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Meet The Manufacturer: Re-Review: Vit’s Mi Goreng Pedas Chewy & Springy

Mi Goreng Pedas translates to Spicy Fried Noodles. I brought some of this back after my visit to Penang, Malaysia last year. Mi goreng has long been a favorite of mine – a little sweet, a little spicy, a little salty, kind of like an Indonesian yakisoba – sounds good, right? Let’s give this one another try, about 140 reviews later. ...see full post

#1699: Vit’s Mi Goreng Pedas Chewy & Springy

Mi Goreng means fried noodles and Pedas means spicy – how can ya beat that? This is one that I picked up at the Econsave on last year’s trip to Penang, Malaysia. I gotta say – it’s weird to say that. I never thought I’d end up making it to Asia; now having been to both Malaysia and Thailand, it’s like I’ve got a different perspective of the world. So many of the people I met over there had visited the United States, either for work or schooling. How many folks do I know from here that have gone the opposite direction though? Definitely a lower ratio at least in my experience. It is quite expensive and I’ve been lucky that companies have said ‘hey! come visit us!’ Instant noodles – who would’ve thought. Anyways, I’ve been a big fan of Mi Goreng for quite a while. It’s combination of sweet and spicy flavors has always been so nice. This one promises to a bit further on the end of the spicy stick – hoping so! Spicy is always nice. Let’s check out this mi goreng by Vit’s of Malaysia! ...see full post