly trickier but isn’t that hard. Bibimbap is a mix of vegetables, meat and an egg topped with gochujang (a spicy sauce) over rice. It’s one of my favorite Korean dishes, often served in a stone bowl and sizzling like nothing else! Well, the ‘bap is rice. In Jjol Bibim Men, the Men is the same as -myun or myeon, which means noodles. So what you have here is a cold, spicy, chewy noodle dish. I’m hungry – let’s get to it! Bring on the Jjol Bibim Men! ...see full post