New Hokkien Mee Samples From MyKuali

Got a big box from MyKuali on Friday! Let’s see what’s within!

Lots of noodles! Awesome!

So MyKuali wanted me to try their new improved versdion of the Hokkien Mee. I’ll be trying this one very soon!

I asked if they could send some of these too – this tom yum is really great stuff and the last I had was when I brought it back from Penang last year. It went really quickly over here!

A while back, they send a bunch of different paste sachets like these. This is their Hainanese Chicken Rice one – you get a rice cooker, add in rice, water, and the big sachet. Turn on the cooker and in a little bit you’ve got some tasty stuff! We had some of this for dinner last night – has a lot of ginger and lemongrass flavor to it which is really great! Thanks! Looking forward to trying the Hokkien Prawn Mee ultra soon!

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