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#106: GreeNoodle Tom Yum Flavor

So today here’s review #98 – the weird GreeNoodle… These noodles contain some kind of weird ingredient called moroheiya. “Moroheiya is a super vegetable that is more nutritious than spinach, carrots, or borccoli in most aspects” is written on the back and cite as a quote by the ‘Japanese Ministry.’ although which Ministry that would be is unclear to me.

Yup – they’re green alright!

Seasoning powder and another packet who content is not evident unless you read the outer packaging (unless you can read Japanese of course).

Powder and chili paste: say hi to hot pain!

Okay so health aspects aside, I did not like it (click image to enlarge). They had a strange flavor. I can’t describe it. The actual noodles tasted artificially flavored – maybe the moroheiya? I dunno. These guys are very much of the new information age and have their website prominently shown on the  back – www.greenoodle.com. This one really did not appeal to me at all. I’ll admit, a very interesting idea trying to bring a healthy item into the instant noodle world, but I think the execution could be better – perhaps if they emulated Indomie’s style of Mie Goreng! That’d really cover up the flavor and be a competitive idea… But for now, I give it 0.5 out of 5.0 stars. Not to my liking. Get it here.