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Unboxing Time: Jinbo Selection SOul Spicy Noodle From Taiwan

Unboxing Time: Jinbo Selection SOul Spicy Noodle From Taiwan

This one came out of the blue and I knew they were going to send some, I just didn’t expect so quickly!~ It really helps when I have tracking info – but then again I know companies are busy too and so while unexpected, new varieties are always welcome!

Unboxing Time: Jinbo Selection SOul Spicy Noodle – Taiwan

Let’s have unboxing time!

So these noodles look fancy. What’s more, they came along with some bopi pepper in truffle soy sauce. Never heard of a bopi pepper but I’m guessing these will pair nicely with the noodles! Thank you very much – looking forward to reviewing!

Samples From Deshome – With Ramen Rater Top Ten Taiwan Labeling!

Shelley S. from Deshome told me a package was one the way a couple of days ago. Let’s look inside!

Wow – lots of stuff!

Here’s #2 on the Top Ten Taiwanese instant noodles 2013 list!

Here’s the sticker! Wow it looks really neat!

Here’s #5 from the top ten!

…and it’s sticker!

A new variety – curry!

Shelley always sends neat stuff along with the noodles in packages. This is a bar of aloe soap. Deshome makes not only aloe infused noodles, but a variety of aloe products as well.

Has a nice scent!


Here’s something she kindly sent for my wife!

Hmm what’s this? I looked it up on Wikipedia and it sounds interesting – looking forward to trying it!

A little box!

Small dog figuringes!

A notebook for my wife.

A little frame with an interesting piece of art!

Finally, a poster! Thank you Shelley – very kind of you and I’m really looking forward to trying the new curry variety!