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#3516: Paldo Jjol Bibim Men – South Korea

#3516: Paldo Jjol Bibim Men - South Korea

Looks like this is a local version (I do’t know that there is export ones) of Paldo’s Jjol Bibim Men. After a little researxh, it looks lik the difference between this as their Bibim Men are the noodles are chewier in this one. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#2270: Samyang Foods Fresh Bibimmyun Fried Noodle

The first time I tried bibimmyun a long time ago I really didn’t get it. Spicy, sweet, and worst of all, it was cold. Yep – when I first started reviewing, the thought of cold noodles made me cringe. I found this one recently at HMart and honestly have been holding back on it since I just reviewed a bibimmyun a couple weeks ago – but no more. It’s getting colder outside – rainy too. Bibimmyun is really a dish for the hot summer months when something cool and refreshing really hits the spot. Well, maybe there will be a sun break today even though the forecast is for 10 days straight of rain… Let’s check this one out! ...see full post