#1599: Nissin Top Ramen Super Noodles Tomato

For a long, long time, I’ve been hunting the elusive Top Ramen from India. I remember at n Indian grocery where I used to live that they had a few curry varieties, but never was able to find it again. Well a few weeks ago I found a large Indian grocery in Redmond, Washington that had this stuff and was happily surprised. So to start off with, this isn’t your domestic United States Top Ramen. This is from India, made in India by Indo Nissin for the people there and so the flavor will be much different. This is a 4 pack – four noodle blocks, four seasoning sachets. Let’s look inside and see what we have.

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Suitable for vegetarians. To prepare, add the noodle block to 230ml boiling water and cook one minute. Add contents of one seasoning sachet and cook 2 more minutes. Enjoy!

The noodle block.

The seasoning sachet.

Has a tomato and masala scent.


 Finished (click image to enlarge). Added coriander. The noodles have that kind of glutinous outer slipperiness to them I think many will recognize from many South Korean ramyun variants. They’re pretty good. The flavor is full of masala, kind of overpowering the tomato taste although it’s there. Has a mild spiciness. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 8901014002221.

Nissin also makes Cup Noodles in India – here’s the Tomato version.

Here’s an Indo Nissin TV spot for their Top Ramen Smooth varieties.

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