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#816: Vina Acecook Oh! Ricey Phnom Penh Style Instant Rice Noodles

Back in Washington! We had a great trip down to the Bay Area – saw the San Francisco Giants play (and win) at AT&T Park, went to Six Flags in Vallejo, CA and lots of other fun things. On the way home, we stopped at the Uwajimaya in Beaverton, Oregon. Found ten new varieties I’d never seen before and here’s one of them. Sounds good! Gonna give it a try. ...see full post

#793: Mr. Noodles Spicy Beef Simulated Flavour Instant Noodles

Here’s another pack of these Canadian instant noodles ! Thanks go to Mark K. and Erika L. for getting these to me! This is the first spicy one I’ll be trying – curious how it’ll be! ...see full post