‘Discovery Of Ramen’ Children’s Book On Kickstarter

I heard about a book coming out soon called ‘The Discovery Of Ramen.’ The book can be found on Kickstarter currently – here’s a little information about this book and what’s special about it:

The Discovery Of Ramen – United States

San Francisco, CA – August 7, 2017 -Immedium, Inc. announces the Kickstarter campaign for its the children’s picture book The Discovery of Ramen. Written by comic book veterans Phil Amara and Oliver Chin and illustrated by the professional animator Juan Calle, this adventure launches the series The Asian Hall of Fame. Dao is an adorable red panda who can travel back in time and place! He befriends the curious kids Ethan and Emma and transports them in the blink of an eye to Asia. Together they (and appreciative readers) have fun discovering how some very cool creations were invented there. If only every school field trip was like this!

This debut story is like Anthony Bourdain meets Back to the Future! Out on the town with their class, Ethan and Emma smell the aroma of a tasty bowl of noodles. They’ve never eaten ramen before. But boy, does it look yummy! Luckily, cute Dao appears! Magically he guides them back in time to discover how ramen came to be!
The trio begins their adventure in 1800’s Japan. They travel from the unpaved streets where pushcart vendors cooked to the growing capital of Tokyo. They witness the rise of instant ramen, cup of noodles, and now four star restaurants and celebrity chefs. Along the way, Dao and the kids visit ramen factories and museums and even zoom to outer space!

Ramen has never been more popular around the world (especially in the USA) and this is the first English children’s book on the topic. As Dao spices up history, children learn fun facts and trek around the globe.

The Discovery of Ramen serves up an action-packed narrative and the dynamic art by illustrator Juan Calle brings noodles alive and off the page to the point where readers’ mouths will water! After digesting this tasty tale, get ready for seconds. Once fueled by a successful Kickstarter campaign, we’ll publish The Discovery of Ramen by December 2017 and then discover more cool inventions from The Asian Hall of Fame in the future!

$16.95 USA, Children’s Picture Book, hardcover ISBN: 978-1-59702-134-0 9.5 x 10, 36 pages

Oliver Chin recently wrote The Year of the Rooster from the popular annual children’s book series Tales from the Chinese Zodiac, Julie Black Belt, and Welcome to Monster Isle.

Phil Amara was an editor at Dark Horse Comics, and wrote The Nevermen, The Treehouse Heroes, and So, You Wanna Be A
Comic Book Artist? He is an elementary school teacher in Boston, Massachusetts.

Juan Calle is the art director at Liberum Donum Studios (Bogotá, Colombia) which creates animation for movies, TV, and
video games. Juan created the children’s book Good Dream, Bad Dream and illustrated The Year of the Rooster.

Soon as I have a copy in hand, I’ll be doing a review. This sounds really neat and with two kids here who are going to be wondering why their dad spends so much time with noodles, I think it could be really useful for me especially! Check it out right now on Kickstarter!

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