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Amazing Donation From Indonesia

Today, a package arrived from Indonesia! It was send by a reader who went to a lot of trouble to ship these! Thank you very much!

Thankfully, this warning was heeded and the box was in great condition!

Pretty neat – there was almost a whole newspaper in here from Indonesia! Interesting to check out print from around the world!

Oh wow check this out!

Awesome! Wow look at all these! The only ones I’ve tried were the Indomie, but never these Kriuk varieties – wow! Thanks again! We’ll send you some Ramen Rater stickers soon!

#435: Wingsfood Mie Sedaap Instant Mie Sambal Goreng

Sweet! Two days in a row of Indonesian delicacy! Today we have one with mention of Sambal in the title. Sambal equals spicy! Should be good!

Okay so clockwise from the top left we have the delicious fried onions that will be sprinkled on the finished product, dry powdered seasoning known as bumbu, a thick sweet black soy sauce called kecap manis, a chili sauce which usually is manis pedas but I think is where the sambal seasoning is contained, and finally some seasoned oil.

Some crazy looking stuff here! The seasoned oil is the opaque on top top left, then the chili sauce and then the soy sauce with the powder bumbu at the bottom.

Click image to enlarge. The finished product with the nice little bots of fried onion sprinkled. This is what I was expecting yesterday – noodles are cooked and then drained and stirred on a bowl with the seasonings. So yeah this is some great stuff! Some spiciness going on that’s for sure! The onion was as advertised – delicious! Impressive! 4.25 out of 5.0 stars! Get it here.