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This is great – not often do I get the chance to do a Meet The Manufacturer with a company in Europe. This one’s very unique – you’ll understand once you see the cups. Actually – they’re known as ‘pots’ in the UK! Anyways, let’s learn about what Kabuto Noodles is all about from this interview I conducted with Sophie Venner.

THE RAMEN RATER> Can you start by telling me a little bit about the history of Kabuto Noodles – how did you start?

KABUTO NOODLES> Kabuto started in 2011 with Crispin hunting down the lovely upmarket, independent stores in London, who to this day still support us now. Very quickly this led to a listing in Harvey Nichols, one of the UKs premium stores, followed shortly by Waitrose and Ocado. We’re super stoked today to now be listed in all of the UKs great supermarkets and we’re even expanding out of the UK to the Emirates, Spain and Belgium.

TRR> For my readers who aren’t familiar with your products, can you tell a little about them?
KABUTO NOODLES> We make delicious instant noodles in grown-up Asian flavours using real ingredients yet completely free from additives and preservatives. We’ve use inspiration from all over Asian including Japan, Vietnam and Thailand to produce a range from flavours from Chicken Ramen to a Vegetable Laksa.

TRR> Your noodle cups have a different design than others – can you tell us what led up to this unique design?

KABUTO NOODLES> When we first started we teamed up with B&B, an awesome design studio in London! Kabuto is the name of a Samurai warrior’s helmet and we really wanted to have this portrayed within our logo but whilst keeping it modern and fun. The creative genius’ came up with the logo by incorporating the Samurai helmet with a noodle bowl and chopsticks…we’re so proud of them and their awesome job.

TRR> Do you produce products other than instant noodles?

KABUTO NOODLES We very recently ventured outside of the noodle world into instant rice pots. Inspired by the fragrant curries from Thailand we developed two awesome rice pots; Thai Green Chicken Curry and Thai Red Vegetable Curry.

TRR> How do you noodle products differ from those by other manufacturers?

KABUTO NOODLES> Our noodles differ in a couple of ways. First up, the ingredients we use have created some super authentic, fresh tasting flavours bursting with the likes of coconut, chilli and lime.
Secondly, we don’t use any nasties in our recipes. Our noodles are completely free from additives, preservatives, MSG and palm oil, making us super good for you whilst being environmentally friendly.
We really care about what we put into our noodles and how our noodle making manners affect the environment, making sure everyone stays healthy and happy whilst chowing down on great tasting noodles.

TRR> Can your products be purchased outside of the UK?

KABUTO NOODLES> Absolutely, you can find our noodles in Spain in El Courte Ingles Gourmet, LuLu stores across the Emirates, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland.

TRR> Where do you make your noodles?

KABUTO NOODLES> All our noodles and rice pots are made in the UK just outside London.

TRR> What was your first product?

KABUTO NOODLES> We first launched with the recipes which still stand strong as our best sellers today; Chicken Ramen, Beef Pho and Miso Ramen. These all have super distinct flavours, Chicken Ramen is our most popular.

TRR> Are you involved in the local community/charity?

KABUTO NOODLES< Absolutely, we’ve recently teamed up with Cool Earth, helping give back to the environment according to the level of our carbon footprint.
We also support Honour Village in Cambodia making sure that no kid learns on an empty stomach by helping fun the project.
Finally we have also teamed up with a charity a little closer to home, on our doorstep in Bristol actually. Empire Fighting Chance have gone from strength to strength since we first helped them out 4 years ago. They recently gained a lottery grant and do a fab job at providing programs for vulnerable children who need support…they do this through boxing, very close to our MDs heart.
Check out more details here

TRR> How many packs, cups and bowls of instant noodles do you produce annually?

KABUTO NOODLES> Blimey…that’s a tough one. In 2015 the UK ate 62 arctic trucks worth of Kabuto Noodles.

TRR> Have you ever thought about varieties like macaroni and cheese or pizza flavored instant noodles?

KABUTO NOODLES> We’re huge fans of the authentic Asian style noodles and love the challenge of replicating these fresh tasting flavours into an instant noodle. I think until a pizza flavoured noodle becomes authentic we will just stick to the traditional recipes.

TRR> Which is your personal favorite variety of Kabuto Noodles and what (if anything) do you add to them?

KABUTO NOODLES> I think the whole of team Kabuto are in agreement that the new Chicken Laksa is our absolute favourite. It tastes so fresh and has a lovely creamy coconut flavor to it whilst having a hint of spice.

TRR> You’re located in the UK – can you tell us a little about life where your company is located – local highlights and the like?

KABUTO NOODLES> Here at Kabuto we’re based in Bristol and whilst we’d sometimes love to swap the office for a beach in the Bahamas we’re pretty much in love with the city. Of course we chow down on our noodles pretty much every day but we just so happen to be right in the centre of town surrounded by some awesome, authentic noodle bars where you often find us seeking out inspiration for new things. We’re a pretty chilled bunch and a big thing for us is being able to escape the office as soon as our noodle work is done and head to the coast for a surf to find our inner noodle, so Bristol couldn’t be better situated!

TRR> Why the name Kabuto Noodles?

KABUTO NOODLES> Kabuto is the name of a Samurai Warriors helmet. Our authentic Asian flavours seemed to fit perfectly with the Samurai association so thus was born Kabuto Noodles!

TRR> Are there any new products on the way from Kabuto Noodles? Can you give my readers a ‘sneak peek?’

KABUTO NOODLES> Ah, you will have to wait and see! That’s only for the Chief Warrior to know.

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you very much for this opportunity! I and my readers appreciate it!

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