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#1742: Aroi Curry Me! Penang White Curry Stir-Fry Noodle

I got this during my annual trip up to Canada for my birthday! A while back, I reviewed the soup version of this one. I’ve seen numerous soup varieties of Penang White Curry , but this time it’s a Stir-Fry version. Sounds interesting and different – let’s give it a look! ...see full post

#1680: Aroi Curry Me! Penang White Curry Soup Noodle

Got this one on my birthday trip to Canada! I wasn’t sure if I’d find any new white curry up there but lo and behold, there it was. One thing that’s interesting is that they also make a stir fry white curry as well which I got – I’ll be reviewing that one at some point in the neat future. Anyways, let’s check out this Aroi white curry! ...see full post