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#1405: Maggi Masala Dumdaar Noodles

My friend Matt B. and I hit up a small Indian grocery the other day and found these. I thought the name sounded interesting. I haven’t reviewed a huge amount of instant from India, which surprises me as they”re very popular there. Well, I don’t know if this is remotely correct, so if someone out there wants to correct me, feel free! I looked around on the Internet and read that Dumdaar is a variety of biryani – Hyderabadi biryani. I kept finding a film actor named Dumdaar repeatedly which didn’t help. Anyways, I found a few recipes and thought I’d try and take some bit and pieces from them to do this instant justice. So again, if you can give me any info about what Dumdaar is, please feel free to comment and I’ll eventually insert your comments here. With that, let’s have a look at this unique one from India. ...see full post