Exotic Noods – A New Way To Try Instant Noodles

I was contacted recently buy a couple guys with a neat idea and thought I would share it with everyone. They’ve started a service called Exotic Noods (catchy title, eh?) which allows you to subscribe to receive some interesting instant noodle varieties every month. Daniel and Marcus’ plan is simple: to get everyone trying something new every month. I think this is great; I see so many people having the same easy to source varieties when they couold be sampling varieties from all over the world with so many different flavor profiles and options. What’s in the box? Let’s see!

Here are four different vegetarian friendly varieties from Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Three of the four are ones I’ve not reviewed before which is really great!

They also include a little background on the varieties they send and their origins. Pretty neat eh? Definitely check out Exotic Noods – I have a code you can use to get 10 percent off of a first time subscription. Simply enter RAMENRATER10 and boom – you’re in! Thanks to Daniel and Marcus for sending this along! I’ll be letting everyone in on more things they’re up to soon!

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