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The Ramen Rater Diet: Episode 2 – How I Lost 132 Pounds In 12 Months

The Ramen Rater Diet: How I lost 132 Pounds In 12 Months - EP 2


On October 18th, 2018, my doctor told me I had high cholesterol and was worried about it. I’ve been battling (and losing in the wrong way) my weight for years – as long as I can remember really. It was kind of a battle of will really. I’d get started losing weight and then a holiday or some kind of thing would derail me and I’d fall off the wagon.

I was contemplating doing something about my weight again but that talk with my doctor was the push I needed in the right direction.

A couple notes real quick: first, I don’t eat multiple bowls of noodles every day. I sample and review – so at most, I have 10% of a bowl. I wear shades because I’m legally blind and light sensitive, not because I’m trying to look cool. Being legally blind means you can see, but it’s really quite crummy vision.

The Ramen Rater Diet: Episode 1

After six months and a lot of walking and big changes, I returned to my doctor was was elated with my progress. People were noticing and commenting about it too, so I decided to make the first episode of The Ramen Rater Diet.

The Ramen Rater Diet: Episode 2

A full year later to the day, I visited my doctor. This time, I walked to the appointment. In the second episode, I outline what I’ve been doing, diet changes and all sorts of things I’ve run up against and found during this process.


As with last time, I did another video showing how I use the Hakubaku Mochi Barley as a part of my diet. I really think this was pivotal in losing weight and especially lowering my cholesterol levels along with exercise and fish oil.

What’s Next?

Well, I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I seem to just keep losing about 11 pounds a month, and my goal is 164 pounds. That’ll be 201 pounds. Then it will be all about maintaining that weight. So I suppose there will be an episode 3 of The Ramen Rater Diet coming your way soon!

Links to things I mention using

Fitbit Inspire – Link

Hakubaku Mochi Barley – Link

Anker SoundCore (Bluetooth Speaker) – Link

UKGear Shoes – Link

Progresso Light Soups – Link

Light & Motion Lights – Link

Core Power Elite Protein Drinks – Link

Tevs Minam Sandals – Link

Bang Energy Drink – Link

N.O. Xplode – Link

The Ramen Rater Diet – How I lost 65 Pounds In 6 Months

The Ramen Rater Diet - How I lost 65 Pounds In 6 Months

People have been noticing I’ve lost a lot of weight in a short period of time – thanks! They’ve also been asking which diet I’m doing. Well, I decided to strike out on my own. This video outlines everything I’ve been doing. I’ll be coming out with these every 6 months or so.

Why the big change? Well, I’ve been unhappy with my weight for years and it’s always been a battle. besides being a ‘victim of deliciousness,’ a phrase coined by Homer Simpson, I’m legally blind which means it’s hard to get around. But when my doctor gave me a talk on October 18th, 2018, it made me take action. I’ve been told before that I need to make big changes by doctors, but this just turned out to be the day and words I needed. My cholesterol was really high. We used to have mac and cheese with bratwursts quite often, I also ate a lot of eggs, and on Tuesdays Papa Murphy’s has a great deal on pizza. I also didn’t have any kind of thought as to how much I’d eat – if it tasted good, I’d just eat it and as much as I wanted.

He told me that if I kept going the way I was, I would be headed for an early grave, and with two children at home, I needed to make changes not only for myself but for my family. So I did.

The video below is a rundown of everything. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions – I’m more than happy to answer them!

The Ramen Rater Diet – How I lost 65 Pounds In 6 Months

I’ve also done a video showing something I often have for dinner, which definitely has a big tie-in with the ramen world:

Here’s where to get some of the Hakubaku Mochi Barley, and some Progresso Soup. It’s a great combo I think.

I decided to get on the scale a month after visiting the doctor when I found out I’d lost 65 pounds. I lost 14 more, so I’m down 79 pounds. I’ll do another set of videos in six months with an update!