#147: Higashi Foods Higashimaru Nagasaki Sara Udon

So found this at Uwajimaya – Higashi Foods makes it. The sticker on the back says Higashimaru Nagasaki Sara Udon. It is 99% in Japanese.

Two dry powder packets and two noodles things. The noodles are lighter than a potato chip if you taste one before cooking.

A closeup on the seasoning packet’s graphics.

Look at all that powder! It awaits a noodle and water bath…

So here we are (click image to enlarge). On the back it said 180ml amongst some Japanese writing. I doubled that and cooked everything up. Dumped it in with the powder and shazam – some really good stuff! The noodles are very thin and light and the seasoning was absolutely perfect. Sweet and salty, it has sugar and soy sauce in it. I am most happily giving this stuff  5.0 out of 5.0 stars. This is truly an excellent find! I think it would be even better with some vegetables and some meat added to it. I think it would be just awesome. God this stuff is good!


  1. I think the directions say to set already cooked noodles aside on a serving platter, as they are to be eaten crispy. Fry your meat and vegetables in some oil. Mix each packet with 5-6 oz (180 ml’s) of water , so if you used both packets that would be 10-12 oz. Pour that into your fried toppings and simmer until the broth/sauce thickens. Pour over crunchy noodles.

    Someone posted instructions online.


    1. Yeah definitely – I had Sara Udon a couple of years later and the English instructions basically said to spread the noodles out and add on the broth. It left some noodles crisp and as the meal went on the ones under the broth kind of cooked and hydrated. Great stuff!

      – TRR

  2. Hi, here’s a quick note! The noodles are supposed to be served crispy, as it is, not cooked. Enjoy the crispiness first and as you go on eating, the noodles get soggy and that tastes good too.

    here’s the recipe on the back
    1. mix the powder with cold water
    2. Fry meat and veggies on a pan.
    3. pour 1 into the pan and mix until it gets thickened (with the starch in the powder)
    4. pour 3 over the crispy noodles

    To be honest, anyone can eat anything the way they like it, so when it’s good, it’s the way!!

    I LOVE your site!! (Sapporo Shio Ramen is my all time best!!) Keep up the good work!!

    1. You know, what fascinates me is that you would mention this particular review I did. It was the ONLY sara udon I’d ever tried – until last night when I reviewed this one! The problem with the Higashi was that I couldn’t read any of it. The one I did last night had directions in English and I could tell that it was very similar to the Higashi I’d tried before. I like this way better thsan the way I cooked the Higashi brand stuff – I think a re-review of theirs might be in order!


      – TRR

  3. The katakana on the front (in that first red strip) says “healthy cooking”. So these are supposed to be better for you than your standard noodles?

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