Special August Advertising Promotion On The Ramen Rater

Happy August! The Ramen Rater has entered the advertising game! This chart (click image to enlarge) shows have many impressions (page views) have accumulated per month since October of 2010. The Ramen Rater keeps getting more popular. We feel that it is the best place for grocers that sell instant noodles as well as manufacturers of instant noodles to advertise – people who come to The Ramen Rater are looking for information on instant noodles or where they can find them. Why not tap into that? With more people browsingh the site come new expenses like hosting. Advertising with The Ramen Rater not only helps get the word out and bring people to your company website but also helps support The Ramen Rater continue to bring you daily reviews.

These rates are reduced from the regular rates of $585, $455 and $260, a 30% discount. During the August promotion, you can contract with us for up to six months at the discount rate.

Here is a PDF brochure. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Hans at hans@theramenrater.com or via phone at +1 (925) 300-6058. Thank you for your time!

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