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#2463: Nissin Mi Instan Gekikara Ramen Rasa Pedas

#2463: Nissin Mi Instan Gekikara Ramen Rasa Pedas - Indonesia - The Ramen Rater - instant ramen

This is one that Kamran R. of Ramen Regret Rater sent me from Australia – thanks! I believe this is the first variety I will review from Nissin Indonesia. Looks like it will be spicy – rasa pedas means ‘spicy flavor,’ and it has a big angry pepper in the picture on the front of the package. Indeed, Indonesia has a lot of spicy instant noodles on the market – and for the most part I’ve enjoyed them very much. ...see full post

Donation From ‘Ramen Regret Rater’ of Australia!

Donation of instant noodles from Australia from Ramen Regret Rater - The Ramen Rater

I found out recently there’s now a group that’s reviewing spicy instant noodles in Australia – they call the blog RamenRegretRater, and they talk about the poops they have after eating spicy instant noodles – I shit you not! I’ve been chatting a lot with Kamran R. about instant noodles a lot recently and kindly sent some stuff he found while on vacation in Bali. Thanks, man! Let’s take a look! ...see full post