Recipe: Murder League All Stars’ “Crazy Hunan Ramen Nuggets”

So my friend Adam B. over at Ladies’ Choice Productions clued me into an article in Hip Rock Magazine called “Reigning Ramens: Stellar artists introducing a new ramen noodle recipe.” Looks like this is a monthly column where they do a bio about a hip hop/metal band and get them to submit a recipe.

This month’s recipe is from Murder League All Stars,who were coined by Sean Lynch of The Source Magazine Online as “…a cross breed with a sound and look of Cypress Hill-meets-Beastie Boys-meets-Rage Against The Machine.”  When I first saw the title of this recipe, I thought it said ‘Human’ instead of ‘Hunan.’ They’re all from Jersey and proud of it. Here’s their recipe:

Crazy Hunan Ramen Nuggets


  •  2 packs beef or chicken Ramen noodles
  • 1/8 cup Hot Wing Sauce of your choice
  • 2 tablespoons of Wok oil or Spicy oil
  • 2 tablespoons cooking oil
  • 1 teaspoon hot Hungarian paprika
  • 1/4 cup Orange juice
  • 1 bag sliced frozen bell pepper & onion mixture
  • 14 Breaded Chicken nuggets of your choice

Here’s what I got. I am gonna use my own onions and bell peppers since I already got em.

  How It’s Done

  1. Heat the nuggets in a toaster oven or stove as the package directs.
  2. In Large pan, boil Ramen noodles; do not break up.
  3. When soft, throw in bag of frozenbell pepper mix.
  4. While this is boiling for about 5-6 minutes, prepare in a large bowl 1 ramen flavor packet, Wok Oil, vegetable Oil, hot wing sauce, Paprika & O.J. Mix well, add hot nuggets & coat completely.
  5.  Strain ramen and vegetable mixture and throw it in the bowl with the nuggets while they are still hot. Toss well. Serve the noodle pepper part with the nuggets arranged on top.

I went ahead and made a half batch of this stuff – pretty easy to halve everything. I don’t think I can even remember the last time I had one of these little things.

Here’s the sauce all combined and ready to get down.

Here’s what I ended up with (click image to enlarge). I thought I’d use a South Korean Naengmyeon cold noodle soup bowl for this (it’s got that shiny chrome-like bling and it’s metal). I think what this could’ve used was some pineapple – that would’ve made it better. the wing sauce kind of infiltrates all the other flavors. It wasn’t bad though.

Here’s a compilation of liver performances from 2011.

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