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Re-Review: Wei Lih Jah Jan Mien Instant Noodles With Fried Soybeans Paste

So I’ve gotten a couple comments about doing this stuff wrong and sure enough, I made it wrong. So I shall try this again!

So you cook the noodles in 2 cups [400cc] water for a few minutes. Drain them but save the water! So you have one bowl with hot noodles, one bowl with hot water.

Paste packet – for noodles and dry packet for soup!

Dry seasoning!

Paste looks like poop!

Click image to enlarge. So looks a lot different from the original review doesn’t it? So let’s start with the broth… Salty… Light… Almost like matzoh soup broth. Now the noodles… Okay a bit greasy… Chewy… Soy paste lends itself nicely – now back to the soup… And back to the noodles… And back to the soup. I’m seeing a pattern here! Some little hot pepper seeds going on! More soup! Wow this is pretty good! Kind of what I would imagine the Taiwanese equivalent to our mac’n’cheese would be; its so simple to make and it’s a very basic a tasty dish. It’s good! 3.75 out of 5.0 stars!

Couldn’t find a Wei Lih commercial… Please let me know if you know where one is I’d love to post it along with this.


#150: Chorip Dong Jjampong Hot & Spicy Seafood Udon Japanese Style Noodle Soup

Wow okay so for the 150th review here on ramenrater.com I thought I’d go for something really different. This is a big ass bowl noodle with fresh noodles! Should be interesting!

8.67 ounces. Jeez that’s a lot more than is realistically needed.

Three packets: noodles (it would’ve been horrible if they hadn’t labeled it because I would have never figured that out), soup base (the dark packet) and the veggies in the silver packet. It felt like a little brick was inside there…

When I opened the soup base I almost got whiplash – the fish odor was intense. The directions said to put it and the noodles in the bowl and fill up to the line with hot water and then microwave for 3 minutes. I did so and stirred and was greeted by these enormous noodles swimming in a deep red broth. The next step was to add the vegetables. So that little silver packet did have a strange little cubelike thing in it! I dropped it in the soup and watched it dissolve and then gave it all a final stir…

Here’s what you get (click image to enlarge). Wow – was not at all what I expected. It’s actually pretty good. The noodles are huge – nothing in the western diet really compares to Udon noodles. If you leave some spaghetti noodles in a bath of water overnight they still won’t swell up to the thickness of Udon and won’t be a chewy and nice. These were “fresh” as they call them, so they’re a mark above a noodle block you’d find in other instant packs or bowls. The broth is thick and rich; it is truly hot and spicy. It also has a definite seafood flavor – not sure what kind of seafood, but it’s in the ‘of the sea’ category for sure. Finally, the vegetables were a big surprise. I’ve never seen veggies supplied in this way – they’re always loose except for one instance. This little cake or sponge of veggies was a lot of fun and worked great and re-hydrated with a couple stirs. Overall, this has been quite the adventure for the palate as well as  a lot of fun to make. I’m giving this bowl a 4.25 out of 5.0 stars. Very unique and flavorful.