Tag: 正宗柳州壮品螺蛳粉桶装

#2619: Liu Quan Authentic Snail Rice Noodle

#2619: Liu Quan Authentic Rice Noodle - 正宗柳州壮品螺蛳粉桶装 - China - The Ramen Rater

First off, special thanks to a reader from Malaysia who helped with translation. This one just says ‘spicy rice noodle’ on the distributor label, but it seems to be a non-spicy variety and it mentions snail. I don’t know if it actually is but hey you never know.But I’m pretty sure this is the regular version and not the spicy I reviewed previously by the same company. Actually after getting some comment from a couple friends in Canada and Taiwan, indeed it is snail! Here’s a little from Wikipedia about this variety – ...see full post