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Friday Video: Cup Noodles + Pudding; Ramen Pudding

Fridays are usually a slow day on the site so I thought I’d start putting up a video from YouTube on Fridays (unless of course it’s Meet The Manufacturer time!). Recently, a story came out on RocketNews24 about putting a little pudding cup in with Cup Noodles. As it turns out, this is a big new craze in Taiwan. It’s kind of like cigarettes; why would someone who had never done it before roll up leaves, set them on fire and stick them in their mouth?! Why would someone dump pudding or what is also known as cup flan in their noodles? Bizarre! These guys give it a try. ...see full post

Ramen Fads: My Public Facepalm Manifesto

I guess I have come to the point where my crankiness has pushed me beyond the edge. What’s more, I think it’s a sign of my impending doom as someone who is getting older and coming to the point of no return: the cranky rant. Strangely enough, my love for instant noodles has influenced me to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard. ...see full post