#306: Rhee Bros Assi Brand Wellbeing Rice Noodle With Anchovy Flavored Soup

So I have been waiting to have the last Rhee Bros Assi Brand pack – some really good stuff in the past. I am curious how anchovy will be!

One packet. Big packet.

‘The interesting looking rice noodles cower underneath the majestic power of the contents of the single packet.

Click image to enlarge. Added one fried egg that was seasoned with a bit of Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Salt Free veggie seasoning. Some good stuff here – a flavor I’m not used to, anchovy seems a slight fishy and ‘of the sea.’ The noodles were spectacular in their consistency and the broth was nice. The veggies were ample. Long story short, good stuff – 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

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