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#3086: Nissin Raoh Kogashi Shoyu – Japan

#3086: Nissin Raoh Kogashi Shoyu - Japan

Here’s one from Japan Ramen Box – a subscription service out of Japan. Here’s what they have to say about this Nissin Raoh variety – ‘First released to the public in 1992, Nissin Roa received the title of “Noodle King” for incorporating noodles, soup, and other ingredients together into one amazing dish. As the times have begun to change and technology has allowed
further advancement in the science of ramen, Nissin Rao has also evolved. By creating a dish with deliciousness that cannot be tasted at a ramen shop, this new sensation incorporates the peppery sweet, three-times straightened, and all around delicious fried noodles with their garlic flavored soy sauce. Enjoy pork bone flavors combined with white miso, accented with peppers, and garnished with garlic oil. You’ve never tasted Nissin Rao ramen like this before!’ ...see full post