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#3561: Aji-no-men Sabor Gallina – Peru

#3561: Aji-no-men Sabor Gallina - Peru

Well, this appears to be the last of the Peruvian contingent I’ve had on hand. Thanks to the reader that sent it in! So this is basically a chicken noodle soup variety and sounds pretty nice for today. Got chicken thawing right now and so it should be a nice diversion. Let’s give it a go! ...see full post

#3474: Aji-no-men Sabor Gallina Criolla – Peru

#3474: Aji-no-men Sabor Gallina Criolla - Peru

Here’s another one I believe that was sent by Mr. Saturn – thanks again! So I translated this and it spits out creole chicken. Seems odd, but okay. I think this bears more investigation. Let’s give it a try. ...see full post

#3301: Yatekomo Fideos Orientales Barbacoa – Spain

#3301: Yatekomo Fideos Orientales Barbacoa - Spain

I can’t thank my readers enough. When one went on a visit to Europe and kept updating m on varieties he’d found and asked if I wanted to try hem while I was there – that’s really jumbling. Thank you! This is from Spain. Barbecue chicken flavor. Let’s give it a go! ...see full post

#1429: Nissin Sabor A Gallina Sopa Instantanea Con Fideos

This is the last of the new varieties available in the South American country of Colombia. What is Gallina? Well, it’s young hen. It was explained to me that Gallina is a little more oily. Andy will be enjoying this one today! Let’s have a look. ...see full post

#1204: Nissin Cup Noodles Sabor A Gallina

Here’s another one of the new varities available in Colombia. Gallina means hen
and from what I was told by Hector C. from Panama (who lives in Costa Rica) that
it is kind of like the veal of chicken ; young hen. I researched a bit online and
found a few recipes for soups from Colombia mentioning Gallina. Wikipedia had
this to say of the Colombian variety of ‘Sancocho:’ ...see full post