My Birthday Trip To Canada!

Last Saturday, my wife Kit, son Andy and I took a trip to Canada! We started at my mom and sister’s house in Anacortes. It’s where I grew up!


Here’s the opposite view from our car. I grew up here on Fidalgo Island, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. From here, you can take a ferry to the San Juan Islands, which is pretty popular.

It takes just over an hour to get to the border between the United States and Canada. The wait was pretty short to get in. after showing our credentials and asking some quick questions about what we were doing in Canada, we were off to explore!

Last year, we hit a couple stores. This year however, we went to quite a few. First stop was Price Smart Foods in Richmond, BC.

8200 Ackroyd Rd
Richmond, BC V6X 1B5

Did pretty good here and found lots of neat stuff. My son was really happy to see they had Kinder Surprise eggs. They’re foil-wrapped chocolate eggs that are hollow and have a little container inside with a prize. Also picked up some Old Dutch Bacon flavored potato chips! Sadly, they tasted like barbecue more than bacon.

The next stop was the T&T Supermarket at President Plaza. This place was nearby, but the parking lot was insanity.

1000-8181 Cambie Rd
Richmond, B.C. V6X 3X9

Here’s me on the noodle aisle.

Only found a couple I hadn’t reviewed before here.

Here’s Osaka. It’s inside the Yaohan Centre mall.

1000-3700 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, B.C. V6X 3X2

Found a couple of items here as well as this little sign mentioning Prima Taste’s rank on my Top Ten list!

Next was a couple of Taiwanese stores. First, Kuo Hua Trading. I thought it pretty neat that there was a big advert on the side of the building for instant noodles!

120-4551 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC V6X 2C3

Another advert for noodles – in this case, Good Good Eat! I’d found a bunch of neat stuff there, but unfortunately they wouldn’t accept our currency which was too bad. The parking lot was pretty insane too.

Here’s the second Taiwanese supermarket – Big Crazy. What a great name – and fitting! It was pretty big and pretty crazy.

4955 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC V6X 2C3

Finally, we went to a little store called Fujiya. They had some really neat instant there and a couple I’ve been wanting to find for a long time.

3086 St Edwards Dr #113
Richmond, BC V6X 4C4

While getting in to Canada was pretty quick, leaving was another story. We had about an hour of waiting. What’s kind of interesting is that this sign is before the border.

Lots of cameras take your picture. Once it was our turn, we were asked a few questions and they looked in our trunk to see we had gotten noodles, candy and chips. Then we were free to go.

A very rainy and windy drive back to Anacortes.

Here’s my haul! Got some really interesting stuff! It’s a lot of fun to go to another country, especially when it’s so close! Thanks to my mom and sister for having us up and for the great birthday gifts and for watching our dogs Otis and Daisy during our trip, and to my beautiful wife Kit and son Andy for going up to Canada! Thanks to all of you for such a great birthday weekend!

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