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#1797: Wai Wai Instant Rice Vermicelli Crab Flavour

Here’s another one my sister got for me while up in Canada a couple of weeks ago! Thanks, Sue! I’ve been really hoping to try more rice vermicelli lately but been having trouble sourcing any from around here and hoping to find some manufacturer who might want me to review some of their stuff! The top ten rice noodles list this year was a lot of fun and definitely want to make it a yearly kind of thing! Anyways, let’s check out these crab flavored noodles from Thailand! ...see full post

#167: Wai Wai Crab Flavour Instant Rice Vermicelli

So Wai Wai not some of this stuff today eh? Crab flavour. Haven’t eaten a whole lot of crab in my life. Curious how it will taste… ...see full post