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#4509: Cup O’ Crazy Gummy Noodles United States

#4509: Cup O' Crazy Gummy Noodles United States

In December, we went to Party City. They had a new one opened up next to us and so we were getting stuff for our daughter Miriam’s birthday. Well, they had two candy noodle things and this was one of them. A Cup O’ Crazy. That’s pretty weird. It’s got goo, edible chopsticks, and gummy noodles. I really don’t like things like this so much but I have to review it of course. Qho knoqa; it could be masterfully crafted; like a jelly noodle with a sauce that’s made from fine ingredients and chopsticks of sweet coconut powder that melt in your mouth. But I wouldn’t count on it. Let’s commense this, the 4,509th session of my personal congress of noodling. ...see full post