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Review #BrandVarietyStyleCountryStarsSnack?
2251OttogiRamyon Sabor Y CamaronPackMexico3.75
2250NissinDemae Iccho Spicy XO Sauce Seafood FlavourPackHong Kong4
2249Love CookSun Dried Noodle - Fruity Soy Bean PastePackTaiwan3.75
2248NongshimShin Noodle SoupCupUSA4.5
2247NissinSapporo Noukou Miso RamenBowlJapan4.5
2246Dream KitchenSoy SauceCupUSA3.5
2245NissinVietnamese Chicken Coriander Flavour VermicelliCupHong Kong3.5
2244Kang Shi FuArtificial Spicy Beef FlavourPackHong Kong3.75
2243NissinCup Noodles Black Pepper Crab FlavourCupHong Kong3.75
2242Great ValueBeef Style Noodles With VegetablesCupCanada2.75
2241FukuSpicy Soup Instant Noodle Beef FlavourPackHong Kong3.5
2240WangRice Noodle Anchovy FlavorBowlSouth Korea3.25
2239NissinCup Noodles Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup (New Recipe)CupUSA3.5
2238Asian Thai FoodsRumpum Gundruk FlavourPackNepal0.5
2237NissinCup Noodle Light+ Bagna CaudaCupJapan5
2236MaruchanGotsumori Koku Tonkotsu RamenBowlJapan4.25
2235Fashion FoodTom Yum Shrimp Creamy Flavour Instant NoodlesBowlThailand3.75
2234PaldoBibim MenBowlSouth Korea4.5
2233NissinCup Noodles Milk Seafood FlavourCupHong Kong3.75
2232NissinSpicy Chikin DonburiBowlJapan4.5
2231FantasticNoodle Chicken FlavourCupAustralia3.75
2230MarutaiKuroma-Yu Tonkotsu Kumamoto RamenPackJapan4
2229Kang Shi FuArtificial Beef With Sauerkraut FlavourPackHong Kong4
2228NissinRaoh Shoyu RamenBowlJapan5
2227MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup Sriracha Chicken FlavorPackUSA3.75
2226NagatanienHiyashi Soba Taidashi GomaPackJapan2.75
2225FukuBowl Chicken Flavour Instant Rice VermicelliBowlHong Kong3.75
2224Wai WaiX-Press Flavour Of Pizza In Noodles Proprietary FoodPackIndia4
2223KOKARice Noodles Fragrant Chicken Pho Ga FlavourPackSingapore3.75
2222Nyor NyarVegetarian Penang White CurryPackMalaysia5
2221NissinCup Noodle SeafoodCupJapan4.5
2220PaldoBudae JjigaePackSouth Korea5
2219FantasticNoodles Crispy Bacon FlavourCupAustralia1
2218Tseng NoodlesSpicy Braised Pork FlavorPackTaiwan4
2217NissinDemae Ramen Spicy Seafood Flavour Instant NoodlePackHong Kong4.75
2216A-Sha Dry NoodleChow Mein Spicy FlavorTrayTaiwan3
2215MyojoMee Goreng Spicy FlavourPackSingapore5
2214Sapporo IchibanTabimen Nagasaki ChanponBowlJapan4.25
2213AcecookOh! Ricey Pork FlavourPackVietnam3.75
2212PaldoBul JjamppongPackSouth Korea3.75
2211NissinDisney Cuties Instant Noodle Roast Pork FlavourCupThailand3
2210MorreInstant Noodles MasalaPackPakistan3.75
2209NissinDemae Ramen Spicy Hot tonkotsu Flavour Instant NoodlePackHong Kong5
2208RolandRamen Japanese Style Quick-Cooking Alimentary Paste With Chicken Artificially Flavored Soup BasePackUSA0.25
2207NissinBig Cup Noodles Tonkotsu FlavourCupHong Kong3
2206NissinDeka Buto Kuro M-yu TonkotsuBowlJapan4.75
2205MaruchanBowl Taste Of Asia Hearty Pork Flavor Tonkotsu RamenBowlUSA3.5
2204NissinCup Noodles Sabor Galinha CaipiraCupBrazil4.25
2203NongshimBowl Noodle Soup Independence Day Limited Edition Spicy Chicken FlavorBowlUSA3.75
2202NissinNupasta Vongole Flavour Instant NoodleCupHong Kong4.25
2201Mr. Lee's NoodlesPenang Chicken Curry LaksaCupUK2
2200Mr. Lee's NoodlesShaolin Monk VegetablesCupUK5
2199Mr. Lee's NoodlesTai Chi ChickenCupUK3
2198Mr. Lee's NoodlesDragon Fire MushroomCupUK2.5
2197Mr. Lee's NoodlesHong Kong Street BeefCupUK5
2196Mr. Lee's NoodlesWarrior Fighting ShrimpCupUK3.25
2195NissinGyorai Inaniwa Chuka SobaBowlJapan5
2194FukuChicken Flavour Instant NoodlePackHong Kong3.5
2193KnorrChicken Flavored Instant NoodlesPackPakistan2.5
2192Nyor NyarPenang White Curry Instant NoodlePackMalaysia5
2191ChoumamaXO Scallops Sauce Dry NoodlesPackTaiwan4
2190MyojoBarikata Noukou Tonkotsu ShoyuBowlJapan4.75
2189NissinDemae Ramen Sesame Oil Flavour CupCupHong Kong4
2188Singa-MeInstant Noodles Chicken FlavourCupAustralia2.5
2187PulmuoneNon-Fried Ramyun Noodle (Crab Flavor)PackSouth Korea5
2186Master KongAssorted Seafood NoodlesPackChina3.5
2185NissinRaoh Hot & Sour RamenPackJapan5
2184President RiceCoriander Instant Rice NoodlesBowlThailand2.75
2183MAMAInstant Rice Noodles Moo Nam Tok FlavourPackThailand3.5
2182MAMAInstant Rice Vermicelli Clear SoupPackThailand3.5
2181MAMAInstant Rice Noodles Chicken FlavourPackThailand3.5
2180MAMAPho Ga Rice Noodles With Artificial Chicken FlavourBowlThailand2.75
2179MAMAOriental Kitchen Instant Rice Vermicelli In GravyPackThailand5
2178MAMAInstant Tom Yam Rice NoodlesPackThailand3.75
2177MAMAInstant Rice Noodles Vegetable FlavourPackThailand3.75
2176MAMAInstant Rice Vermicelli Yentafo Tom Yam MohfaiPackThailand5
2175MAMAInstant Flat Noodles Clear SoupPackThailand3.5
2174MAMACup Rice Noodles Tom Saab FlavourCupThailand5
2173MAMAInstant Rice Noodles Stew Beef FlavourPackThailand3.5
2172MAMAInstant Rice Noodles Phnom Penh StylePackThailand3.75
2171MAMAInstant Flat Noodles Tom Yam FlavourPackThailand4
2170MaruchanRamen Noodle soup Mushroom FlavorPackUSA3.75
2169Happy FamilyVegetable Flavour Instant NoodlesPackSingapore4
2168Tseng NoodlesRice Noodle Shallot With Braised Pork FlavorPackTaiwan5
2167Great ValueVegetable Flavour Noodles With VegetablesCupCanada2.5
2166JMLInstant Noodle Artificial Beef Flavor 7 sour Pickled CabbagePackChina4
2165SuiminNoodles With Hot & Spicy FlavourCupAustralia3
2164Tseng NoodlesRice Noodle Chinese Mushroom With Soybean Vegetarian Braised Pork FlavorPackTaiwan5
2163NissinPiritto Karakuchi Tantan UdonBowlJapan4.25
2162Tseng NoodlesRice Noodle Seafood Laksa FlavourPackTaiwan5
2161NongshimChal Bibim MyunPackSouth Korea5
2160MenrakuJapanese Yakisoba Umami SauceBowlJapan5
2159La ModernaSazon Casero Sopa Con Tomate Y Sabor PolloPackMexico3.25
2158A-Sha Dry NoodleChow Mein Original FlavorTrayTaiwan5
2157Master KongArtificial Mushroom Chicken Flavor Instant NoodlePackChina3.75
2156A-Sha Dry NoodleChow Mein Oyster Sauce BBQ FlavorTrayTaiwan2.25
2155JingqiAloe Vera Guan Mian Purple Sweet Potato Noodle With Spicy Miso SaucePackTaiwan3.5
2154JingqiBlack Eyes Bean Original Noodle With Sesame SaucePackTaiwan4
2153JingqiAloe Vera Guan Mian Pumpkin Noodle With Basil SaucePackTaiwan3.75
2152JingqiBlack Eyes Bean Cyanobacteria Noodle With Ginger Oil SaucePackTaiwan5
2151JingqiAloe Vera Guan Mian Original Noodle With Sesame SaucePackTaiwan4.75
2150JingqiBlack Eyes Bean Purple Sweet Potato Noodle With Spicy Miso SaucePackTaiwan3.25
2149JingqiAloe Vera Guan Mian Cyanobacteria Noodle With Ginger Oil SaucePackTaiwan5
2148JingqiBlack Eyes Bean Pumpkin Noodles With Basil SaucePackTaiwan4.5
2147MaruchanInstant Lunch Pork Flavor Ramen Noodles With VegetablesCupUSA3
2146Sapporo IchibanKun Ramen Sumo-kuchikin (Smoked Chicken)BowlJapan3.25
2145Dream KitchenTonkotsuCupUSA2.75
2144NissinLamen Sabor PicanhaPackBrazil3.5
2143Thien Houng FoodsLemon Chicken Flavour Instant NoodlesPackVietnam3.25
2142MaruchanBowl Taste Of Asia Miso Chicken Flavor Spicy Miso RamenBowlUSA3.75
2141NissinMen Shokunin Kaoruyasai ShioBowlJapan5
2140WangRice Noodle Seafood FlavourBowlSouth Korea5
2139FukuSuperior Soup Instant Noodles (Mfg in Thailand)PackHong Kong3.75
2138FukuSuperior Soup Instant Noodles (Mfg in Vietnam)PackHong Kong3.5
2137NissinDemae Ramen Spicy Curry Flavour Instant NoodlesPackHong Kong4.25
2136NissinDemae Ramen Roast Beef Flavour Instant NoodlesPackHong Kong4
2135DollInstant Noodle Supreme Abalone And Chicken FlavourPackHong Kong2
2134Four SeasChicken Flavour Instant NoodlePackHong Kong3.75
2133NissinKimchi Chikin Ramen DonburiBowlJapan5
2132MaruchanInstant Lunch Chipotle Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle SoupCupUSA5
2131MyojoMee Goreng Thai Tom Yum FlavourPackSingapore4
2130Kang Shi FuArtificial Salted Beef With Mushrooms FlavourPackHong Kong4.25
2129CarJENHot & Spicy Dry Curry With Chives SoupPackMalaysia5
2128Sapporo IchibanTaimeiken Yousyoku Yasangatsukutta OmumenCupJapan4
2127SuiminNoodles With Chicken & Sweet Corn FlavourCupAustralia2.25
2126NissinMennippon Oumi ChanponBowlJapan5
2125Happy FamilyCurry Flavour Instant NoodlesPackSingapore3.75
21247 SelectNissin Instant Noodles Tom Yum Seafood Creamy Flavour King CupBowlThailand3.5
2123NissinCup Noodles Tom Yum Shrimp Sabb FlavourCupThailand5
2122NissinChilli Noodles Stir Fried Holy Basil FlavourPackThailand4.75
2121NissinInstant Noodles Moo Manao FlavourPackThailand3.5
2120NissinSuper Tom Yum ShrimpCupThailand3.5
2119NissinCup Noodles Minced Pork FlavourCupThailand3.5
2118NissinChilli Noodles Tom Yum Shrimp Creamy Soup FlavourCupThailand3.25
21177 SelectNissin Instant Noodles Shrimp Ma Nao Lui Suan Flavour King CupBowlThailand3.75
2116NissinInstant Noodles Tom Yum Shrimp Saab FlavourPackThailand4
2115NissinCup Noodles Moo Manao FlavourCupThailand4
2114NissinInstant Noodles Minced Pork FlavourPackThailand3.5
2113NissinCup Noodles Seafood Creamy FlavourCupThailand3.75
2112NissinChilli Noodles Spicy Tom Yum FlavourPackThailand3.75
2111NissinCup Noodles Chilli Crab FlavourCupHong Kong3.75
2110Great ValueVegetarian Flavour Ramen NoodlesPackCanada3
2109Oni Hot PotTuna With Shallot Flavor NoodlePackTaiwan4.25
2108Weh LihGGE Noodle Snack Wheat Crackers Original RamenPackTaiwan1
2107NissinLamen Sabor Frango Assado Com Toque De LimaoPackBrazil4.5
2106ItomenOnion Flavor Shoyu RamenPackJapan3.5
2105MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup Chicken Tortilla FlavorPackUSA3
2104WangRice Noodle Kimchi FlavorBowlSouth Korea4
2103RolandRamen Japanese Style Quick-Cooking Alimentary Paste With Beef Artificially Flavored Soup BasePackUSA0
2102NissinCup Noodles Singapore LaksaCupJapan5
2101Samyang FoodsPojangmacha UdonPackSouth Korea4
2100MyojoMee Goreng Original FlavourPackSingapore4
2099SanpoYakibuta RamenBowlJapan4
2098NongshimKimchi Flavor Noodle SoupCupUSA5
2097CarJENOtentiq Cheezy Mushroom Instant Noodles (Improved Taste)PackMalaysia5
2096MaruchanSeimen Noukou Toro TonkotsuBowlJapan4
2095NissinStraits Kitchen LaksaPackSingapore5
2094NongshimChampong Noodle Soup Spicy Seafood FlavorPackSouth Korea5
2093Oni Hot PotSeaweed Flavour NoodlePackTaiwan2
2092DollInstant Noodle Preserved Vegetable FlavourPackHong Kong4
2091MyKualiPenang Hokkien Prawn Noodle Authentic TasteCupMalaysia5
2090NissinNupasta Salmon In White Sauce Flavour Instant NoodlePackHong Kong5
2089NissinBig Cup Noodles Seafood Curry FlavourCupHong Kong5
2088NissinDemae Iccho Beef Flavour Instant NoodleBowlHong Kong4
2087NissinMie Goreng Indonesia Stir Noodle Original FlavourPackHong Kong4
2086NissinDemae Ramen Sesame Flavour Instant NoodlesPackHong Kong5
2085FukuSuperior Soup Instant Rice VermicelliBowlHong Kong5
2084NissinDemae Ramen Straight Noodle Kyushu Tonkotsu Instant NoodlePackHong Kong5
2083NissinTaisho Fried Noodle Sesame Paste Flavour Instant NoodlePackHong Kong5
2082NissinCup Noodles Pork Chowder FlavourCupHong Kong4
2081NissinCup Mifun Spicy Beef FlavourCupHong Kong4
2080FukuNon-Fried Superior Soup NoodlePackHong Kong4
2079NissinNupasta Carbonara Flavour Instant NoodleCupHong Kong5
2078NissinDemae Iccho Curry Beef FlavourCupHong Kong4
2077NissinCup Noodles Big Spicy Seafood FlavourCupHong Kong5
2076NissinDemae Iccho Black Garlic Oil TonkotsuBowlHong Kong3.75
2075Mi SedaapMi Segera Mi Goreng Ayam KrispiPackIndonesia4.5
2074NissinCup Noodles Sabor Pollo Habanero Y Limon Sopa InstantaneaCupMexico3.5
2073Great ValueSpicy Ramen NoodlesPackCanada4
2072MaruchanBowl Taste Of Asia Beef Flavor Sukiyaki RamenBowlUSA5
2071A-Sha Dry NoodleTainan Noodle Original SaucePackTaiwan5
2070Tokushima SeifunNegi RamenBowlJapan1.75
2069DollInstant Noodle Vegetarian FlavourPackHong Kong3.75
2068MaggiFusian Special Edition Ow... Ow... Spicy Cow Mi GorengPackAustralia5
2067Samyang FoodsFresh JjajangPackSouth Korea4.5
2066MarutaiHakata Tonkotsu RamenPackJapan5
2065Four SeasKung Tak Lam Vegetarian Noodle (Mushroom)PackHong Kong3
2064NongshimArrabiata Rice BucatiniPackUSA5
2063MameePepper Noodles VegetarianPackHong Kong3.25
2062OttogiRamyon Sabor MariscosPackMexico3.75
2061KamfenDried Mix Noodles Scallop Seafood FlavouredTrayHong Kong4.25
2060NissinCup Noodle Light+ Cheese FondueCupJapan5
2059Four SeasBeef And Radish Flavour Instant NoodlePackHong Kong2.5
2058Zow ZowInstant Noodle Shrimp Tom Yam FlavouredPackThailand3.75
2057NissinRapiFideo Sabor A Chile Y LimonCupMexico3.75
2056KoyoGarlic Pepper Reduced Sodium RamenPackUSA0
2055NissinTokyo Tokunou Gyokai TonkotsuBowlJapan5
2054SuiminNoodles Curried Prawn FlavourCupAustralia3.25
2053MaruchanInstant Lunch Sriracha Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle SoupCupUSA3.75
2052IndomiePop Mie Mi Instan Cup Rasa AyamCupIndonesia3.5
2051Master KongArtificial Pork Ribs Flavour Instant NoodlePackChina3.5
2050MyKualiPenang Red Tom Yum Goong Noodle Authentic TasteCupMalaysia5
2049OttogiRamyon Sabor A ResPackMexico3.5
2048AcecookKadomen Koikoku TonkotsuBowlJapan3.75
2047Oni Hot PotXO Sauce NoodlePackTaiwan4.5
2046E-ZeePerisa Asam Pedas Mi SegeraPackMalaysia3.75
2045Great ValueChicken Style Ramen NoodlesPackCanada3.5
2044DollHello Kitty Dim Sum Noodle Japanese Soy Sauce FlavourCupHong Kong3
2043ORee GardenMalaysia Green Curry NoodleBowlMalaysia5
2042SuiminNoodles Mi GorengCupAustralia4.25
2041Master KongTomato Sauce Instant NoodlePackChina4.5
2040NissinCup Noodles Sabor Franhp Com RequeijaoCupBrazil5
2039Tokushima SeifunYakibuta RamenBowlJapan5
2038A1Vegetarian Herbal NoodlePackMalaysia1.5
2037MigawonHovenia Ramen Vegetable FlavorPackSouth Korea3.5
2036A-Sha Dry NoodleHakka BBQ Sauce NoodlePackTaiwan4.25
2035AcecookMaru Uma Curry UdonCupJapan3.5
2034FantasticNoodles Oriental FlavourCupAustralia3.25
2033Chaudhary's Wai WaiInstant Noodles Artificial Chicken & Shrimp FlavoredPackIndia2.5
2032KamfenNoodle King Artificial Beef Soup FlavoredBowlHong Kong3.75
2031CarJENOtentiq Cheezy Curry Instant Noodles (Improved Taste)PackMalaysia5
2030MyojoCharumera Atyificial Tonkotsu Shouyu FlavorPackJapan3.75
2029Singa-MeInstant Noodles Beef FlavourCupAustralia2
2028MaruchanSopa Maruchan Sabor a Camaron, Limon y HabaneroPackMexico3.5
2027NissinShinshu Miso RamenBowlJapan5
2026MyKualiPenang White Curry Authentic Taste CupCupMalaysia4.75
2025Urban NoodleAuthentic Street Food Chow MeinCupUK2
2024Urban NoodleAuthentic Street Food Pad ThaiCupUK2.5
2023Urban NoodleAuthentic Street Food Black BeanCupUK0
2022Urban NoodleAuthentic Street Food Thai Red CurryCupUK3
2021Urban NoodleAuthentic Street Food SatayCupUK5
2020Kang Shi FuArtificial Roasted BeefPackChina3.5
2019AcecookSeabura Tonkotsu RamenCupJapan3.75
2018PulmuoneNoodle With Spicy Oyster SoupPackSouth Korea4
2017Samyang FoodsHoney & Cheese Big BowlBowlSouth Korea0
2016Great ValueChicken Style Noodles With VegetablesCupCanada3.5
2015E-ZeePerisa Kari Mi Segera (Improved Taste)PackMalaysia5
2014Oni Hot PotGhost Pepper NoodlePackTaiwan4.5
2013Great ValueBeef Style Ramen NoodlesPackCanada3.5
2012MAMAVegetarian Instant Noodles Shiitake FlavourPackThailand2
2011Trident2 Minute Laksa Flavour NoodlesPackAustralia2
2010MAMARangers Snack Noodles Popcorn FlavourPackMyanmar3.75
2009ConimexOriental Noodles Soto AjamCupNetherlands2.75
2008Sichuan BaijiaHot spicy Flavor Instant VermicelliBowlChina3.5
2007NongshimRice Fettucini AlfredoPackUnited States3.75
2006KamfenWonton Noodles Beef FlavourBowlHong Kong3.75
2005A-Sha Dry NoodleHakka Spicy Barbeque SaucePackTaiwan4.5
2004NissinDonbei Dashi Shoyu YakiudonBowlJapan3.75
2003NissinRaoh Rich Miso FlavorBowlJapan5
2002NissinCup Noodles Tom Yum GoongCupJapan3.75
2001NissinCup Noodle Big Seafood Clam ChowderCupJapan3.5
2000NissinChikin Ramen DonburiBowlJapan5
1999NissinCurry UdonCupJapan5
1998NissinMen Shokunin ShoyuBowlJapan5
1997NissinCup Noodle Vegeta Buta-kyabetsu TonkotsuCupJapan4.25
1996NissinCup Noodle Pasta Style Tarako SpaghettiCupJapan4
1995NissinCup Noodle Big Cheese Mexican ChilliCupJapan5
1994NissinGyoretsu-no-Dekiru-Mise-no-Ramen (Shrimp Tantanmen)BowlJapan5
1993NissinRaoh TonkotsuPackJapan5
1992NissinCup Noodle Light Plus RatatouilleCupJapan4.5
1991NissinCup Noodle Milk Chikin RamenCupJapan4.5
1990NissinCup NoodleCupJapan5
1989MyKualiPenang White curry Noodle Authentic TastePackMalaysia5
1988MAMAInstant Noodles Chicken Soup FlavourPackMyanmar3.5
1987NissinYokohama Walker Iekei RamenBowlJapan4.5
1986A-Sha Dry NoodleQuinoa Noodle With Oyster Sauce And VegetablesPackTaiwan4.25
1985Prima TasteSingapore Prawn Soup La MianPackSingapore5
1984NissinChinese Tan Tan VermicelliCupHong Kong5
1983Tokushima SeifunTokushima RamenPackJapan4
1982Master KongAssorted Pork Bone NoodlePackChina4.25
1981MyKualiPenang Red tom Yum Goong Noodle Authentic TastePackMalaysia5
1980SuiminNoodles Witrh Prawn & Chicken FlavourCupAustralia3.5
1979NissinBIG Cup Noodle AjilloCupJapan3
1978CarJENNyonya Curry Laksa (Improved Taste)PackMalaysia5
1977MyOriMalaysia Penang Green Curry Vermicelli (New Package)PackMalaysia5
1976ItsukiKumamoto Spicy RamenPackJapan4.25
1975NissinSoba Fried Noodles ClassicPackGermany3.25
1974Samyang FoodsCheese Curry RamyunPackSouth Korea5
1973NissinCup Noodles Sabor CalabresaPackBrazil4.25
1972DollSpicy Flavour Instant MifunPackHong Kong2.75
1971FujiwaraHorse Crab Flavour RamenPackJapan3.5
1970MyOriMalaysia Penang Red Curry NoodlePackMalaysia5
1969NongshimNoodle Soup Seasoned With Real KimchiPackUSA4.75
1968NissinTop Ramen Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup (New Packaging)PackUSA3.5
1967Tokushima SeifunKinchan RamenPackJapan4.5
1966Wei LihGGE Noodle Snack Wheat Crackers Soy Sauce RamenPackTaiwan3.75
1965MyKualiPenang Spicy Prawn Soup Noodle Authentic TastePackMalaysia5
1964MAMAInstant Noodles Coconut Milk FlavourPackMyanmar5
1963Kabuto NoodlesRice Noodles Vegetable LaksaCupUK3.75
1962Kabuto NoodlesRice Noodles Chicken PhoCupUK3.5
1961Kabuto NoodlesChicken RamenCupUK4.25
1960Kabuto NoodlesChilli Chicken RamenCupUK4
1959MyojoCharumera Shoyu RamenPackJapan4
1958IbuRamenMi Goreng Bento Noodles In A Box Curry Masala FlavourTrayUSA4
1957MAMACup Vegetarian Instant Noodles Tom Yum FlavourCupThailand4
1956MaruchanSpicy Tomato Salsa RamenCupJapan0
1955NissinRaoh Ramen Noodle Soup Umami Soy Sauce FlavorPackUSA4.75
1954Koh ThaiIsland Of Flavours Spicy Thai Chicken Instant Noodles SoupPackNetherlands2
1953Prima TasteSingapore Fish Soup La MianPackSingapore5
1952Ve WongKung-Fu Brand Instant Oriental Noodle Soup Artificial Beef FlavorPackTaiwan3.75
1951NissinCup Noodles Ramen Noodle Soup Hearty Chicken Flavor [New Package]CupUSA4.25
1950FujiwaraRed King Crab Flavour RamenPackJapan4
1949BameeOriental Style Instant Noodles Shrimp Flavour (Tom Yum)PackThailand3.5
1948Sichuan BaijiaArtificial Pickled Cabbage Fish Flavor Instant VermicelliPackChina1.5
1947Prima TasteSingapore Laksa Wholegrain La MianPackSingapore5
1946NissinRaoh Shio RamenPackJapan4.75
1945MAMAOriental Style Instant Noodles Masala FlavourPackBangladesh3.5
1944Wei LihGGE Noodle Snack Wheat Crackers Hot SpicyPackTaiwan5Y
1943New TouchSugomen Niigata Seabura Shoyu RamenBowlJapan5
1942IbumieAlways Mi Goreng Perisa Sambal UdangPackMalaysia3.5
1941UnoxGood Noodles TandooriPackNetherlands2.5
1940NissinCup Noodle Pasta Style BologneseCupJapan5
1939MAMAInstant Noodles Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum FlavourPackMyanmar5
1938NissinDonbei Kamodashi SobaBowlJapan5
1937MAMAChicken Soup Flavour Cup NoodlesCupMyanmar3.75
1936FortuneRice Noodle Coconut CurryPackUSA1
1935Love CookGuanmiao Dried Noodles With Oleum SesamiPackTaiwan3.75
1934Love CookGuanmiao Dried Noodles With Spicy SaucePackTaiwan5
1933Love CookGuanmiao Dried Noodles With Authentic SaucePackTaiwan4.5
1932Love CookGuanmiao Dried Noodles With Shallot FlavorPackTaiwan3.75
1931BonasiaInstant Noodles chicken FlavourPackHungary3.75
1930Koh ThaiIsland Of Flavours Lemongrass Instant Noodles SoupPackNetherlands0.25
1929MAMAInstant Noodles Minced Pork FlavourPackCambodia3.50
1928BameeInstant Noodles Oriental Style Chicken FlavourPackThailand3
1927MarutaiKogashi Megiiri Tonkotsu Kagoshima RamenBowlJapan3.5
1926NissinBowl Noodles Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavor Less Sodium Ramen Noodle SoupBowlUSA4
1925PrimaJuzz's Mee Creamy Chicken FlavourPackSingapore5
1924Sichuan BaijiaBroad Noodle Artificial Beef FlavorPackChina3.5
1923ConimexOriental Noodles TeriyakiCupNetherlands0.5
1922Mie SedaapInstant Cup Mi Kuah Rasa Baso SpesialCupIndonesia1.5
1921NissinCup Noodles Ramen Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor [New Package]CupUSA3.5
1920ItsukiRamen Tonkotudou Kumamoto NoodlesPackJapan0.75
1919MaruchanShiroi Chikara Mochi UdonBowlJapan4.5
1918iMeeInstant Noodles chicken FlavourPackNetherlands3.5
1917IbuRamenMi Goreng Bento Noodles In A Box Hot Sweet & Sour FlavorTrayUSA0.25
1916NissinSoba Fried Noodles TeriyakiPackGermany3
1915ItsukiYuzu Sesame Sauce UdonBowlJapan4.5
1914PrimaJuzz's Mee Curry FlavourPackSingapore5
1913Thai SmileMushroom Rice Noodle Soup BowlBowlUSA0
1912MAMAInstant Noodles Chicken Sichek FlavourPackMyanmar3.75
1911NissinEmergency Chikin Ramen Cup NoodleCupJapan5
1910NissinChow Mein Pad ThaiTrayUSA3
1909Asia GoldInstant Noodles With Chicken FlavouringPackHungary3.5
1908NissinKuroma-yu Tonkotsu Kumamoto RamenBowlJapan4.75
1907Prima TasteSingapore Curry Wholegrain La MianPackSingapore5
1906VifonChicken Flavour Asian Style Instant NoodlesPackVietnam3.5
1905PirkkaNuudeli Kana Nudlar KycklingPackFinland3.5
1904BonasiaInstant Noodles Duck FlavourPackHungary3
1903HigashimaruTonkotsu RamenPackJapan4.5
1902MAMASeafood Tom Yum Sichek FlavourPackMyanmar5
1901PrimaJuzz's Mee Original Spicy FlavourPackSingapore5
1900IbumieAlways Mi Goreng Perisa Kari KapitanPackMalaysia5
1899Koh ThaiIsland Of Flavours Thai Royal Shrimp Instant NoodlesPackNetherlands1.5
1898Master KongSpicy Fish NoodleBowlChina3
1897NissinCup Noodle Massaman CurryCupJapan3.5
1896Asia GoldInstant Noodles Duck FlavourPackHungary3.5
1895MaruchanSeimen Houjyun Koku ShoyuBowlJapan5
1894MAMARangers Snack Noodles BBQ FlavourPackMyanmar2.75Y
1893NissinCup Noodle SioCupJapan5
1892OttogiCheese RamenPackSouth Korea4
1891NissinCup Noodles Homestyle ChickenCupUSA3.5
1890KurikiBeef Tongue Shio Mayo RamenPackJapan4.5
1889MAMARangers Snack Noodles Sour Cream FlavourPackMyanmar2.75Y
1888NissinCup Noodles Kyushu White FlavourCupSingapore3.5
1887MyojoMee Poh DryPackSingapore4.25
1886MyojoChicken Abalone FlavourBowlSingapore3.75
1885MyojoRamen Char Mee 100PackSingapore3
1884MyojoLa Ramen Spicy Mushroom Flavour Big BowlBowlSingapore4.5
1883MyojoMee GorengPackSingapore4
1882MyojoLa Ramen Spicy Lobster Hot Pot Flavour Big BowlBowlSingapore4.75
1881MyojoChicken Abalone FlavourPackSingapore3.5
1880MyojoThai Tom Yam FlavourBowlSingapore3.75
1879MyojoChicken Tanmen FlavourPackSingapore3.5
1878MyojoExtra Spicy Singapore Curry Big BowlBowlSingapore5
1877MyojoLa Ramen Spicy Mushroom FlavourPackSingapore4.5
1876MyojoChicken FlavourPackSingapore3.75
1875Sapporo IchibanTonkotsu Ramen Artificially Flavored Tonkotsu White Chicken BrothPackUSA5
1874IbumieAlways Mi Goreng Perisa Thai Tom YamPackMalaysia2.5
1873VedanWei Wei A Instant Noodles Chicken FlavorBowlTaiwan0
1872ItsukiHakata OssyoiPackJapan5
1871NissinCup Noodles Minced Pork FlavourCupThailand3.75
1870Asia GoldInstant Noodles With Beef FlavouringPackHungary2.75
1869NissinSoba Fried Noodles ChiliPackGermany3.5
1868MarutaiKuroma-yu Tonkotsu Kumamoto RamenBowlJapan4
1867Yum YumPremier Bowl Instant Noodles Stewed Pork FlavourBowlThailand4
1866MyKualiPenang Spicy Prawn Soup NoodlePackMalaysia5
1865MamaShrimp Tom Yum Flavour Cup NoodlesCupMyanmar3.5
1864NissinRaoh Ramen Noodle Soup Umami Tonkotsu FlavorPackUSA5
1863BaijiaBroad Noodle Pickled Vegetable Artificial Beef FlavorPackChina0ERROR-Needs re-review (improper method)
1862IbumieAlways Mi Goreng Perisa AsliPackMalaysia3.75
1861ConimexOriental Noodles Groene CurryCupNetherlands0.5
1860NissinCupo Noodle Pasta Style VongoleCupJapan2.75
1859MamaInstant Noodles chicken Green Curry FlavourPackCambodia5
1858MyojoWantan MenBowlJapan5
1857IbuRamenMi Goreng Bento Noodles In A Box Shallot Teriyaki FlavorTrayUSA3.25
1856IndomieInstant Cup Noodles Mi Goreng Fried NoodlesCupIndonesia5
1855DarazNegi Man RamenPackJapan3
1854MamaChinese Kitchen Chinese Style Instant NoodlesPackMyanmar3.5
1853BonasiaInstant Noodles Shrimp FlavourPackHungary3.5
1852MyojoUdon Japanese Style Precooked Noodles With Soup Hot & Spicy FlavorBowlUSA3.25
1851FujiwaraSnow Crab Flavour Shio RamenPackJapan3.5
1850NissinRaoh Ramen Noodle Soup Umami Miso FlavorPackUSA4.5
1849PamaInstant Rice Vermicelli Clear Soup FlavourPackMalaysia3.5
1848MyKualiPenang Red tom Yum Goong Noodle (New Version)PackMalaysia5
1847ConimexOriental Noodles Hot & SpicyPackNetherlands3
1846NissinChow Mein Savory Sauce And Restayrant Quality Noodles Roast Chicken Flavor TrayUSA4.5
1845MamaOriental Style Instant Noodles Shrimp FlavourPackBangladesh3.25
1844Seven & IGold Sumire RamenBowlJapan5
1843Forest NoodlesSunbaked Noodles With Sesame SaucePackTaiwan4.5
1842Forest NoodlesPurple Sweet Potato Noodles With Taiwanese SaucePackTaiwan5
1841Forest NoodlesSinbaked Noodles With Spicy SaucePackTaiwan4
1840Forest NoodlesSweet Potato Noodles With Sesame Paste SaucePackTaiwan3.25
1839Vit'sTaste Of Malaysia Penang White Curry RamenPackMalaysia5
1838Vit'sTaste Of Malaysia Penang Asam Laksa Fried Instant NoodlePackMalaysia4.5
1837Vit'sTaste Of Malaysia Penang Hokkien Mee RamenPackMalaysia5
1836Vit'sTaste Of Malaysia Penang White Curry Fried Instant NoodlePackMalaysia5
1835Vit'sTaste Of Malaysia Penang Asam Laksa RamenPackMalaysia5
1834Vit'sTaste Of Malaysia Penang Hokkien Mee Fried Instant NoodlePackMalaysia5
1833Vit'sInstant Noodles With Chicken FlavourPackMalaysia3.75
1832Yum YumInstant Flat Shaped Noodles Boat Noodles Nam Tok FlavourPackThailand3.5
1831KurikiPlum Mayo RamenPackJapan4
1830Tseng NoodlesSichuan Pepper FlavorPackTaiwan4.75
1829Tseng NoodlesHu Sesame FlavorPackTaiwan5
1828Tseng NoodlesScallion With Sichuan Pepper FlavorPackTaiwan5
1827NongshimZha Wang ((Jjawang) Noodles With Chajang SaucePackSouth Korea5
1826MamaInstant Noodles Stewed Beef FlavourPackCambodia3.5
1825Sichuan BaijiaBroad Noodle Chilli Oil FlavorPackChina4.5
1824NongshimSoon Veggie Noodle SoupCupUSA5
1823MyKualiMeeKuali spicy Fried NoodlePackMalaysia4
1822Mi SedaapMi Kuah Rasa Baso SpesialPackIndonesia3.5
1821MyojoUdon Japanese Style Pre-Cooked Noodles With Soup Beef FlavorBowlUSA3.25
1820Ten-InVeggie King Buddha Jump Instant NoodlesBowlTaiwan1.5
1819Yum YumPremier Bowl Instant Noodles Suki FlavourBowlThailand5
1818Sugakiya FoodsNara Tenri Shoyu RamenBowlJapan4.5
1817Hao WayPenang Vegetarian Prawn Instant Bowl NoodlesBowlMalaysia4
1816VifonAsian Style Instant Noodles Artificial Beef FlavorBowlVietnam3.25
1815Nakaya ShoutenHingya no Shio RamenPackJapan4
1814Koh ThaiIsland Of Flavours Tom Yum Instant Noodles SoupPackNetherlands3
1813NissinSoba Fried Noodles CurryPackGermany4.25
1812Master KongMushroom Instant NoodleBowlChina4.25
1811ConimexOriental Noodles Oosterse GroentenPackNetherlands3.5
1810MyKualiPenang White Curry Noodle (New Version)PackMalaysia5
1809MarutaiNagahama Hakata Tonkotsu RamenBowlJapan4.75
1808MamaVegetarian Instant Cup Noodle Tofu & Shiitake FlavourCupThailand3.5
1807Wai WaiTom Yum Goong Flavour Instant NoodleCupThailand3.5
1806CintanMi Segera Mmm... Perisa Goreng Ala IndonesiaPackMalaysia3.5
1805MamaOriental Style Instant Noodles Tandoori FlavourPackBangladesh4
1804Thai ChefOriental Style Instant Noodles Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum FlavourPackHungary4.75
1803MamaVegetarian Instant Noodles Tom Yum FlavourPackThailand4
1802NissinCup Noodles Ramen Noodles Ramen Noodle Soup Beef Flavor (New Package) CupUSA3.5
1801BaijiaSpicy Artificial Fei Chang Instant Vermicelli (New Recipe)PackChina3.75
1800Crystal NoodleSoup All Natural Hot & SourCupUSA0.25
1799Thai SmileSpring Onion Rice Noodle Soup BowlBowlUSA2.5
1798iMeeInstant Noodles Vegetable FlavourPackNetherlands2.75
1797Wai WaiInstant Rice Vermicelli Crab FlavourPackThailand3.5
1796FujiwaraSalty Taste Chanko NoodlePackJapan4.75
1795AzamiKimchee Flavour Noodle SoupPackCanada0
1794Vit'sShallot Chicken Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia3
1793CintanMi Segera Mmm... Perisa Asam LaksaPackMalaysia3.5
1792A1Soup Spices Noodle Mee Rempahan SupPackMalaysia3.5
1791Vit'sTom Yam Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia4.25
1789CintanMi Segera Mmm... Perisa Ayam CendawanPackMalaysia3.5
1788SuperCurry Flavour NoodlesCupMalaysia3
1787PamaKua Teaw SegeraPackMalaysia4
1786NissinChow Mein Premium Savory Sauce And Restaurant Quality Noodles Sriracha FlavorTrayUSA4.25
1785SuperInstant Noodles Black Pepper Crab Mi GorengCupMalaysia3.5
1784TorishiHakata Tonkotsu RamenPackJapan5
1783iMeeInstant Noodles Creamy Tom Yum Shrimp FlavourPackNetherlands4.5
1782Western FamilyBeef Flavour Instant NoodlesPackCanada0
1781MyKualiPenang Hokkien Prawn Soup Rice Vermicelli (Bihun)BowlMalaysia5
1780PulmuoneNon-Fried Noodle Blackbean Sauce Noodle With SquidPackSouth Korea4.5
1779Chering ChangInstant Non-Fried Noodles Tomato FlavourPackTaiwan3.25
1778JMLSpicy King Spicy ChickenPackChina5
1777JMLSupereme Bowl Noodles With Stewed Egg Spicy FlavourBowlChina3.5
1776JMLSpicy King Bowl Noodle Spicy ChickenBowlChina5
1775JMLSpicy King Bowl Noodle Spicy BeefBowlChina4.25
1774JMLSpicy King Spicy PorkPackChina5
1773JMLSupreme Bowl Noodles With Stewed Egg Sour Beans With Pork FlavourBowlChina4
1772JMLSpicy King Spicy BeefPackChina5
1771JMLSupreme Bowl Noodles With Stewed Egg Braised Beef FlavourBowlChina3.5
1770JMLSpicy King Bowl Noodle Spicy PorkBowlChina4.5
1769MameeChef Lontong FlavourPackMalaysia5
1768New TouchNegi Miso No Ippin RamenBowlJapan5
1767MamaInstant Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum FlavourPackCambodia4
1766PaldoBulnak Boeummyun King NoodleBowlSouth Korea3.5
1765NissinCup Noodles Ramen Noodles With Shrimp (New Package) CupUSA3.5
1764PirkkaNuudeli Tom Yum KatkarapuPackFinland3.75
1763IshimaruTuna Flavor RamenPackJapan4.5
1762Mom's Dry NoodleSesame & PepperPackTaiwan4
1761Authentically AsianNatural Quality Foods Pad Thai Noodle BowlBowlUSA1
1760New TouchHomestyle TonjiruBowlJapan4.5
1759NissinCup Noodles Moo Manao FlavourCupThailand4
1758Vit'sDuck Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia3.5
1757iMeeInstant Noodles Beef FlavourPackNetherlands3.25
1756A-Sha Dry NoodleVeggie Noodle Carrot Noodle With Original SaucePackTaiwan4.25
1755MamaOriental Style Instant Noodles Hot & Spicy FlavourPackBangladesh4
1754PaldoKing Bowl Super Spicy Pan Stirfried NoodleBowlSouth Korea5
1753Thai SmileGarlic Rice Noodle Soup BowlBowlUSA3.5
1752KurikiMayo RamenPackJapan4.75
1751Mom's Dry NoodleSpicy & Sour FlavorPackTaiwan5
1750Mi SedaapInstant Cup Mi Kuah Rasa SotoCupIndonesia5
1749Yum YumJumbo Instant Noodles Tom Yum Kung Creamy FlavourPackThailand5
1748AzamiChili Chicken Flavour Noodle SoupCupCanada3
1747Vit'sCurry Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia3.5
1746MarutaiRamen Shoyu TasteBowlJapan4.25
1745UnoxGood Noodles KerriePackNetherlands3.5
1744A-Sha Dry NoodleVeggie Noodle Baby Grass Noodle With Toona SaucePackTaiwan5
1743MamaRangers Snack Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum FlavourPackMyanmar4.5Y
1742AroiCurry Me! Penang White Curry Stir-fry NoodlePackMalaysia4.5
1741MyojoUdon Japanese Style Pre-Cooked Noodles With Soup Chicken FlavorBowlUSA2.5
1740Master KongBraised Beef NoodlePackChina4.25
1739NissinRaoh Tanrei Koku Shio RamenBowlJapan4.5
1738Little CookInstant Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum FlavourCupThailand4.25
1737Mi SedaapInstant Cup Mi GorengCupIndonesia3.75
1736MameeMonster Snek Mi PedasPackMalaysia5Y
1735Master KongTomato Sauce Instant NoodleBowlChina4
1734KokaLaksa SingapuraPackSingapore4.25
1733BonasiaInstant Noodles Beef FlavourPackGermany3.75
1732SuperSeafood Flavour NoodlesCupMalaysia3.25
1731MamaInstant Noodles Creamy Shrimp Tom Yum FlavourPackCambodia5
1730Wu-MuBBQ Pork Flavor Chow MeinPackTaiwan4.5
1729VedanZan Vegetarian Instant Noodle Series Shiitake Mushroom FlavourCupTaiwan2.75
1728YamadaiTenobe SomenBowlJapan3.25
1727Wei LihJah Jan MenBowlTaiwan5
1726Vina AcecookOh! Ricey Pho GaBowlVietnam3
1725A-Sha Dry NoodleVeggie Noodle Black Sesame NoodlePackTaiwan3.25
1724PirkkaNuudeli Liha Nudlar KottPackFinland3.5
1723Baixiang NoodlesArtificial Beef Instant Noodles With Soup BasePackChina3.75
1722CarJENOtentiq Cheezy Curry Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia4.5
1721Salam MieMi Goreng Dengan AbonPackIndonesia4.25
1720MameeChef Lontong FlavourCupMalaysia5
1719Wai WaiGrilled Pork Flavour Instant NoodlesBowlThailand2.5
1718Vina AcecookHao Hao Sate Onion FlavourCupVietnam2.5
1717Lee Fah MeeSarawak White Laksa Instant NoodlePackSarawak4
1716MamaInstant Noodles Egg Protein NoodlesPackMyanmar3.5
1715Yum YumInstant Noodles Minced Pork FlavorPackThailand3.75
1714Master KongSichuan Hot Spicy FishPackChina3.75
1713CarJENOtentiq Cheezy Mushroom Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia5
1712Sakurai FoodsOrganic Miso RamenPackJapan4.5
1711Hao WayVegetarian Penang LaksaPackMalaysia4
1710Chering ChangInstant Non-Fried Noodles Vegetable Curry FlavorPackTaiwan5
1709Asia GoldInstant Noodles With Shrimp FlavouringPackHungary4
1708The Kitchen FoodSibu Instant Kampua OriginalPackSarawak4
1707AzamiHot & Spicy Flavour Noodle SoupBowlCanada3.5
1706MaggiHot Cup Goreng Perencah Cili FiestaCupMalaysia4.75
1705PremiereGold Bihun Kari Heritage Instant Rice VermicelliPackMalaysia4.5
1704Baixiang NoodlesSour & Spicy FlavourPackChina3.75
17037 Select/NissinSuper Tom Yum ShrimpCupThailand3.5
1702Samyang FoodsSeafood NoodleCupJapan2.75
1701Sakurai FoodsOrganic Shoyu RamenPackJapan4.25
1700A-Sha Dry NoodleHakka Flat Noodle With Za Jiang SaucePackTaiwan4
1699Vit'sMi goreng Pedas Chewy & springyPackMalaysia3.5
1698MaruchanInstant Lunch Chicken Tortilla Flavor Ramen Noodles With VegetablesCupUSA4
1697The Kitchen FoodInstant Kampua Dark Soy SaucePackSarawak5
1696MamaCup Yentafo Tom Yum MohfaiCupThailand5
1695MamaCup Shrimp Creamy Tom YumCupThailand5
1694MamaInstant Rice Vermicelli Bihun Goreng Original FlavourPackThailand4.75
1693MamaInstant Noodles coconut Milk FlavourCupMyanmar5
1692MamaOriental Style Instant Noodles Chicken FlavourPackBangladesh3.25
1691MamaInstant Cup Noodles Minced Prok FlavorCupThailand3.5
1690WugudaochangSour Bamboo Shoot & Beef If Hot Pot Flavor NoodlesBowlChina4
1689WugudaochangTomato Beef Brisket Flavor Purple Potato NoodkePackChina5
1688WugudaochangSea Tangle & Sparerins Flavor NoodlesBowlChina3.75
1687WugudaochangChef's Grains Millet NoodlePackChina3.75
1686WugudaochangChef's Grains Buckwheat NoodlePackChina3.5
1685WugudaochangChef's Grains Pea NoodlePackChina4
1684WugudaochangSichuan Pepper & Chicken Flavor NoodleBowlChina4.5
1683WugudaochangSour Soup & Minced Meat Flavor Chef's Grain Naked Oat NoodlesPackChina5
1682WugudaochangSour Bamboo Shoot & Beef If Hot Pot Flavor NoodlesPackChina4
1681WugudaochangSea Tangle & Sparerins Flavor NoodlesBowlChina3.75
1680AroiCurry Me! Penang White Curry Soup NoodlePackMalaysia4.5
1679Ten-InVeggie World Vegetarian Braised Beef Instant NoodlesBowlTaiwan3.5
1678NongshimShin Black Spicy Po-Au-Feu Flavor (Mew Edition)PackUSA5
1677PaldoRaobokki Noodle (Export Version)PackSouth Korea5
1675A1Emporer Herbs Chicken NoodlePackMalaysia4.25
1674Baixiang NoodlesSauerkraut FlavorPackChina4.5
1673EmartDare You! Habanero Ramen (New Edition)CupSouth Korea3.5
1673Lishan Food ManufacturingBlack Cock Brand Vegetarian Chicken NoodlePackTaiwan3.5
1672AzamiChili Seafood Flavor Noodle SoupCupCanada3.25
1671Ah LaiPenang Favourite White Curry Rice VermicelliPackMalaysia5
1670Tropicana SlimLess Fat Noodles Grilled ChickenPackIndonesia3.75
1669A-OneMi Ly Instant Noodles Mi Chay Vegetarian FlavorCupVietnam1.25
1668MamaCup Rice Vermicelli With Clear SoupCupThailand3.5
1667DeshomeAloe Thin Noodles With Camelia Oil Vegetable Sauce FlavorPackTaiwan5
1666VifonCurry Instant Noodle With ChickenCupVietnam3
1665Paldo VinaKoreno Premium Mushroom FlavorPackVietnam1.5
1664MameeOriental Noodles Prawn FlavorPackMalaysia2
1663Vina AcecookKing Chef Authentic Kimchi FlavourPackVietnam4
1662MamaNon-Fried Instant Noodles Ramen Tonkotsu FlavorPackThailand5
1661ChencunSenior Food Rice Noodle Fragrant Peppery BeefCupChina3.75
1660Sau TaoHo Fan Wonton Soup FlavoredPackHong Kong3
1659UnitedXi Gon Satay Onion FlavorPackVietnam2.75
1658ChoripDongHurricane Rice Cake (Topokki)BowlSouth Korea5
1657ShanShoop Instant Noodles Bombay Biryani FlavourPackPakistan2.75
1656MamaJokCup Instant Porridge Soup Seafood FlavourCupThailand3.5
1655BaijiaArtificial Pickled Vegetable Beef FlavorPackChina3
1654MyOriMalaysia Penang White Curry Noodle Super SpicyPackMalaysia5
1653MyOriMalaysia Penang Green Curry Rice VermicelliPackMalaysia5
1652MyOriMalaysia Penang White Curry Noodle OriginalPackMalaysia5
1651RuskiChicken Flavour Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia3.75
1650OttogiSesame Flavor Ramen Korean Style Instant NoodlePackSouth Korea4.25
1649Master KongSeafood Flavour Instant Cooking NoodlesPackChina4.25
1648Wei LihInstant Noodles With Onion FlavourPackTaiwan4.25
1647No NameShrimp Flavour Oriental Noodles And Soup MixCupCanada2.75
1646New WaySpaghetti Instant NoodlesTrayVietnam4
1645Lucky Me!Supreme Jjamppong Korean Style Spicy Seafood SoupBowlPhilippines3.75
1644Hao WayVegetarian Penang Laksa Instant Bowl NoodlesBowlMalaysia2
1643EmartDare You! Habanero Jjajang RamenCupSouth Korea3.5
1642Campbell'sHearty Noodles Savoury Beef FlavourCupCanada0.25
1641One Dish AsiaJapanese Ramen NoodleBowlUSA0
1640Long Jun HangTaiwan Dried Noodles With Onion Oil SaucePackTaiwan2
1639PamaBihun Creamy Tom Yam FlavourCupMalaysia3.75
1638A-Sha Dry NoodleVeggie Noodle Tomato Noodle With Vine Ripened Tomato SaucePackTaiwan5
1637Thai ChefInstant Nudelsuppe Huhn GeschmackPackGermany3
1636ShanShoop Instant Noodles Masala FlavourPackPakistan3.25
1635Wai WaiQuick Zabb Tom Klong Flavour Instant NoodlesPackThailand2.75
1634Samyang FoodsShoyu NoodleCupSouth Korea3.5
1633A-OneMi Ly Instant Noodles Mi Bo Beef FlavorCupVietnam3.5
1632CintanMi Segera Mmm... Perisa KariPackMalaysia3
1631NissinDonbei Tempura Soba MiniBowlJapan4
1630NongshimKorean Clay Pot RamyunBowlChina2.5
1629Hao WayPenang Laksa Instant Bowl NoodlesBowlMalaysia3.5
1628AzamiKimchee Noodle SoupCupCanada0
1627VedanWei Wei A Instant Noodles Hot Beef FlavourBowlTaiwan2.5
1626NissinGonbuto Kistune UdonBowlJapan2.75
1625MamaInstant Rice Noodle Soup Spicy Shrimp FlavourBowlThailand5
1624Baixiang NoodlesArtificial Pork FlavourPackChina3
1623MyKualiPenang White Curry Noodle (New Improved Tatse)PackMalaysia5
1622NongshimQuick2 Hot & Spicy Noodle Soup With Habanero & LimePackUSA4
1621MyojoMenWhite Creamy TonkotsuBowlJapan3
1620PremiereGold Penang Asam Laksa BihunPackMalaysia3.25
1619NissinChu Qian Yi Ding Tom Yum Instant Noodles With Soup BasePackSingapore3.75
1618DeshomeAloe This Noodles With Camellia Oil Spicy Bean Sauce FlavorPackTaiwan2.5
1617MyKualiPenang Hokkien Prawn Noodle (New Improved Taste)PackMalaysia5
1616Unif-100Instant Noodles Artificial Spicy Beef Flavor (New Package)PackChina3.5
1615HankowShanghai Kaiyang NoodlePackChina4
1614The BridgePenang White Curry NoodlePackMalaysia5
1613MaruchanKaoru Maitake Tempura UdonBowlJapan3.25
1612ShanShoop Instant Noodles Spicy Lemon FlavourPackPakistan3.25
1611Lucky Me!Supreme Seafood Flavor Big CupBowlPhilippines4
1610Paldo VinaKoreno Premium Ginseng FlavorPackVietnam3
1609MitokuBrown Rice RamenPackJapan0.25
1608Hao WayPenang Vegetarian Prawn Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia4.5
1607MyojoNyumen Desse ShoyuBowlJapan2.75
1606MaggiPerencah Kari Letup Mi SegeraPackMalaysia4
1605NissinDemae Iccho Mushroom With Vegetables Flavour MacaroniPackHong Kong3.5
1604UnzenMushroom Honpo Shiitake Nutritious NoodlePackJapan1
1603Salam MieMi Goreng Ala Jawa Dengan Sambal Cabe AsliPackIndonesia5
1602Vina AcecookMikochi Tom Yum Flavor Instant NoodlesPackVietnam3.5
1601NongshimJinjja Jinjja (New)PackSouth Korea5
1600Chering ChangInstant Non-Fried Noodles Shallot Pork FlavourPackTaiwan5
1599NissinTop Ramen Super Noodles TomatoPackIndia3.5
1598MamaCup Rice Vermicelli Shrimp Creamy Tom YumCupThailand4
1597NissinOriginal Chow Mein Premium Spicy Chicken FlavorTrayUSA4
1596Uncle SunWhite Curry Noodle More SpicyPackMalaysia3
1595JMLEmporer Instant Noodles Spicy ChickenPackChina5
1594AcecookJan Jan Dashi Shoyu YakisobaCupJapan2.25
1593NongshimTteokgukmyunPackSouth Korea4.25
1592Mom's Dry NoodleVegan Chilli With Sesame SaucePackTaiwan5
1591Mi E-ZeePerisa SayuranPackMalaysia3.5
1590Mi E-ZeePerisa Kari SayuranPackMalaysia3.75
1589E-miMi Perencah Ayam JagungPackMalaysia3.75
1588Mi E-ZeePerisa BayamPackMalaysia3.5
1587Mi E-ZeePlain NoodlesPackMalaysiaUnrated
1586J.J.Snek Mi Perisa AyamPackMalaysia3.75Y
1585CarJENNyonya Curry LaksaPackMalaysia5
1584E-miMi Perencah Asam PedasPackMalaysia3.75
1583J.J.Snek Mi Perisa BBQPackMalaysia4Y
1582Mi E-ZeePerisa Kari / Curry FlavourPackMalaysia4
1581United3 Con Tom Instant Noodles Thailand Sour Shrimp FlavorPackVietnam2.75
1580EmartDare You! Habanero Ramen (New Edition)PackSouth Korea3.75
1579Curry PrincePenang Authentic White Curry NoodlePackMalaysia4
1578NissinGonbuto Tempura UdonBowlJapan4
1577MamaPork Flavour Whole Wheat NoodlePackThailand3.75
1576MaggiAuthentic Indian Noodles Vegetable Atta MasalaPackIndia3.75
1575PaldoJjajangmen Chajang Noodle King BowlBowlSouth Korea5
1574Chering ChangSteam Vegetarian Flavor NoodlesPackTaiwan3.5
1573Hao WayPenang White Curry Instant Bowl NoodlesBowlMalaysia4.75
1572Master KongArtificial Seafood Flavor Instant NoodlePackChina3.75
1571EconsaveChoice Instant Noodles Curry FlavourPackMalaysia3.5
1570MaruchanBig Cup Ramen Corn, Salt & Butter FlavorBowlJapan5
1569MaggiMi Goreng Perencah Kari OriPackMalaysia4
1568MamaInstant Noodles Cup Beef FlavourCupThailand3.5
1567NissinEmergency Cup NoodleCupJapan4.25
1566NissinCup Noodles Tomato Enjoy Noodles With Hot SoupCupIndia3.25
1565OyatsuBaby Star Snack Noodle Chicken FlavourPackJapan2.5Y
1564A-OneMì Ly Instant Noodles Mì Thịt Xào Pork FlavorCupVietnam3
1563NongshimShin Ramyun Noodle Soup (New Edition)PackUSA4.25
1562KokaPurple Wheat Noodles Soy & Vinegar FlavorPackSingapore2.75
1561Uncle SunWhite Curry NoodlePackMalaysia4.5
1560Kin-DeeInstant Rice Noodle Spicy SeafoodTrayThailand3.75
1559Master KongSpicy Beef Flavor Instant NoodlePackChina4
1558No NameBeef Flavour Oriental Noodles And Soup MixCupCanada2
1557Hao WayPenang Laksa PackMalaysia3.5
1556Ching's SecretHot Garlic Instant NoodlesPackIndia3.75
1555Ko-LeeInstant Noodles Taste Sensation Mixed Vegetable FlavourPackUK3.5
1554ICAAsia Fast Noodles Snabbnudlar RäksmakPackSweden3
1553MameeMi Segera Perisa ItikPackMalaysia3.75
1552BameeOriental Style Instant Noodles Pa-Lo Duck FlavourPackThailand3.5
1551MyojoMen Black Seafood TonkotsuBowlJapan3.5
1550IbumiePenang White CurryMeePackMalaysia5
1549Sapporo IchibanChow Mein Japanese Style Noodles YakisobaPackCanada5
1548Samyang FoodsCurry NoodleCupJapan3.75
1547VedanVolcano Spicy Pork NoodleBowlTaiwan4.25
1546NissinDemae Rice Vermicelli Beef FlavourPackHong Kong3.5
1545Nanyang ChefPenang Asam Pedas Hot & Sour NoodlePackMalaysia5
1544Thai PavilionPad Thai Instant rice Noodles & SauceTrayUSA1.5
1543Maggi2 Minute Noodles Hungrooo Masala SpicyPackIndia3.75
1542KokaNoodles Beef FlavourCupSingapore2.5
1541Wu-MuSteam Pork FlavourPackTaiwan3.75
1540Unif-100Instant Noodles Artificial Shallot Beef FlavourPackChina4.25
1539New TouchKimchi NoodleBowlJapan3.5
1538Sau TaoOat Noodle Tomato Soup FlavoredPackHong Kong4.5
1537Wai WaiQuick Zabb Chili Paste Tom Yum Flavour Instant NoodlesPackThailand3.75
1536Paldo VinaKoreno Premium Shrimp FlavorPackVietnam3.25
1535Sau TaoOat Noodle Pork Rib FlavoredPackHong Kong3.5
1534Vit'sSeafood Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia3.75
1533MiliketSate Flavor Instant NoodlesPackVietnam3.75
1532Lucky Me!Special Instant Noodles Jjamppong FlavorPackPhilippines4.5
1531Lucky Me!Special Instant sopas Chicken FlavorPackPhilippines3.75
1530Lucky Me!Spicy Beef Mami Instant Noodle SoupPackPhilippines4
1529Lucky Me!Special Instant Curly Spaghetti With Yummy Red SaucePackPhilippines4
1528Lucky Me!Supreme Pinoy Chicken Instant NoodlesCupPhilippines3.25
1527Lucky Me!Special Baked Mac Style Instant MacaroniPackPhilippines4.5
1526Lucky Me!La Paz Batchoy Instant Noodle SoupPackPhilippines3.75
1525PamaInstant Kua Teow Tom YamCupMalaysia3.75
1524NissinChu Qian Yi Ding Spicy Sesame Flavour Instant Noodles With Soup BasePackSingapore3.5
1523PaldoJjamppong Seafood Noodle King BowlBowlSouth Korea5
1522VifonInstant Porridge Seafood FlavourPackVietnam3.25
1521MaruchanGotsumori Sauce YakisobaTrayJapan5
1520Yum YumOriental Style Instant Noodles Wasabi FlavourPackThailand3
1519Ching's SecretManchurian Instant NoodlesPackIndia3.5
1518MameeChef Gold Recipe Bihun Kari Seribu RasaPackMalaysia4.5
1517KatozInstant Noodles Spicy ChiliPackSweden3.5
1516Men-SunaoshiMiso RamenPackJapan3.75
1515NongshimNeoguri Udon Seafood & MildPackSouth Korea4
1514MaggiRoyale Penang Seafood CurryPackMalaysia4.5
1513MamaInstant Noodles Tom Yum Pork FlavourPackThailand4
1512ChewyJapanese Fried Ramen Noodles Kyoto Barbecue Sauce FlavourPackHong Kong1.75
1511Long Jun HangTainan Yi Mien With Sesame Oil SaucePackTaiwan3.25
1510KnorrQuick Serve Macaroni Wonton BrothPackHong Kong3.25
1509NissinDonbei Kitsune Udon MiniBowlJapan3.5
1508MameeChef Gold Recipe Mi Kari Seribu RasaPackMalaysia5
1507NissinChu Qian Yi Ding Prawn Flavour Instant Noodles With Soup BasePackSingapore3.5
1506NissinCup Noodles Mug Noodles Spicy VegetablePackIndia3.75
1505ShanShoop Instant Noodles BBQ FlavourPackPakistan3.25
1504Master KongStewed Beef Flavor Cooking NoodlePackChina4.25
1503NongshimBowl Noodle Soup Shrimp Habanero Lime FlavorBowlUSA3.25
1502JMLArtificial Pork Flavor NoodlesPackChina4
1501AcecookOhmori Chukafu YakisobaTrayJapan3.25
1500MyKualiPenang Red Tom Yum Goong NoodlePackMalaysia5
1499UnitedInstant Noodles Xi Gon Artificial Stewed Beef FlavorPackVietnam3.25
1498Samyang FoodsSogokimyun Hot Flavor Noodle SoupPackSouth Korea3.5
1497NissinEasy Fideos Picante Lime Shrimp Flavor Ramen Noodle SoupCupUSA3.5
1496Master KongMianba Pork Ribs Flavor Instant NoodlesPackChina4.5
1495SuperInstant Noodles Mee GorengCupMalaysia3.75
1494IndomiePop Mie Chicken Flavour Cup NoodlesCupIndonesia3.5
1493MaruchanMagomi-an Kitsune Udon (Eastern Japan Flavor)BowlJapan4.25
1492Wai WaiQuick Zabb Tom Yum Shrimp Flavour Instant NoodlesPackThailand4
1491OttogiPotato RamenPackSouth Korea3.75
1490NissinSoba Chili Noodles With Japanese Yakisoba SauceCupGermany3.5
1489MaggiMultigrainz Noodles Spice RemixPackIndia3.25
1488Mom's Dry NoodleSichuan Spicy FlavorPackTaiwan5
1487ICAAsia Snabbnudlar KycklingsmakPackSweden3.25
1486Mom's Dry NoodleOnion Oil & Shrimp FlavorPackTaiwan5
1485NongshimSpicy Tonkotsu Noodle SoupPackUSA5
1484IbumieMee Baa..Gus Mi Goreng Spicier Original FlavourPackMalaysia3.75
1483Four SeasHot & Spicy Instant Noodle (Mushroom & Beef Flavour)PackHong Kong4
1482MaruchanI Want To Eat Ramen' Shoyu FlavorPackJapan4
1481Master KongMushroom Stew Chicken RamenPackChina3.5
1480PaldoJjol Bibim MenPackSouth Korea4
1479NissinCup Noodles Easy Fideos Tomato Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle SoupCupUSA3.5
1478RuskiTom Yam Flavour Instant NoodlesPackThailand4
1477MamaInstant Noodles Moo Nam Tok FlavourPackThailand4
1476Thai ChefInstant Nudelsuppe Shrimp FlavourPackGermany3.5
1475BameeCup Oriental Style Instant Noodles Chicken FlavourCupThailand3.25
1474MamaInstant Noodle Shrimp Tom Yum Flavour Jumbo PackPackThailand4
1473MamaInstant Cup Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum Flavour (Extreme)CupThailand5
1472RuskiChicken Masala Flavour Instant Fried NoodlesPackThailand3.75
1471MamaInstant Noodles Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour Jumbo PackPackThailand5
1470MamaInstant Cup Noodles Spicy Cheese FlavourCupThailand3.5
1469BameeOriental Style Instant Noodles Beef FlavourPackGermany3.25
1468MamaInstant Cup Noodles Seafood Pad Kee Mao FlavourCupThailand5
1467RuskiCreamy Tom Yam Instant NoodlesPackThailand4.5
1466MamaOriental Style Instant Noodles Green Curry Flavour Jumbo PackPackThailand5
1465Thai ChefShrimp "Tom Yum" Instant NudelsuppePackGermany3.5
1464Nanyang ChefPenang White curry Noodle With Nanyang Chilli PastePackMalaysia4.75
1463MaruchanInstant Lunch California Vegetable Ramen Noodles With VegetablesCupUSA3.5
1462Wei LihSteam Instant Noodles Korean Salt & Rib Soup FlavourBowlTaiwan2.25
1461NissinCup Noodles Black Pepper Crab FlavourCupSingapore4
1460NissinPremium Instant Noodles Spicy Beef FlavourPackSingapore3.75
1459NissinCup Noodles Tom Yam Veg FlavourCupSingapore4
1458NissinPremium Instant Noodles Roasted Beef FlavourBowlSingapore3.75
1457NissinChu Qian Yi Ding Sesame Oil FlavourPackSingapore3.75
1456NissinCup Noodles Chicken FlavourCupSingapore3.5
1455NissinPremium Instant Noodles XO Sauce Seafood FlavourPackSingapore3.75
1454NissinCup Noodles Chilli Crab FlavourCupSingapore4
1453NissinJapanese Ramen Kyushu Black Instant Noodles With Soup BasePackSingapore5
1452NissinPremium Instant Noodles Spicy Beef FlavourBowlSingapore3.75
1451NissinCup Noodles Tom Yam Seafood FlavourCupSingapore4
1450NissinJapanese Ramen Tokyo Shoyu Instant Noodles With Soup BasePackSingapore5
1449NissinCup Noodles Seafood Curry FlavourCupSingapore4
1448NissinPremium Instant Noodles Roasted Beef FlavourPackSingapore4.25
1447NissinCup Noodles Cream Of Chicken FlavourCupSingapore4
1446MyojoIppei-Chan Jumbo Night Market Style YakisobaTrayJapan4.5
1445MyKualiPenang Hokkien Prawn NoodlePackMalaysia5
1444MaruchanInstant Lunch Jalapeno Cheddar Flavor Ramen NoodlesCupUSA3.5
1443NongshimHarmony Korean Spicy Noodle Dish With ChipotlePackUSA4.25
1442Maggi2 Minute Noodles Tom Yam FlavourPackSingapore3.5
1441NissinSouper Meal Chili Picante Chicken With Lime Flavor Ramen Noodle SoupBowlUSA3.5
1440Wu-MuDried Noodle With Beef Flavor SaucePackTaiwan3
1439AdabiMi Segera Mi Goreng Pedas Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia3.5
1438MaruchanOld Style Miso RamenPackJapan3.5
1437KnorrQuick Serve Macaroni Abalone & Chicken FlavourPackHong Kong3
1436ChencunRice Noodle Beef With Brown SauceCupChina3.5
1435Maggi2 Minute Noodles Assam Laksa FlavourPackSingapore4
1434MaggiHot Cup Perisa KariCupMalaysia3.5
1433Maggi2 Minute Noodles Curry FlavourPackSingapore3.75
1432MaggiSenses Laksa Instant NoodlesPackSingapore5
1431MaggiExtra Spicy Curry Instant NoodlesPackSingapore5
1430Samyang FoodsBuldak BokkummyeonBowlSouth Korea4
1429NissinSabor A Gallina Fideos Con InstantaneaPackColombia3.5
1428MyojoChukazanmai Beijing Style Salt RamenPackJapan3
1427Osaka RamenMiso RamenBowlUSA3.75
1426OttogiCheese BokkiBowlSouth Korea4
1425Hao WayInstant Penang White Curry NoodlesPackMalaysia4.5
1424Sainsbury'sCurry Flavour Instant NoodlesPackUK1.5
1423Vina AcecookKing Chef Seafood With Kimchi FlavourPackVietnam3
1422NissinPan Asian Kitchen Spicy Szechuan Chicken Flavor Ramen NoodlesTrayUSA3
1421NongshimKorean Clay Pot Ramyun NoodleCupChina2.75
1420MaruchanI Want To Eat Ramen ShioPackJapan3.75
1419VifonNgon-Ngon Tom Yum Minced Pork NoodleCupVietnam3.5
1418OttogiPpushu Ppushu Grilled Chicken FlavorPackSouth Korea1Y
1417Sau TaoOat Noodle Abalone FlavoredPackTaiwan1.75
1416MyojoChukazanmai Szechuan Style MisoPackJapan2
1415ChewyInstant Rice Vermicelli Original FlavourPackHong Kong0.5
1414PaldoCheese Ramyun (for US market)PackSouth Korea5
1413Chering ChangCurry La-MenPackTaiwan5
1412ChewyNon-Fried Ramen Noodles Taiwan Roast Pork FlavourPackHong Kong4
1411A-Sha Dry NoodlePrince Katsu Snack NoodlesPackTaiwan4Y
1410AdabiMi Segera Tom Yam Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia3.25
1409Baixiang NoodlesSpicy Artificial Beef Flavour Instant Noodles With Soup BasePackChina3.5
1408PamanaChicken Sopas Creamy Macaroni SoupCupPhilippines3.5
1407Annie Chun'sRamen House Thai Coconut RamenPackUSA5
1406La FonteSpaghetti With Mushroom SaucePackIndonesia3.75
1405MaggiMasala Dumdaar NoodlesPackIndia3.75
1404Thai ChoiceInstant Noodles Seafood FlavourCupThailand4
1403TescoEveryday Value Chicken & Mushroom FlavourCupUK0.5
1402Pop BihunSpesial Rasa Kari Ayam PedasPackIndonesia3.75
1401MyojoYomise No Yakisoba Shiodare Flavor With Black Pepper MayonnaiseTrayJapan3.75
1400PulmuoneNature Is Delicious Non-Fried Ramyun (Spicy Flavor) (New Version)PackSouth Korea3.75
1399Vina AcecookOh! Ricey Pho Bo Instant Rice NoodlesBowlVietnam3.75
1398NissinFried Noodle Specialist Tom Yam Mee Goreng FlavourPackSingapore3
1397Wu-MuSteam Seafood Flavor RamenPackTaiwan4
1396OyatsuBaby Star Snack Noodle Yakisoba FlavorPackJapan4.75Y
1395SnapdragonSingapore Laksa Curry Soup BowlBowlUSA4.25
1394PaldoMild Kokomen (Prototype)PackSouth Korea4.5
1393SajiSajimee Curry Soup FlavourPackMalaysia4.25
1392Miracle NoodleMiso Marvellous SoupPackUSA4
1391ShanShoop Instant Noodles Chicken FlavourPackPakistan3.5
1390IndomieMi Goreng Rasa Iga PenyetPackIndonesia4.75
1389Tiger TigerTraveller's Choice Thai Red Curry Flavour Instant NoodlesPackUK1.75
1388PaldoBarbecue Ramyun (Prototype)PackSouth Korea3.75
1387Takamori KosanRed Pepper 7 Garlic PeperoncinoPackJapan4
1386Takamori KosanSukiyaki Style Noodle StewPackJapan4.5
1385Takamori KosanYaki-Udon Roast Soy SaucePackJapan3.75
1384Takamori KosanHiyashi Udon Bonito SaucePackJapan3
1383Takamori KosanFutomen YakisobaPackJapan4.75
1382Takamori KosanHiyashi Chuka Lemon SaucePackJapan4.75
1381Takamori KosanCurry UdonPackJapan5
1380Takamori KosanChanponPackJapan3.75
1379Takamori KosanShio YakisobaPackJapan4
1378Takamori KosanYakisobaPackJapan5
1377Takamori KosanYaki-Udon Mild Spicy SaucePackJapan4.25
1376Takamori KosanKatsuo Dashi UdonPackJapan3.75
1375Takamori KosanSpaghetti NapolitanPackJapan4
1374Tokyo NoodleSpicy Garlic RamenPackJapan3.25
1373TescoEveryday Value Beef & Tomato Flavour NoodlesCupUK2
1372Samyang FoodsNagasaki JjamppongCupSouth Korea3.75
1371Campbell'sHearty Noodles Thai FlavourCupCanada0
1370PapaOriental Style Instant 'Kua-Chap'PackThailand3.25
1369A-Sha Dry NoodleHello Kitty Za Jiang (Soybean Sauce)PackTaiwan3.25
1368NissinSoba Teriyaki Noodles With Japanese Yakisoba SauceCupGermany3
1367SawadeeInstant Noodles Vegetable & Mushroom FlavourPackUK1.5
1366NongshimSir Long Tang Creamy Beef Noodle SoupCupUSA4.25
1365Four SeasSeaweed Hot & Spicy Instant Noodle Mushroom & Beef FlavourBowlHong Kong3.5
1364Golden WheatKorean Style Stew Pork Flavour Noodle SoupBowlChina1.75
1363Sau TaoInstant Noodle King Won Ton FlavorPackHong Kong2.75
1362MameeInstant Noodles Curry FlavourPackMalaysia3.5
1361MameeChef Creamy Tom Yam FlavourPackMalaysia5
1360MameeMonster BBQ Flavour Snack NoodlesPackMalaysia3.75Y
1359MameeChef Curry Laksa FlavourCupMalaysia5
1358MameeSLLRRRP! Asam LaksaPackMalaysia4
1357MameeMie Goreng Indonesia Spicy SambalCupMalaysia5
1356MameeChef Spicy Chicken Shiitake FlavourPackMalaysia3.25
1355MameeInstant Vermicelli Chicken FlavourPackMalaysia3.25
1354MameeChef Creamy Tom Yam FlavourCupMalaysia4.75
1353MameeInstant Noodles Vegetarian FlavourPackMalaysia3.75
1352MameeSLLRRRP! Kari BerapiPackMalaysia3.75
1351MameeMonster Chicken Flavour Snack NoodlesPackMalaysia4Y
1350MameeChef Curry Laksa FlavourPackMalaysia5
1349MameeMie Goreng Indonesia Original FlavourCupMalaysia4.5
1348MameeInstant Vermicelli Tom Yam FlavourPackMalaysia3.75
1347PaldoBulnak Bokkummyun Spicy Fried Octopus RamyunPackSouth Korea4
1346OyatsuBaby Star Ramen Round Consomme MiniPackJapan3.75Y
1345Lotus FoodsForbidden Rice RamenPackUSA2.25
1344Lotus FoodsMillet & Brown Rice RamenPackUSA4
1343Lotus FoodsJade Pearl Rice RamenPackUSA3.25
1342Ah LaiWhite Curry NoodlePackMalaysia4.5
1341Plats Du ChefCuisine Adventures Chicken Pho SoupBowlCanada5
1340IndomieTaste Of Asia Mi Goreng Rasa Bulgogi Ala KoreaPackIndonesia2.75
1339Kin-DeeInstant Rice Noodle Pad ThaiTrayThailand3.75
1338BatchelorsSuper Noodles Peppered Steak FlavourPackUK1.5
1337Sakura NoodleChikara Brand Udon Beef FlavorPackUSA4.25
1336ShirakikuFresh Chow Mein Noodles With SeasoningPackUSA3.75
1335Sakura NoodleChikara Brand Udon Hot & Spicy FlavorPackUSA4
1334Sakura NoodleChikara Brand Udon Mushroom FlavorPackUSA3.75
1333Sakura NoodleChikara Brand Udon Oriental FlavorPackUSA3.75
1332Sakura NoodleChikara Brand Udon Chicken FlavorPackUSA3.75
1331IndomieTaste Of Asia Mi Kuah Rasa Tom Yum Ala ThailandPackIndonesia3.75
1330Sapporo IchibanOtafuku Okonomi Sauce YakisobaTrayJapan5
1329VifonOriental Style Instant Noodle Mi Ga Chicken FlavorCupVietnam1.25
1328A-Sha Dry NoodleHello Kitty La Wei (Spicy Flavor)PackTaiwan3.75
1327UnifUnif-100 Instant Noodles Artificial Tart Beef FlavorPackChina3
1326MameeMi Segera SLLRRRP! Perencah Kari Xtra PedasPackMalaysia3.75
1325KokaSpicy Shrimp Tom Yam FlavourCupSingapore3.25
1324RuskiInstant Noodles Stewed Beef FlavourPackThailand3.5
1323Golden WheatKorean Style Mushroom Chicken Flavour Cooking NoodlePackChina2
1322Hi-MyonInstant Noodle Udon Hot & SpicyPackSouth Korea4
1321Takamori KosanFresh Chow Mein Noodles With SeasoningPackJapan3.75
1320MamaInstant Noodles Cup Seafood FlavourCupThailand3.75
1319AdabiMi Segera Kari Ayam Instant NoodlesPackMalaysia4.25
1318NissinSpa Oh Tarako SpaghettiBowlJapan4
1317Ve WongLittle Prince Brand Snack Noodles Original FlavorPackTaiwan2.5Y
1316OttogiJapchae Vermicelli NoodlePackSouth Korea2.75
1315Sainsbury'sChicken Flavour Instant NoodlesPackUK2.75
1314PaldoKorean Traditional Beef GomtangmenPackSouth Korea5
1313HealtimieGreen Barley Noodle Vegetable SoupPackIndonesia3.25
1312MaruchanI Want To Eat Ramen Miso FlavorPackJapan3.75
1311Pop BihunSpesial Rasa Soto AyamPackIndonesia4
1310Thai KitchenRice Noodle Cart Thai PeanutTrayUSA3
1309Yum YumOriental Style Instant Noodles Seafood FlavourCupThailand3.75
1308NongshimSoon Veggie Noodle SoupPackSouth Korea5
1307NissinCup Noodle Cheese CurryCupJapan3.75
1306KokaOriental Style Instant Noodles Tom Yam FlavourPackSingapore2.5
1305A-Sha Dry NoodleInstant Noodle Original FlavorPackTaiwan3.75
1304NissinDemae Ramen Shoyu Tonkotsu Artificial Pork FlavourPackHong Kong4.75
1303Western FamilyInstant Noodles In A Cup Chicken FlavourCupCanada1.5
1302MamaInstant Noodles Yentafo Tom Yum Mohfai FlavourPackThailand5
1301KnorrQuick Serve Macaroni Shrimp BrothPackHong Kong3.25
1300Samyang FoodsRed Nagasaki JjampongPackSouth Korea5
1299Mr. NoodlesNoodles In A Cup Spicy Chicken Simulated FlavourCupCanada1
1298Good Tto Leu FoodsLightning Beef Bone Tteokguk Rice Cake SoupBowlSouth Korea4
1297GaGaMie Gepeng Kuah Rasa Ayam Lada HitamPackIndonesia3.25
1296Wu-MuRamen With Pickled Mustard FlavorPackTaiwan3.5
1295Wu-MuSteam Mushroom Flavor RamenPackTaiwan3.25
1294Thai ChoiceInstant Noodles Chicken FlavourCupThailand3
1293MyojoPrawn NoodlesPackSingapore4.25
1292NissinCup Noodles Sabor A Carne Sopa Con FideosCupColombia3
1291A-OneMì Ly Instant Noodles Mì Tôm Shrimp FlavorCupVietnam3.25
1290NongshimSain Sain Garlic Teriyaki Fresh Cooked Udon PastaTraySouth Korea4.5
1289JMLBraised Beef NoodlesPackChina4
1288Sau TaoQQ Scallop Seafood VermicelliBowlHong Kong3.75
1287KimuraKumamoto Tonkotsu RamenPackJapan5
1286BatchelorsSuper Noodles Roast Beef & Onion FlavourPackUK3.25
1285Lucky Me!Supreme Chow Mein Seafood Flavor Instant Stir-Fried NoodlesBowlPhilippines3.25
1284Thai KitchenRice Noodle Cart Sweet Citrus GingerTrayUSA4.25
1283NongshimOolongmen Kimchi Cup Noodle Soup MixCupSouth Korea4
1282KokaPurple Wheat Noodles Aglio OlioPackSingapore2.75
1281Tokachimen KoubouJet Black Sesame Oil Pork TonkotsuBowlJapan2.25
1280DeshomeSun Dried Noodle Chlorella Powder Noodle With Curry SaucePackTaiwan5
1279Ko-LeeInstant Noodles Mixed VegetablePackUK3.5
1278OttogiPpushu Ppushu Noodle Snack Bulgogi FlavorPackSouth Korea3.25Y
1277VifonMì Gà Tìm Chua Cay Hot & Sour Chicken Flavor Instant NoodlesPackVietnam2
1276AdabiMi Bandung Prawn MeePackMalaysia4.25
1275Wu-MuRamen With Stewed Pork FlavorPackTaiwan4.5
1274Wu-MuShiitake Flavor Spinach RamenPackTaiwan3.75
1273Sainsbury'sBasics Instant Noodles Chicken Curry FlavourPackUK3.25
1272Samyang FoodsBaked Noodle Spicy Grilled Beef RamyunPackSouth Korea3.5
1271Prima TasteSingapore Chilli Crab La MianPackSingapore5
1270Ko-LeeInstant Noodles Taste Sensations Creamy Shrimp Tom Yum FlavourPackUK5
1269ChewyRice Vermicelli Scallop With XO Sauce FlavourPackHong Kong2.5
1268Wu-MuDried Noodle With Jah Jan SaucePackTaiwan3.25
1267ABCMi Cup Rasa Soto Ayam Chicken Soto FlavourCupIndonesia3.75
1266ABCSelera Pedas Mi Goreng Cup Rasa Gulai Ayam Pedas Hot Gulai ChickenCupIndonesia4
1265ABCRasa Ayam Bawang Chicken Onion FlavourCupIndonesia3.75
1264ABCSelera Pedas Mi Goreng Cup Rasa Ayam Pedas Limau Hot Chicken Lemon FlavourCupIndonesia4.25
1263NissinCup Noodle Curry X Gunpla RX-78-2 GundamCupJapan4.25
1262ABCMi Cup Rasa Kari Ayam Chicken Curry FlavourCupIndonesia3.75
1261Eat & GoRasa Baso Sapi Meat Ball Mi Instan CupCupIndonesia3.75
1260ABCMi Goreng Pangsit Fried Noodle With DumplingPackIndonesia5
1259Eat & GoChicken Onion Mi Instan CupCupIndonesia3.75
1258PresidentMi Goreng Rasa Ayam Chicken Flavoured Fried NoodlePackIndonesia4.5
1257ABCMi Goreng Spesial Special Fried NoodleCupIndonesia4
1256Eat & GoCurry Chicken Mi Instan CupCupIndonesia4.25
1255Thai ChoiceInstant Noodles Shrimp FlavourCupThailand3.25
1254Four SeasSesame Oil Chicken Flavour Instant NoodleBowlHong Kong2.75
1253NissinChow Mein Teriyaki Chicken Flavor Chow Mein NoodlesTrayUSA3.75
1252TescoInstant Noodles Chow Mein FlavourPackUK2.25
1251MamaInstant Noodles Tom Saab FlavourPackThailand3.5
1250Samyang Foods三養라면 (Samyang Ramyun) (South Korean Version)BowlSouth Korea3.75
1249NissinSabor A Pollo Sopa Con FideosCupColombia2.75
1248Wu-MuBeef Flavour Tomato RamenPackTaiwan4
1247MaruchanI Want To Eat Ramen Pork Tonkotsu FlavorPackJapan4
1246Annie Chun'sRamen House Chicken Vegetable Flavored RamenPackUSA4
1245Sau TaoInstant Noodle King Abalone & Chicken FlavouredPackHong Kong3.5
1244UnifUnif-100 Pickled Cayenne Flavor Beef RamenPackChina3.75
1243NissinDemae Rice Vermicelli Chicken Flavour Instant Rice Vermicelli With Soup BasePackHong Kong1.75
1242Thai PavilionGarlic Chili Instant Rice Noodles & SauceTrayUSA4
1241NissinDonbei Kansai Soy Sauce Flavor UdonPackJapan3.75
1240MaggiBig Kari Perencah (Big Curry Flavor) 2 Minute NoodlesPackMalaysia4
1239SuperMiRasa Ayam SpesialPackIndonesia4
1238Sapporo IchibanSesame RamenPackJapan5
1237MamaInstant Noodles Creamy Tom Yum Minced Pork FlavourPackThailand3.5
1236EmartDare You Habanero RamyunCupSouth Korea3.25
1235NissinDemae Ramen Miso Tonkotsu Artificial Pork Flavor Ramen NoodlePackHong Kong3.75
1234Sainsbury'sBarbecue Beef Flavour Instant NoodlesPackUK2.75
1233NissinSabor A Pollo Sopa Instantánea Con FideosPackColombia3.25
1232GaGaMie Gepeng Kuah Rasa Ayam Bawang PedasPackIndonesia3.25
1231A-Sha Dry NoodleInstant Noodle Shallot FlavorPackTaiwan3.75
1230SajiSajimee Original Soto Soup FlavorPackMalaysia4
1229KumamotoTonkotsu Ramen MEGA DragonPackJapan2.5
1228MaruchanSeimen Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles Shio AjiPackJapan3.75
1227Mr. NoodlesChicken Kimchi Oriental Style Noodles With Soup BaseBowlCanada0.5
1226Master KongArtificial Braised Beef Flavor Instant NoodleBowlChina3.75
1225NissinPan Asian Kitchen Sweet & Sour Chicken Flavor Ramen NoodlesTrayUSA3.75
1224HoMyeonDangPremium Noodle House Seafood RamyunPackSouth Korea4
1223SawadeeInstant Noodles Prawn Oriental FlavourPackMalaysia2.5
1222NissinSoba Classic Noodles With Japanese Yakisoba SauceCupGermany3.75
1221ABCSelera Pedas Hot Semur Chicken FlavourPackIndonesia4.5
1220NissinUltraman Instant Noodle Pork FlavourCupJapan3
1219Tokyo NoodleMini Instant Noodle Spicy FlavorPackJapan3.5
1218Sau TaoHo Fan Beef Soup FlavoredPackChina3.75
1217DollHello Kitty Dim Sum Noodle Japanese Curry FlavourCupHong Kong3.5
1216BatchelorsSuper Low Fat Noodles Chilli Chicken FlavourPackUK1
1215GaGaMi Instan Cup Milk Chicken SoupCupIndonesia4.75
1214Eat & GoRendang Beef Flavour Fried Instant NoodleCupIndonesia5
1213Nan Jie CunHot -Dry Instant Noodles Chilli FlavourTrayChina0.5
1212RuskiInstant Noodles Tom Yum FlavourPackThailand3.5
1211NissinDemae Iccho Instant Noodle With Soup Base Artificial Chicken FlavourBowlHong Kong3
1210A-Sha Dry NoodleHell Spicy MalaPackTaiwan4
1209BatchelorsSuper Noodles Chicken Mushroom FlavourPackUK3.25
1208Golden WheatKorean Style Stew Prok Flavour Cooking NoodlePackChina3.5
1207NissinUFO Yakisoba With Wasabi MayonnaiseBowlJapan5
1206China BestFrozen Satay Sauce NoodlePackTaiwan1
1205MamaInstant Noodles Pork Flavour With Black PepperPackThailand3.5
1204NissinCup Noodles Sabor A GallinaCupColombia3.5
1203GaGaMie Gepeng Kuah Rasa Soto Cabe HijauPackIndonesia3.5
1202Sugakiya FoodsUdon Miso StewPackJapan3.25
1201A-Sha Dry NoodleInstant Noodle Curry FlavourPackTaiwan4.25
1200Men-SunaoshiTonkotsu RamenPackJapan3.75
1199MamaInstant Noodles Chicken Green Curry FlavourPackThailand3.75
1198Samyang FoodsMaesaengyitangmyun Baked NoodlePackSouth Korea5
1197NissinCup Noodle Chilli TomatoCupJapan4.5
1196NissinBowl Noodles Chicken FlavorBowlUSA3.5
1195SawadeeInstant Noodles Spicy Tomato FlavourPackMalaysia2.5
1194PaldoNamja Ramyun (US Version)BowlSouth Korea4
1193NissinSoba Curry Noodles With Japanese Yakisoba SauceCupGermany3.75
1192Wu-MuRamen With Simmered Pork FlavorPackTaiwan3.75
1191GaGaSeribu 1000 Goreng SpesialPackIndonesia4
1190SanrioHello Kitty Hakata Shoyutonkotsu RamenBowlJapan3.75
1189AcecookComet Mori Yukino Tan-tan menBowlJapan5
1188ChencunBraised Pork RibsCupChina3
1187NongshimShin Ramyun CupCupSouth Korea3.5
1186NissinSabor A Carne Sopa Instantánea Con FideosPackColombia3.75
1185Sainsbury'sBasics Instant Noodles Chicken FlavourPackUK3.25
1184Sapporo IchibanPokemon Shoyu RamenCupJapan3.5
1183PaldoCheese NoodlePackSouth Korea5
1182Ko-LeeGo Noodles Xtreme Hot & Spicy FlavourPackUK3.75
1181Samyang FoodsStar Popeye Ramyun SnackPackSouth Korea4Y
1180Wei LihWhat’s That? Leisure Meatballs Spicy Chicken FlavorPackTaiwan3.75
1179MyojoChukazanmai Guangdong Style RamenPackJapan4.25
1178NongshimShin Black Spicy Pot-au-feu Flavor Premium Noodle SoupCupUSA5
1177ABCMi ABC Rasa Ayam Bawang (Onion Chicken)PackIndonesia4
1176MaruchanOld Style Shio RamenPackJapan3.5
1175HealtimieGreen Barley Noodle Milk Chicken SoupPackIndonesia4.25
1174ItomenCrab Flavor Instant RamenPackJapan4
1173Pop BihunSpesial Goreng SpecialPackIndonesia3.5
1172KoyoSeaweed Ramen Made With Organic NoodlesPackUSA2.75
1171Tiger TigerTraveller's Choice Indian Tikka Masala FlavourPackUK3
1170AcecookJan Jan YakisobaCupJapan3.75
1169Mr. NoodlesNoodles In A Cup Beef Simulated FlavourCupCanada1.75
1168NissinDonbei Curry Udon (West Japanese)BowlJapan3.25
1167Kabuto NoodlesMiso RamenCupUK3.75
1166UnifMan Han Feast Sichuan Chilli Eel FlavorBowlTaiwan5
1165NissinChow Mein With Shrimp Chow Mein NoodlesTrayUSA3.75
1164Mr. NoodlesBowl Chicken Simulated FlavourBowlCanada2
1163ChewyRice Vermicelli Spicy Beef With Chilli FlavourPackChina3.25
1162NissinChanpon RamenPackJapan4.75
1161GaGa100 Green Chilli Soto FlavourPackIndonesia3.75
1160Samyang FoodsChacharoniPackSouth Korea3.75
1158NissinDemae Iccho XO Sauce Seafood FlavourBowlHong Kong4
1157Golden WonderThe Nation's Noodle Beef & Tomato FlavourCupUK4.25
1156VifonOriental Style Instant Vermicelli Sour Crab Flavour SoupPackVietnam3.75
1155Komforte ChockolatesSavory Ramen BarUSA5Y
1154Golden WheatKorean Style Shrimp Flavour Cooking NoodlePackChina3.5
1153Wu-MuSpicy Flavor Tomato RamenPackTaiwan4
1152Sapporo IchibanTomato & Basil Shio RamenPackJapan4
1151Asian Thai FoodsFatafat Vegetable FlavorPackNepal3.75
1150Asian Thai FoodsKrrish Instant Noodles Chicken FlavorPackNepal3.5
1149Asian Thai FoodsPreeti Instant Noodles Chicken Soup BasePackNepal3.5
1148Asian Thai FoodsMiteri Instant Noodles Vegetable FlavorPackNepal3.5
1147Asian Thai FoodsRumpum Chicken Soup BasePackNepal3.5
1146Asian Thai Foods2pm Precooked Noodles Chicken Curry DelightPackNepal3.5
1145Asian Thai FoodsFatafat Chicken FlavorPackNepal3.75
1144Asian Thai FoodsKrrish Instant Noodles Vegetable Curry FlavorPackNepal3.5
1143Asian Thai FoodsRumpum Vegetable Soup BasePackNepal4.25
1142Asian Thai FoodsMiteri Instant Noodles Chicken FlavorPackNepal4
1141Asian Thai FoodsJoker Ready To Eat NoodlesPackNepal3.25
1140Asian Thai FoodsPreeti Instant Noodles Veg Soup BasePackNepal5
1139Asian Thai FoodsGaurav Chicken SeasoningPackNepal3.75
1138TablemarkDowntown Ramen Shop ShoyuPackJapan4.75
1137KokaOriental Style Instant Noodles Crab FlavourPackSingapore3.75
1135IndomieInstant Noodle Beef & Lime FlavourPackIndonesia4.25
1134Hi-MyonKatsuo UdonPackSouth Korea4
1133KamfenE-Men Noodles Abalone Soup FlavorPackHong Kong3.75
1132TescoEveryday Value Spicy Curry Flavour NoodlesCupUK1.5
1131Wei LihWhat’s That? Leisure Meatballs Chicken FlavorPackTaiwan3.75
1130NissinBig Cup Noodles Habanero Lime Shrimp Flavor Ramen Noodle SoupCupUSA3.5
1129OyatsuBaby Star Ramen Round ChikinminiPackJapan3.5Y
1128Lucky Me!Special Instant Pancit Bihon With KalamansiPackPhilippines3.25
1127Campbell'sHearty Noodles Chicken FlavourCupCanada2.75
1126GaGaMie Jepeng Goreng Rasa Ayam Lada HitamPackIndonesia4
1125MyojoJapanese Style Noodles Shio FlavorPackUSA5
1124Samyang FoodsGanjjampongBowlSouth Korea4.25
1123MaruchanFresh Yaki-Soba Stir Fry Noodles With Seasoning Sauce BasePackJapan4.25
1122Nagao NoodleRamen Kamen Thasos Galle Pork BonePackJapan4.25
1121Sau TaoOat Noodle Sesame Oil FlavoredPackChina3.75
1120ABCSelera Pedas Mi Rebus Hot Gulai FlavorPackIndonesia4.75
1119Ko-LeeTaste Sensation Instant Noodles Curry FlavourPackUK3.75
1118Mr. NoodlesKimchi Bowl Noodles Oriental Noodle With Soup BaseBowlCanada2.75
1117Thai Pavilionspicy Pad Thai Instant Noodles & SauceTrayUSA4.25
1116Tokyo NoodleMini Instant Noodles Artificial Chicken FlavorPackJapan5
1115NissinPan Asian Kitchen Sukiyaki Beef Flavor Savory Soy Sauce Ramen NoodlesTrayUSA3.75
1114MaitriVegetarian Fried Noodles (Mie Goreng)PackIndonesia4
1113Samyang FoodsSamyang Ramyun (SK Version)CupSouth Korea3.5
1112MamaOriental Style Instant Kua-Chap Clear SoupPackThailand3.75
1111Golden WheatKorean Style Stew Beef Cooking NoodlePackChina3.25
1110GS25Gonghwachun JjajangmyunPackSouth Korea4.5
1109La FonteSpaghetti With Bolognese SauceBoxIndonesia4.25
1108ChencunSpicy BeefCupChina3.5
1107NissinDemae Ramen Kimchi Flavour Instant Noodle With Soup BaseBowlHong Kong3.5
1106NissinRaoh Rich Soy Sauce With Roast Pork (2 Slices)BowlJapan4.5
1105NongshimDoong Ji Authentic Korean Cold Noodles With Chili SauceTraySouth Korea5
1104Western FamilyInstant Noodles Chicken FlavourPackCanada3.5
1103MyojoIppei-chan Yomise No Yakisoba Teriyaki Mayo FlavorTrayJapan5
1102BatchelorsSuper Noodles Mild Mexican ChilliPackUK3
1101Eat & GoSpicy Chicken Mi Instan CupCupIndonesia4.25
1100BaltixInstant Noodles With Chicken Flavour BrothPackEstonia3.75
1099BaltixInstant Noodles With Beef Flavour BrothPackEstonia3.25
1098Tropicana SlimLow Fat Noodles Hainan ChickenPackIndonesia3.75
1097AmiandaHomely Dried Noodles - Sesame PatePackTaiwan3.75
1096AmiandaTachia Noodles - Hot & Spicy SaucePackTaiwan3.5
1095AmiandaTachia Dried Noodles - Fried ShallotPackTaiwan3.25
1094AmiandaThin Noodles - Sesame OilPackTaiwan4.25
1093AmiandaHakka Flat Noodles - Satay SaucePackTaiwan4.5
1092AmiandaTachia Dried Noodles - Rou Zhou Meat SaucePackTaiwan5
1091AmiandaHomely Dried Noodles - Original Flavor PackTaiwan4
1090AmiandaDried Noodles - Spicy SauerkrautPackTaiwan3.25
1089AmiandaHakka Flat Noodles - Fried Bean SaucePackTaiwan4.25
1088AmiandaTachia Dried Noodles - PepperyPackTaiwan3.75
1087MyKualiPenang White Curry NoodlePackMalaysia5
1086SawadeeIndian Curry FlavourPackUK3
1085Vina AcecookHao Hao Mi Goreng Shrimp & Onion FlavourPackVietnam3.5
1084Mr. NoodlesNoodles In A Cup Chicken Simulated FlavourCupCanada1.5
1083NissinGooTa Demi Hamburg-MenCupJapan4.75
1082IndomieMi Goreng Cabe IjoPackIndonesia4.5
1081DeshomeAloe Noodle Sesame SaucePackTaiwan3.25
1080DeshomeBlack Eyed Beans Noodle Basil Sauce & Sesame SaucePackTaiwan3.5
1079DeshomeAloe Noodle Vegetable SaucePackTaiwan5
1078DeshomeBlack Eyed Beans Noodle Spicy Soybean Sauce & Sesame SaucePackTaiwan3.75
1077DeshomeAloe Noodle Red Onion & Sesame SaucePackTaiwan5
1076DeshomeBlack Eyed Beans Noodle Vegetable Sauce & Sesame SaucePackTaiwan3.75
1075DeshomeAloe Noodle With Basil SaucePackTaiwan5
1074DeshomePollen Noodles Sesame Sauce & Soy SaucePackTaiwan4.25
1073DeshomeBlack Eyed Bean Noodle Red Onion Sauce & Sesame SaucePackTaiwan3.75
1072DeshomeAloe Noodle With Spicy Soybean SaucePackTaiwan4
1071NissinRaoh Soy Sauce TastePackJapan4
1070HoMyeonDangPremium Noodle House Pork & Seafood FlavorPackSouth Korea4
1069NissinRaoh Rich Miso FlavorBowlJapan5
1068KokaOriental Instant Noodles Stir Fried NoodlesPackSingapore3.75
1067NissinCup Noodle Red ShockCupJapan3.75
1066Tasty Bite1 Step-1 Minute Asian Noodles Pad ThaiPackUSA3.5
1065Tasty Bite1 Step-1 Minute Asian Noodles Kung PaoPackUSA4.25
1064Tasty Bite1 Step-1 Minute Asian Noodles Mushroom Lo MeinPackUSA4
1063Tasty Bite1 Step-1 Minute Asian Noodles Thai BasilPackUSA3.75
1062Tasty Bite1 Step-1 Minute Asian Noodles Lemongrass GingerPackUSA3.75
1061Tasty Bite1 Step-1 Minute Asian Noodles Toasted SesamePackUSA4
1060Star Anise FoodsHappy Pho Vietnamese Brown Rice Noodle Soup Garlic GoodnessPackUSA3.75
1059MameeOriental Noodles Curry FlavourPackMalaysia3.25
1058A-Sha Dry NoodleDry Noodle Mandarin Noodle - Original SaucePackTaiwan4
1057A-Sha Dry NoodleDry Noodle Hakka Noodle - Spicy Sesame Oil SaucePackTaiwan3.5
1056A-Sha Dry NoodleDry Noodle Mandarin Noodle - Onion Oil SaucePackTaiwan5
1055A-Sha Dry NoodleDry Noodle QQ Thin Noodle - BBQ SaucePackTaiwan5
1054A-Sha Dry NoodleNo. 10 Mandarin Noodle - Black Pepper SaucePackTaiwan3.75
1053A-Sha Dry NoodleDry Noodle Tainan Noodle - Sesame SaucePackTaiwan4
1052A-Sha Dry NoodleDry Noodle Hakka Noodle - Chili SaucePackTaiwan4.25
1051MaruchanSeimen Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles Soy Sauce TastePackJapan3.75
1050KnorrJapanese Pork Bone Flavour Quick Serve MacaroniPackHong Kong3
1049Mr. NoodlesBowl Beef Simulated FlavorBowlCanada2
1048OttogiCheese BokkiCupSouth Korea3.5
1047New TouchYakisoba NoodleTrayJapan4
1046MyojoStir Fry Noodles Japanese Style Noodles With SaucePackUSA4
1045NissinChow Mein ChickenTrayUSA3.5
1044NongshimShin Ramyun Noodle Spicy MushroomBowlChina3.25
1043ChewyRice Vermicelli Satay ChickenPackChina3
1042NongshimPotato Pork RamyunPackChina5
1041Ko-LeeInstant Noodles Super Chow MeinPackUK4
1040Western FamilyInstant Noodles Vegetable FlavourPackCanada1
1039MaruchanBowl Hot & Spicy Shrimp Flavor Ramen Noodles With VegetablesBowlUSA4.25
1037EmartDare You Habanero JjamppongPackSouth Korea4
1036Golden WheatKorean Style Spicy Shrimp Noodle SoupBowlChina3.5
1035Wei LihSpicy Sichuan Flavor Instant NoodleBowlTaiwan3.5
1034Western FamilyInstant Noodles In A Cup Spicy ChickenCupCanada2.25
1033NissinKing Cup Noodle BBQ Chicken & OnionCupJapan3.75
1032MamaAuthentic Thai Cuisine Pad ThaiPackThailand4
1031HoMyeonDangPremium Noodle House Don RamyunPackSouth Korea4
1030Samyang Foods60 Ingredients Assorted Vegetable SK VersionPackSouth Korea3.75
1029Samyang FoodsNagasaki Crab JjampongPackSouth Korea5
1028Samyang FoodsBuldalk Bokkeummyeon (Hot Fried Chicken Ramyun)PackSouth Korea4
1027Samyang FoodsYukgaejang Beef RamyunBowlSouth Korea4
1026Samyang FoodsBajirak KalgugsuPackSouth Korea3.75
1025Samyang FoodsHot ChacharoniPackSouth Korea3.75
1024HoMyeonDangPremium Noodle House Tofu Fried NoodlePackSouth Korea3.5
1023Samyang FoodsSamyang RamyunPackSouth Korea4.5
1022HoMyeonDangPremuim Noodle House Crab JjampongPackSouth Korea5
1021Samyang FoodsBeef Flavor Ramyun (SK Version)PackSouth Korea4.25
1020Samyang FoodsNagasaki JjampongBowlSouth Korea4.75
1019Samyang FoodsKimchi Ramyun (SK Version)PackSouth Korea4
1018Samyang FoodsGanjjampongPackSouth Korea4.25
1017Samyang FoodsSutah (SK Version)PackSouth Korea3.75
1016NissinBig Cup Noodles Habanero Lime Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle SoupCupUSA3.5
1015TraditionOriental Style Ramen Noodle SoupPackUSA2.75
1014NissinKing Spa Oh Peperoncino Spaghetti (日清生タイプSpa王 ペペロンチーノ)BowlJapan4.25
1013Vina AcecookOh! Ricey Hủ Tiếu Sườn Heo (Pork Spareribs Flavour)PackVietnam3.5
1012UnoxGood Noodles Oosterse Kip (Oriental Chicken)PackHolland3.5
1011MaruchanBowl Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles With VegetablesBowlUSA4
1010Golden WheatKorean Style Spicy Beef Noodle SoupBowlChina3.75
1009Western FamilyInstant Noodles In A Cup OrientalCupCanada2
1008OttogiSesame Flavor Noodle BowlBowlSouth Korea3.5
1007NissinDemae Ramen Sesame Oil Flavour Noodles With Soup BaseBowlHong Kong4.5
1006AminoBarszcz czerwony (Borscht)PackPoland4
1005Four SeasChicken FlavourBowlChina2.75
1004Wai WaiArtificial Pork FlavourPackThailand3
1003NissinChow Mein Spicy Teriyaki BeefTrayUSA4.5
1002Mr. NoodlesBowl Spicy Chicken Simulated FlavourBowlCanada2
1001PaldoДОШИРАК (Dosirac) Beef FlavorPackSouth Korea3.5
1000MaruchanYakisoba Beef Taco FlavorTrayUSA4.25
999Pot NoodleTony's Doner KebabCupUK1.5
998NongshimShin Ramyun Black Spicy BeefCupSouth Korea4.5
997Sakurai FoodsMiso Stew Instant Udon (Winter)PackJapan4.25
996MaruchanBowl Chicken FlavorBowlUSA4
995Ko-LeeInstant Noodles BeefPackUK3
994Wai WaiTom Yum Shrimp FlavourPackThailand3.25
992Prima TasteSingapore Laksa La MianPackSingapore5
991Prima TasteSingapore Curry La MianPackSingapore5
990NissinPan Asian Kitchen Spicy Pad ThaiTrayUSA2.75
989GS25Gonghwachun JjamppongPackSouth Korea4
987TridentSingapore Soft NoodlesPackAustralia2.75
986PaldoJong-Gah-Jip Kimchi RamenPackSouth Korea4
985Ko-LeeGo Noodles Thai Hot & Spicy Tom YumCupUK1
984Sun NoodleRamen Shoyu FlavorTrayUSA5
983Sun NoodleTantanmen Spicy Sesame (Mild)TrayUSA3.75
982Sun NoodleRamen Miso FlavorTrayUSA5
980Sun NoodleCold Ramen Soy Sauce VinaigretteTrayUSA4
979Sun NoodleNama Soba Buckwheat NoodleTrayUSA4
978Sun NoodleRamen Pork FlavorTrayUSA5
977Sun NoodleYakisobaPackUSA4.5
976NissinDonbei TensobaBowlJapan4
975OttogiSpaghetti RamenBowlSouth Korea4.5
974Pot NoodleChilli Beef FlavourCupUK2.25
971Annie Chun'sRamen House Spicy Chicken RamenPackUSA4
973SpringlifeSpinach With Organic NoodlesPackChina3
972Annie Chun'sSoup Bowl Chinese ChickenBowlUSA4.25
970Annie Chun'sNoodle Express Spicy SzechuanTrayUSA2
969Annie Chun'sSoup Bowl Vietnamese PhoBowlUSA4
968Annie Chun'sNoodle Express TeriyakiTrayUSA3
967Annie Chun'sSoup Bowl South Korean KimchiBowlUSA4.5
966Annie Chun'sRamen House Spring Vegetable RamenPackUSA4
965Annie Chun'sNoodle Express Chinese Chow MeinTrayUSA3.75
964NissinRaoh Backfat Rich Soy Sauce FlavorBowlJapan5
963Pot NoodleMr. Chu’s Golden Noodle No. 7 Sticky RibCupUK3.25
962NongshimBowl Noodle Soup Spicy Seafood Flavor (New Version)BowlUSA4.25
961TridentChow Mein Soft NoodlesPackAustralia2.75
960NissinBowl Noodles Hot & Spicy Super PicanteBowlUSA3.25
959Sakurai FoodsARCHE Naturküche Ramen Mit IngwerPackJapan3.25
958Sakurai FoodsSoy Sauce RamenBowlJapan4.25
957Sakurai Foods100% Vegetarian Soy Sauce FlavorPackJapan4.25
956Sakurai FoodsSesame NoodlesPackJapan5
955Sakurai FoodsMiso RamenBowlJapan4
954Sakurai FoodsARCHE Naturküche Japanische NudelsuppePackJapan3.25
953Sakurai FoodsSoy Sauce RamenPackJapan4.75
952Pot NoodleSweet & SpicyCupUK3.5
951VifonPomidorowa (Mild Tomato)PackPoland4
950OttogiKiss MyonCupSouth Korea3.75
949Ko-LeeInstant Noodles Chicken PackUK3.5
948TridentHot & Spicy 2 Minute NoodlesPackAustralia3.5
947MaruchanYakisoba Jalapeno CheddarTrayUSA4
946Right FoodsDr. McDougall's Vegan Chicken RamenCupUSA1.75
945Pot NoodleJamaican Jerk!CupUK2.75
944Wai WaiOriental Style Instant Noodles (Dry method)PackThailand3
942KamfenE-men Lobster SoupPackChina3.25
941Ko-LeeGo Noodles Chicken SpecialPackUK3.75
940Wai WaiSour Soup FlavorPackThailand3.5
939Pot NoodleSweet & SourCupUK3.75
938MaruchanYakisoba Four CheeseTrayUSA3.75
937MamaShrimp (TOM YUM)PackThailand3.75
936YamachanMild TonkotsuPackUSA5
934NongshimJinjja Jinjja Flamin' Hot & NuttyPackUSA5
933PaldoKokomen Spicy ChickenCupSouth Korea4.5
932PaldoNamja Ramen (USA version)PackSouth Korea5
931Kamfendried Mix Noodles Soya Bean PasteTrayChina3.75
930Maruchan35% Less Sodium BeefCupUSA3.5
929Vina AcecookGood Artificial Minced Pork Bean VermicelliPackVietnam3.75
928KamfenDried Mix Noodles Artificial Spicy PorkTrayChina4
927PaldoKokomen Spicy ChickenBowlSouth Korea4.75
926IbumieVegeMee Vegetarian FlavourPackMalaysia2.75
925EmartDare You! Habanero RamenPackSouth Korea3.751
924Maruchan35% Less Sodium ChickenPackUSA3.75
923IbumieLadMee Hot PepperPackMalaysia3.5
922SunleeShitake Mushroom VernicalliBowlThailand1.25
921OttogiJjajang BokkiBowlSouth Korea3.5
920ShirakikuHot & Spicy UdonPackUSA3
919Maruchan35% Less Sodium BeefPackUSA3.5
918NongshimTempura Udon Flavor Cup RamyunCupSouth Korea4.5
917Vina AcecookGood Chicken Abalone Bean VermicelliPackVietnam3.25
916Goku UmaSeafood Flavor Japanese NoodlesBowlJapan4.25
915Wai WaiCasserole Beef FlavourPackThailand3.5
914NissinRamen Shop Sapporo MisoPackJapan4
913NongshimSpicy Shrimp Cup RamyunCupSouth Korea4.25
912MaruchanInstant Lunch ShrimpCupUSA3.75
911NissinTop Ramen Cucharealo Habanero ShrimpPackUSA3.75
910PaldoNamja RamyunBowlSouth Korea4.25
909IndomieKriuuk BawangPackIndonesia4.25
908Sapporo IchibanOriginal FlavorCupUSA3.5
907NongshimNeoguri Spicy SeafoodCupSouth Korea4
906DaddyKari 365 Curry FlavourPackMalaysia5
905TraditionVegetable Instant Noodle soupCupUSA3.25
904MyojoIppei-chan Yomise-No Yakisoba OrientalTrayJapan4.75
903Han's South KoreaRice Noodle With Seafood Flavored SoupTraySouth Korea3.5
902SunleePho Bo Beef Flavour Rice StickBowlThailand3.25
901SarimiRasa Ayam BawangPackIndonesia3.5
900MaruchanInstant Lunch ChickenCupUSA3.5
899FMFChow Tomato PackFiji4.251
898Long KowCrystal Noodles Savory ShoyuCupChina1.5
897FMFChow MasalaPackFiji4
896Vina AcecookGood Tomyum Kung Bean VermicelliPackVietnam3.5
895SuperMiSedaaap Mi GorengPackIndonesia5
894Han's South KoreaRice Noodle With Kimchi Flavored SoupTraySouth Korea3
893PaldoBowl Noodle Shrimp FlavorBowlSouth Korea3.25
892ABCSelera Pedas Hot Tomato Soup FlavorPackIndonesia4.5
891Vina AcecookHao Hao MushroomPackVietnam2.75
890Unif / Tung-IMushroom Flavor Ramen NoodlesPackVietnam3.5
889YamachanRich Shoyu RamenPackUSA4
888YamachanNagasaki Sara Udon Chicken PackUSA4.25
887YamachanCold Noodles With Lemon Soy DressingPackUSA4
886YamachanTonkotsu-Shoyu Rich Pork Flavor RamenPackUSA4.75
885YamachanMiso Ramen Rich Sapporo MisoPackUSA5
884YamachanMiso Ramen - MildPackUSA4
883YamachanShio Ramen Seafood MildPackUSA4.5
881Han's South KoreaRice Noodle With Hot & SpicyTraySouth Korea3.25
880Golden WheatSouth Korean Style SeafoodCupChina2.75
879Song HakRice TopokkiBowlSouth Korea5
878NissinTop Ramen Short Cuts Lime ChiliPackUSA3.75
877NongshimShin Bowl (New)BowlUSA4.25
876SarimiSoto Koya PedasssPackIndonesia3.25
875SunleeArtificial Chicken Rice VermicelliBowlThailand2.5
874Fuji MengyoNabeyaki UdonBowlJapan3.5
873VifonViet Rice Noodles ChickenPackVietnam3.5
871DragonflyArtificial Hot & Sour ShrimpPackChina4
870SuperMiMi Keriting Rasa Ayam BawangPackIndonesia3.75
869Vina AcecookGood Chicken Bean VermicelliPackVietnam3.25
868CJ CheilJedangKatsuobushi UdonBowlSouth Korea3.75
867IndomieRasa Coto MakassarPackIndonesia4
866Master KongMianbaPackChina4
865Little CookStewed DuckCupThailand3
864Unif / Tung-IChinese Spices Tong Tsai Bean VermicelliPackTaiwan3.5
863IndomieSpecial Fried Curly Noodle (Local)PackIndonesia5
862NissinTop Ramen Short Cuts Roast ChickenPackUSA4.25
861Vina AcecookHao Hao Mi Chay VegetarianPackVietnam3.25
860BaijiaArtificial Pickled Cabbage FishPackChina2.75
859TraditionImitation Chicken VegetarianCupUSA3.75
858IndomieRasa Mi CakalangPackIndonesia4.51
857SempioSeafood Vermicelli AnchovyBowlSouth Korea4.25
856Little CookMushroom VegetarianBowlThailand4.75
855Vina AcecookBestcook Hot & Sour ShrimpBowlVietnam4.25
854Long KowCrystal Noodles Hot & SourBowlChina3.5
853DongwonRaUdong Unfried Noodle With KimchiBowlSouth Korea4.5
852SuperMiSedaaap Mi Kuah Rasa Kari AyamPackIndonesia4
851DragonflyArtificial Pork RibsBowlChina3.5
850NissinTop Ramen Short Cuts ChickenPackUSA4
849NissinTop Ramen Cucharealo Tomato ChickenPackUSA3.51
848Golden WheatSouth Korean Style Spicy PorkCupChina3.5
847ItomenSansai Soba Edible Wld PlantBowlJapan3.25
846VifonMi Kim CheePackVietnam3.75
845NongshimDoong Ji Cold Noodle Chilled BrothPackSouth Korea4.25
844Maggi2 Minute Noodles Perencah Asam LaksaPackMalaysia4
843NissinTop Ramen Short Cuts BeefPackUSA3.5
842JMLArtificial Stew BeefBowlChina3.75
841NongshimChapagetti (South Korean)PackSouth Korea4
840ChewyStir Rice Vermicelli Singaporean LaksaTrayChina3.75
839CJ CheilJedangMild Bean Curd StewCupSouth Korea2
838SarimiSoto Koya GurihPackIndonesia4
837NissinTop Ramen Cucharealo Picante ChickenPackUSA4.5
836Binh TayMi Chay VegetarianPackVietnam3.5
835Mr. NoodlesShrimpPackCanada2.5
834IndomieMi Goreng Kriuuk PedasPackIndonesia3.75
833Wai WaiVegetarianPackThailand3.5
832DragonflyMee Goreng Dry Ramen NoodlesPackChina3.75
831VifonInstant Porridge ChickenPackVietnam3.25
830Seven-ElevenSeven & I ShoyuCupJapan4.5
829PaldoKko Kko Myun King CupBowlSouth Korea4.75
828PaldoSeolleongtangmyeonPackSouth Korea3.5
827PaldoRabokkiPackSouth Korea4.75
826PaldoNamjaPackSouth Korea51
824PaldoBibim Men CucumberPackSouth Korea5
823PaldoKokomen Spicy ChickenPackSouth Korea5
822PaldoSpeed King Bowl (Prototype)BowlSouth Korea3.5
821Master KongPotatoes & Stewed BeefPackChina5
820SunleeTom Yum Shrimp Rice StickBowlThailand3.75
819MaruchanTempura SobaPackJapan4
818SuperMiSedaaap Mi Kuah Rasa SotoPackIndonesia4
817SouperBowl Ramen ShrimpBowlTaiwan3.75
816Vina AcecookOh! Ricey Phnom Penh Rice NoodlePackVietnam3.75
815ChencunStewde Chicken Of MushroomCupChina3.25
813Mr. NoodlesSpicy ChickenPackCanada2
812Master KongSpicy BeefPackChina3.75
811Mr. NoodlesVegetablePackCanada1.75
810ABCSelera Pedas Mi Goreng Hot Chicken LemonPackIndonesia4.25
809NongshimNeoguri Mild (South Korea)PackSouth Korea4
808Kim's BowlVegetarian Tom YumBowlThailand3.5
807SuperMiSuper Rasa Ayam BawangPackIndonesia4
806OhsungHot Spicy Bowl With Soy PeptideBowlSouth Korea3.5
805AcecookSuper Big Ramen Soy SauceBowlJapan1.25
804Little CookAbalone ChickenCupThailand1.75
803Master KongPremium Taste Roasted BeefBowlChina4
802SarimiIsi 2 Mi Goreng Rasa Ayam KecapPackIndonesia4.5
801Gau DoHot Sour ShrimpPackVietnam3.75
800Mr. NoodlesChickenPackCanada3
799NongshimBowl Noodle Savory Chicken (New)BowlUSA4.25
798Golden WheatSouth Korean Style PorkCupChina3
797Golden MieVegetablePackDubai3.75
796Vina AcecookKingcook VegetablePackVietnam3
795Master KongRed Oil Dan DanTrayChina2.75
794SarimiSoto Koya Jeruk NipisPackIndonesia4.75
793Mr. NoodlesSpicy BeefPackCanada1.75
792NongshimBowl Noodle Spicy Chicken (New)BowlUSA4.5
791AcecookSuper Big Ramen TonkotsuBowlJapan1
790GreeNoodleShiitake & Soy SaucePackThailand1.5
788Uni-President100 Beef With SauerkrautPackTaiwan4.75
787EmartRamen E Ramen White BrothPackSouth Korea5
786Mr. NoodlesBeefPackCanada3
785SarimiIsi 2 Rasa SotoPackIndonesia3.5
784HankowCai Lin Ji Dry NoodlesTrayChina3.25
783NissinCup Noodles Salsa Picante ChickenCupUSA3
782NongshimBowl Noodle Savory Shrimp (New)BowlUSA3.25
781Vina AcecookKingcook BeefPackVietnam3
780OttogiJin Ramen (Mild) (Import)PackSouth Korea3.5
779IndomieMi Goreng Kriuuk AyamPackIndonesia3.75
778MameeExpress Cup CurryCupMalaysia2.5
777Mr. NoodlesOrientalPackCanada2.75
776SarimiIsi 2 Rasa Kari spesialPackIndonesia3.75
774IndomieRasa Sup Sayuran VeganPackIndonesia2.25
773Little CookTVP Stewed PorkBowlThailand3.5
772NongshimBowl Noodle Hot & Spicy Beef (New)PackUSA3.5
771Mi SedaapMi Kuah Rasa Ayam BawangPackIndonesia4
770KailoChickenPackHong Kong3.5
769NissinCup Noodles Shrimp Picante StyleCupUSA3.25
768Fashion FoodsOrientalBowlThailand0.25
767Fashion FoodsMushroom VegetarianBowlThailand1.75
766Fashion FoodsBeef PhoBowlThailand3.75
765Super BihunKuah Rice NoodlesPackIndonesia4.5
764SempioSeafood Noodle CupBowlSouth Korea3.5
763Maggi2 Minute Noodles Tricky TomatoPackIndia3.25
762Long KowKimchi Pickle Bean VermicelliPackTaiwan1.5
761Thai KitchenGarlic Vegetable Rice NoodlePackUSA3.5
760NissinBig Cup Noodles Roast ChickenCupUSA3.25
759NongshimBowl Noodle Savory Lobster (New)BowlUSA3.75
758JMLArtificial Stew PorkBowlChina3.25
757IndomieMi Goreng VeganPackIndonesia4.25
756DaikokuBikkuchigekara Big ChigeBowlJapan3.75
755NongshimUdon BowlSouth Korea4.25
754NongshimAnsungtangmyun (US Version)PackUSA3.75
753NongshimSobaPackSouth Korea4.25
752NongshimBowl Noodle Savory Tempura UdonBowlUSA3.5
751NongshimShin Ramyun Black OnionCupSouth Korea5
750NongshimBowl Noodle Spicy Kimchi (New)BowlUSA3.75
749Sapporo IchibanChow Mein (New)PackUSA5
748HosoonyiNaengmyeon ComboBowlUSA3.75
747NissinSpoon-it ChickenPackUSA3.5
746JMLArtificial Mushroom ChickenBowlChina1.25
745NongshimJinjja JinjjaPackSouth Korea54
744PaylessInstant Mami BeefPackPhilippines3.25
743MameeExpress Cup Tom YumCupMalaysia3.75
742Golden MiechickenPackDubai3.25
741Wei LihGood Good Eat Super Ramen VegetablePackTaiwan2.75
740IndomieMi Goreng Sate (Local)PackIndonesia5
739JMLArtificial Spicy BeefBowlChina3.5
738NissinU.F.O. YakiosobaBowlJapan3.75
737Gau DoChicken ShrimpPackVietnam2.5
736MaruchanYakisoba Spicy VegetableTrayUSA3.25
735OttogiOdongtong Myon SeafoodBowlSouth Korea2.75
734IndomieMi Goreng Rasa Ayam Panggang Jumbo (Local)PackIndonesia5
733IndomieRasa Soto BetawiPackIndonesia4.5
732IndomieCurly Noodle With Chicken Chilli PaddiPackIndonesia4.25
731IndomieRasa Mi Kocok BandungPackIndonesia3.25
730IndomieRasa Soto Banjar Limau KulitPackIndonesia5
729IndomieMi Goreng Jumbo BeefPackIndonesia5
728IndomieRasa Kari Ayam MedanPackIndonesia5
727IndomieRasa Empal GentongPackIndonesia4
726IndomieMi Goreng CakalangPackIndonesia4
725IndomieMi Goreng Instant Cup NoodlesCupIndonesia5
724IndomieCurly Noodle With Laksa ChilliPackIndonesia3.5
723IndomieMi Goreng Barbecue ChickenPackIndonesia5
722YamamotoSeafood RamenBowlJapan3.5
721NongshimBowl Noodle Savory BeefBowlUSA4
720Golden MieChicken CurryPackDubai3.75
719NissinSpoon-it BeefPackUSA3.25
718OttogiKiss MyonPackSouth Korea3.75
717NissinRamen Bowl Spicy ChickenBowlUSA3.25
716VifonHu Tieu Ca Stewed FishBowlVietnam3.75
715IndomieMi Goreng Rendang (Import)PackIndonesia5
714PulmuoneNature Is Delicious SpicyPackSouth Korea3.75
713NissinSpoon-it Creamy ChickenPackUSA4
712Four SeasSeaweedBowlHong Kong3.25
711NongshimHearty Rice Noodle BeefPackSouth Korea4.25
710Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Mixed FoodsBowlVietnam2.75
709NissinChow Mein Spicy ChickenTrayUSA3.25
708Wu MuPork Flavor RamenPackTaiwan2.75
707Mee JangNoodle Soup Spicy Beef Garlic OnionBowlThailand3.25
706UnifMan Han Feast Spring Onion EelBowlTaiwan4.25
705Golden WheatSouth Korean Style BeefCupChina3.5
704NissinChow Mein Chinese Chicken VegetableTrayUSA4
703NissinSpoon-it Rich Hearty Beef StewPackUSA3.51
702NissinDemae Ramen Black Garlic Oil TonkotsuPackJapan4.5
701NissinBig Cup Noodles Lime Chili ShrimpCupUSA4
700NissinChikin Ramen (Local)PackJapan5
699NissinCup Noodles Salsa Picante ShrimpCupUSA3.5
698NissinChow Mein Orange ChickenTrayUSA4
697NissinSpoon-it Rich Hearty Savory ChickenPackUSA3.25
696NissinBig Cup Noodles Spicy ChickenCupUSA3.5
695JFCJapanese Style Noodle CurryBowlJapan4.5
694Vina AcecookKingcook ChickenPackVietnam3.5
693ChewyStir Rice Vermicelli Indonesian Gado GadoTrayChina2.25
692SamyangAssorted Vegetable RamenPackSouth Korea3.75
691MameeExpress Cup VegetarianCupMalaysia2
690MaruchanYakisoba Savory Soy SauceTrayUSA3.75
689Mee JangNoodle Soup Sour Spicy Shrimp Tom YumBowlThailand2.5
688OhsungHong Ramyun Soy Peptide Hot SpicyPackSouth Korea3.75
687NissinCup Noodles Xo Sauce SeafoodCupHong Kong3.75
686Mi SedaapMi Segera Mi Goreng Perisa Sambal GorengPackIndonesia4.5
685IndomieRasa Sup Buntut Oxtail SoupPackIndonesia2.75
684DragonflyArtificial SeafoodPackChina3.75
683NongshimUdon Garlic TeriyakiPackSouth Korea4.75
682IndomieInstant Cup Noodles Mi Goreng SatayCupIndonesia4.25
681NongshimHearty Rice Noodle Black Bean VegetablePackSouth Korea3.75
680Vina AcecookKingcook ShrimpPackVietnam2.75
679MameeExpress Cup Fried Onion ChickenCupMalaysia3.25
678WangKitsune UdonBowlSouth Korea4
677NongshimShin Ramyun ShrimpPackChina4.51
676IndomieSpicy Coconut ShrimpPackIndonesia4.75
675SamyangNagasaki JjampongPackSouth Korea4.75
674PaldoKko Kko MyunPackSouth Korea5
673OhsungHong Ramyun Soup Soy Peptide MildPackSouth Korea3.25
672Mug ShotChickenPackUK3
671Mug ShotSpicy Sweet & SourPackUK3
670Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Chicken Rice NoodleBowlVietnam3.5
669NissinGozen TempuraBowlJapan4
668Saigon Ve WongKung Fu VegetarianBowlVietnam2
667NissinRamen Bowl KimchiBowlUSA3
666LishanBlack Rooster ChickenPackTaiwan1.5
665MamaMoo Nam Tok Rice VermicelliPackThailand3.25
664Thai KitchenBangkok Curry Rice NoodlePackUSA2.75
663PaldoJjajangmen Black BeanPackSouth Korea41
662DaikokuShokuh Kitsune UdonBowlJapan4.25
661YamamotoPonpoko Tempura SobaBowlJapan4.25
660Lucky Me!Beef Na BeefPackPhilippines3.75
659NissinRamen Bowl Spicy ShrimpBowlUSA3
658PaldoHwa King CupCupSouth Korea3.5
656NissinRamen Bowl Hot & SpicyBowlUSA3.75
655Cap Atoom BulanMie Telor AsliPackIndonesia3
654Mee JangSour Spicy Chicken Tom YumBowlThailand3.25
653DragonflyArtificial Pork RibsPackChina4
652Sapporo IchibanShioPackJapan5
651Mi SedaapMi Segera Mi Sup Perisa Kari AyamPackIndonesia4
650DragonflyArtificial ChickenPackChina4
649Pot NoodleChicken & MushroomCupUK3.75
648NongshimSeafood RamyunPackSouth Korea3.75
647SunleeTom Yum Shrimp NoodleBowlThailand3.5
645NongshimOolongmen Artificial ChickenCupSouth Korea3.75
644SuraKnife Cut Rice NoodleBowlSouth Korea3.75
643Wei ChuanMiso VegetablesPackTaiwan3.25
642Little CookSpicy BeefCupThailand2.75
641Vina AcecookHao Hao Shrimp OnionPackVietnam3
640Master KongArtificial Spicy BeefPackChina4.25
639NissinGozen Kitsune UdonBowlJapan5
637SnapdragonChinese Mushroom Rice NoodleCupSingapore2.5
636YamamoriTom Yam Ramen PorkPackJapan4.75
635OttogiBuckwheat Bibim RamyonPackSouth Korea1.1
634BaijiaSichuan Hot Pot Sweet Potato ThreadBowlChina0.5
633Mr. UdonSeafood SelectionPackSouth Korea3.5
632Mr. UdonJapanese MisoPackSouth Korea2.75
631Fashion FoodsXO SauceBowlThailand1.25
630Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Mushroom PorkBowlTaiwan1.25
629Master KongArtificial Braised BeefPackChina4.25
628Lucky Me!Supreme La Paz Batchoy Beef GarlicBowlPhilippines3.5
626OttogiYeul Hot TasteBowlSouth Korea3.5
625Pot NoodleBombay Bad BoyCupUK4
624Master KongArtificial PorkPackChina3.75
623Wei Wei"A" Series VegetarianPackTaiwan3.25
622DaikokuMy Friend Vic Tanuki UdonBowlJapan4.75
621OttogiJin Ramen Big Bowl (Hot)BowlSouth Korea3.5
620VifonPhu Gia Bamboo Shoot Artificial Pork Bean ThreadPackVietnam1.25
619YamamotoPonpoko Tempura UdonBowlJapan4.75
618PulmuoneCold Noodles By DadPackSouth Korea2.75
617NissinDemae Iccho Sesame Oil Chicken MacaroniPackJapan3.75
616Maggi2 Minute Noodles Thrillin' CurryPackIndia2
615YamamoriTom Yam PrawnPackJapan4.5
614FukuSuperior Soup Rice NoodlePackHong Kong2.5
613Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Pork FlavorBowlVietnam3
612MaruchanYakisoba Spicy ChickenTrayUSA1.75
611BatchelorsSuper Noodles Low Fat Sweet Thai ChilliPackUK2
610Wei Wei"A" Series Artificial ChickenPackTaiwan3.25
609Wei Wei"A" Series Artificial Hot BeefPackTaiwan3.75
608KokaSpicy Black PepperPackSingapore5
607Pot NoodleBeef TomatoCupUK1.5
606Six FortuneU-DongPackSouth Korea4
605Little CookArtificial OnionCupThailand3.5
604BatchelorsSuper Noodles Low Fat Chicken HerbPackUK2
603Wei LihGoog Good Eat Super Ramen Hot ChiliPackTaiwan3.75
602NongshimOolongmen Artificial SeafoodCupSouth Korea3.5
601Wei ChuanTomato VegetablesPackTaiwan4
600MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup BeefPackUSA3.25
599Lucky Me!Pancit Canton Extra Hot ChiliPackPhilippines4
598Little CookVegetarianCupThailand3.25
597BatchelorsSuper Noodles Sweet & sourPackUK3.5
596Thai KitchenLemongrass Chili Rice NoodlePackUSA1.5
595Thai KitchenSpring Onion Rice NoodlePackUSA3.75
594HaioreumAsian Style Noodles SeafoodBowlSouth Korea3.5
593NongshimChapagetti ChajangPackSouth Korea41
592BatchelorsSuper Noodles Mild CurryPackUK3.25
591BatchelorsSuper Noodles To Go Chinese Space RibBowlUK2.5
590MamaChand Clear SoupBowlThailand3.5
589VifonSouth Korean Style Kim CheeBowlVietnam4.25
588VifonTu Quy PorkPackVietnam2.75
587SunlightSteam VermicelliPackTaiwan2.1
586VedanBah Kut Tea Noodle For VegetariansPackTaiwan3.25
585Ve WongArtificial Onion Flavor Bean ThreadBowlTaiwan1.5
584BaijiaSingle Noble Black Bone Chicken Sweet Potato ThreadCupChina0
583VifonPhu Gia Cua Crab Bean ThreadPackVietnam2.25
582KoyoTofu & MisoPackUSA2.5
580BaijiaHot & Sour Casserole Stewed Rice NoodlePackChina0
579BaijiaSichuan Pickled Sweet Potato ThreadPackChina1.75
578NongshimShin Ramyun BlackPackSouth Korea4.752
577Pot NoodleChinese Chow MeinCupUK3
576MenrakuTempura SobaBowlJapan3.75
575BatchelorsSuper Noodles Barbecue BeefPackUK3.5
574Maggi2 Minute Noodles Tricky TomatoPackIndia3.75
573Noah FoodsPhoya ChickenBowlVietnam2
572MaruchanYakisoba Tomato BasilTrayUSA3
571ShirakikuJapanese Style Tokusen SioPackJapan3.25
570O SungKeopnurungji Rice SnackCupSouth Korea2.5
569Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Suc Song Artificial PorkBowlVietnam3
568PaldoGomtangCupSouth Korea4
567Goku UmaSoy SauceBowlJapan3.5
566FoodmonDJ DOC JjolmyeonBowlSouth Korea5
565BatchelorsSuper Noodles To Go CurryBowlUK4
564Uni-PresidentOne More Cup KimchiCupTaiwan3.75
563Yum YumDuckPackThailand3.25
562BatchelorsSuper Noodles BaconPackUK4.25
561SahmyookVegetablePackSouth Korea3.25
560MyojoIppeichan Soy SauceBowlJapan4
559Wai WaiQuick Tom Yum ShrimpCupThailand3
558Long KowCrystal Noodles VegetablesBowlChina1.5
557BatchelorsSuper Noodles Souther Fried ChickenPackUK3.75
556Mi SedaapMi Goreng Perisa AsliPackIndonesia4.75
555BatchelorsSuper Noodles Chinese Chow MeinPackUK2.75
554Yum YumShrimp Tom Yum FlavorPackThailand3.5
553Samyang60 IngredientsCupSouth Korea2.75
552Super BihunKuah Rasa Baso Sapi Rice NoodlesPackIndonesia3
551BatchelorsSuper Noodles ChickenPackUK3.25
550NissinTaisho Fried Noodle YakisobaPackJapan4.25
549Mi SedaapSupreme SotoPackIndonesia4
548Pot NoodleOriginal CurryCupUK3.75
547Lucky Me!Pancit Canton Sweet SpicyPackPhilippines5
546Yum YumVegetablePackThailand3.5
545Golden WheatSouth Korean Style Spicy BeefPackChina3.5
544UnoxGood Noodles ChickenPackHolland3.5
543MenrakuCurry UdonBowlJapan4.75
542Mi SedaapMi SupArtificial Chicken SpecialPackIndonesia3
541Yum YumChickenPackThailand3.5
540NissinTop Ramen ChickenPackUSA3.251
539NissinDemae Ramen ChickenPackJapan31
538Lucky Me!Lomi Seafood VegetablePackPhilippines0.5
537MamaPad Kee Mao DrunkenPackThailand2
536OttogiYeul RamyunPackSouth Korea4.25
535Wai WaiChicken FlavorPackThailand0.9
534MamaPho GaPackThailand3.1
533PaldoGomtangPackSouth Korea4.751
532DollSpicy TomkotsuPackHong Kong4.25
531Yum YumBeefPackThailand3.25
530Mee JangArtificial Shrimp Tom yumBowlThailand3.5
529Sapporo IchibanHot Spicy ChickenPackUSA2
528UnoxGood Noodles VegetablePackHolland3.75
527Little CookWheat Gluten Stewed Duck FlavouredBowlThailand2.75
526Annie Chun'sSoy Ginger RamenPackUSA1.5
525JMLArtificial Spicy Hot BeefPackChina3.75
524NissinCup Noodles Spicy SeafoodCupHong Kong3.75
523DragonflyArtificial Hot & Sour ShrimpBowlChina4.5
522SamyangHot BeefPackSouth Korea4.25
521MenrakuSoy SauceBowlJapan4.25
520Nan HsingVegetarian Rice NoodlesBowlTaiwan0.25
519SnapdragonBeijing Vegetable Rice NoodleCupSingapore2
518DragonflyArtificial ChickenBowlChina4.5
517Thai KitchenThai Ginger Rice NoodlePackUSA4.25
516WangChampong Spicy SeafoodBowlSouth Korea3.5
515TraditionImitation BeefCupUSA2.5
514ShirakikuSanukiya Fresh Spicy RamenBowlJapan3
513DragonflyArtificial OnionBowlChina4
512PaldoBig Bowl NoodleBowlSouth Korea3.75
510SnapdragonSouth Korean Kimchi Rice NoodleCupSingapore3.75
509Ve WongKung Fu ShrimpBowlTaiwan4
508SamyangBeefCupSouth Korea3.75
507DragonflyArtificial SeafoodBowlChina3.75
506NongshimOolongmen BeefCupSouth Korea2.5
505JMLArtificial Spicy BeefPackChina3.5
502SunleeBeef Rice StickBowlThailand2
501NongshimNeoguri MildPackSouth Korea3.25
500Mexi-RamenSoupless Ramen Shallot TeriyakiPackUSA2.5
499DragonflyArtificial BeefBowlChina4.75
498Hsin Tung YangTiny Noodle With Oyster FlavorPackTaiwan0
497NissinDemae Iccho Seafood & Abalone MacaroniPackJapan4
496MaruchanYakisoba ShrimpTrayUSA2.75
495OttogiJin Ramen (Mild)PackSouth Korea3.25
494SnapdragonTomato Seafood Rice NoodleCupSingapore3.5
493PulmuoneFresh Ramen SpicyPackSouth Korea3
492Noah FoodsPhoya Rice Noodles BeefBowlVietnam2.75
491JMLArtificial Stew BeefPackChina3.75
490FoodmonDJ DOC Instant rice Ramen TopokkiBowlSouth Korea5
489JMLStew PorkPackChina3.25
488KailoBig Bowl Crab BowlHong Kong3.5
487KailoBig Bowl Artificial ChickenBowlHong Kong2.75
486KamfenJapanese U-Don Lobster ScallopPackChina3
485OttogiHot & Spicy RamenCupSouth Korea3
484OttogiBekse Curry MyonCupSouth Korea4.25
483ItomenYellow BuckwheatBowlJapan4.5
481Thai KitchenRoasted Garlic Rice NoodleBowlUSA3.75
480Thai KitchenMushroom Rice NoodleBowlUSA3.25
479NongshimPotato Noodle SoupPackSouth Korea3.751
478VedanMushroom & Artificial CuttlefishPackTaiwan1.75
477Mr. UdonMalaysian Beef UdonPackSouth Korea3
476Annie Chun'sTeriyaki NoodleBowlUSA1.75
474Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Rice Noodle Shrimp Crab BowlVietnam3.75
473MyojoRamen-Desse Miso Soybean PasteBowlJapan4.5
472Thai KitchenSpring Onion Rice NoodleBowlUSA3.75
471KoyoLemongrass gingerPackUSA1.5
470MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup Chicken MushroomPackUSA3.25
468PaldoSnack Noodle slightly HotPackSouth Korea3.75
467VifonTu Quy Sour Spicy ShrimpPackVietnam1.75
466Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Rice Noodle Artificial BeefBowlVietnam3.5
465NissinSouper Meal Picante Shrimp Hot SpicyBowlUSA2.75
463OttogiPpushu Ppushu BarbecuePackSouth Korea3Y
462NissinTop Ramen ShrimpPackUSA3.5
461SamyangSutah Hot Spicy BeefPackSouth Korea3.5
460MenrakuTempura UdonBowlJapan5
459GefenImitation Chicken VegetarianPackUSA3
458Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Beef Rice NoodleBowlTaiwan3.75
457IbumieHarmee Mee goreng PrawnPackMalaysia4.5
456Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Szechuan PorkBowlTaiwan3.75
455BaijiaSingle Noble Pickled Radish & DuckCupChina0.25
454KoyoAsian VegetablePackUSA1.5
453NongshimBowl Noodle Savory ChickenBowlUSA3.25
452MyojoHyoubanya No Chukasoba Soy SaucePackJapan4
451MyojoIppeichan Soybean PasteBowlJapan4
450OttogiPpushu Ppushu TteobokkiPackSouth Korea3.25Y
449Wu MuBeef Flavor RamenPackTaiwan4.251
448Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Sesame ChickenBowlTaiwan3.75
447Ve WongLittle Prince BaconPackVietnam4.75Y
446Sao TaoNoodle King Hong Koing Style WontonBowlHong Kong2.25
445iNoodleTaiwan Style Chow MeinPackTaiwan2.25
444Mr. UdonChickenPackSouth Korea3.25
443Lucky Me!N-Rich Chicken TinolaPackPhilippines4
442NongshimKalguksooPackSouth Korea4.51
441OttogiSpice SeafoodPackSouth Korea3.75
440MaruchanInstant Lunch Hot spicy BeefCupUSA2.75
439Little CookTom Yum Seafood CreamyBowlThailand3
438SamyangBeefBowlSouth Korea3.75
437NongshimBig Bowl Spicy KimchiBowlSouth Korea3.25
436UnifArtificial Beef With SauerkrautBowlTaiwan3.75
435Mi SedaapMie Sambal GorengPackIndonesia4.25
434Mi SedaapKari SpesialPackIndonesia4.5
433Lucky Me!Supreme BulaloBowlPhilippines3.25
432Ve WongInstant Bean Thread SeafoodBowlTaiwan2.5
431Unif / Tung-IChinese Onion Rice NoodlePackTaiwan2.75
430QuickchowPancit Canton toyo MansiPackPhilippines5
429QuickchowChicken MamiPackPhilippines3.75
428KamfenE Menm ChickenChina3.75
427KokaMi Hai Cua Crab FlavorPackSingapore5
426VifonTu quy ChickenPackVietnam3
425ChikaraShrimp UdonPackUSA4.5
424QNoodle With Sesame SaucePackTaiwan3.25
423Noodle TimeShin CupCupSouth Korea3
422VifonMi Lau Thai Thai StleBowlVietnam4
421MyojoKakesoba Desse Soy SauceBowlJapan2.75
420Sapporo IchibanBeef FlavorcCupUSA3.5
419MyojoRamen Desse ShioBowlJapan4.25
418iNoodleUdon Noodle Soup OrientalPackTaiwan3.75
417VifonTu Quy Spicy BeefPackVietnam3.5
416Sapporo IchibanChicken FlavorCupUSA3.75
415Ve WongArtificial Classic BeefBowlTaiwan3.75
414DollArtificial Beef FlavorPackHong Kong2.5
413SouperAlimentary Paste Chow MeinPackTaiwan4.25
412MaruchanMidori No TanukiBowlJapan4.125
411SunleeCrab VermicelliBowlThailand3.25
410Lucky Me!Instant Bulalo Bone MarrowPackPhilippines3.75
409PaylessInstant Mami ChickenPackPhilippines4
408Gomex3 Mien Mi Tom Chua Cay Hot sour ShrimpPackVietnam2.25
407OttogiSnack RamyonCupSouth Korea3.5
406VifonAsian Style Instant Noodles BeefPackVietnam3.75
405IbumieHarmee PrawnPackMalaysia3.25
404Vina AcecookHao Hao Sate OnionPackVietnam3.75
403MaruchanInstant Lunch Lime Flavor with ShrimpCupUSA2.25
402Sao TaoNoodle King Scallop ThickBowlHong Kong3
401MyojoSuudon Desse Soy SauceBowlJapan4.25
400NissinCup Noodles Seafood CurryCupHong Kong4.25
399PaldoSpicy SeafoodCupSouth Korea3.75
398PaldoBowl Noodle Beef With VegetablesBowlSouth Korea3.75
397QuickchowQuickie Mami La Paz BatchoyCupPhilippines3
396Vina AcecookBestcook Hot spicy Tom Yum ShrimpBowlVietnam4.25
395OttogiJin Ramen (Mild)CupSouth Korea3
394PaldoHwa Cup Hot SpicyCupSouth Korea3.5
393KamfenDried Mix Noodles XO SauceTrayChina2
392NissinYakisoba Noodles KarashiTrayJapan5
391MyojoHyoubanya No Chukasoba OrientalPackJapan4.25
390MenrakuCurry SobaBowlJapan4
389MamaVegetarian Tom YumPackThailand2.75
388MaruchanInstant Lunch Cheddar CheeseCupUSA2.75
387NissinBowl Noodles Rich & Savory BeefBowlUSA3.75
386US CanningFu Chang Chinese Noodle Company Pork SeafoodTrayUSA0
385Ve WongHot Of Hots Artificial Black Peppered BeefBowlTaiwan1.25
384NissinDemae Iccho Tom Yam Goong MacaroniPackJapan4
383Lucky Me!Chicken Na ChickenPackPhilippines2.75
382Lucky Me!N-Rich Artificial Chicken With GingerPackPhilippines2.5
381Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Beef Rice NoodlePackVietnam4.25
380Rhee Bros AssiPho Vietnamese Noodle SoupTraySouth Korea3.75
379NissinChow Mein Thai PeanutTrayUSA2.5
378Ve WongHot Of Hots Artificial Satay BeefBowlTaiwan3.75
377Sau TaoHo Fan Abalone ChickenBowlHong Kong4
376Sau TaoNoodle King Lobster ThickBowlHong Kong2.75
375VifonPho Bo Beef Rice NoodlePackVietnam0.5
374VifonAsian Style Instant Noodles ShrimpPackVietnam3.75
373NissinCup Noodles Chicken VegetableCupUSA2.75
372Noodle TimeSpicy ThaiBowlCanada0.5
371NissinChow Noodles AlfredoTrayUSA3.75
370FukuSuperior SoupPackHong Kong5
369Bon Go JangTofu Udon DosirakTraySouth Korea3.75
368KnorrChili PorkCupThailand3.5
367Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Artificial ChickenPackVietnam3.25
366PaylessPancit ShanghaiPackPhilippines2.75
365NissinCup Noodles PrawnCupSingapore3.25
364Sao TaoNoodle King Beef Hong Kong StyleBowlHong Kong2.5
363NissinDemae Iccho Tonkotsu MacaroniPackJapan3.5
362Vina AcecookDaily Hot & Sour With ShrimpPackVietnam4.5
361TayhoVermicelli With PorkBowlUSA1.25
360NissinCup Noodles Hearty ChickenCupUSA2.5
359NissinBowl Noodles Hot & Spicy BeefBowlUSA3.75
358DollSpicy Artificial PorkPackHong Kong3.75
357PaylessXtra Big Kalamansi Pancit CantonPackPhilippines4
356MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup Roast BeefPackUSA2.75
355NongshimNoodle Lite 275 Udon MushroomBowlSouth Korea2.5
354MaruchanInstant Lunch Chicken 35% Less SodiumCupUSA3
353NissinTop Ramen ChiliPackUSA3.25
352MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup ChiliPackUSA2.75
351NissinTop Ramen Picante BeefPackUSA3
350NissinSouper Meal Tomato Garlic ShrimpBowlUSA3.5
349OttogiRamen BokkiBowlSouth Korea3.25
348PaldoBowl Noodle KimchiBowlSouth Korea3.51
347Sunny MaidMi Chay VegetarianPackTaiwan1.75
346PaldoBowl Noodle Spicy Artificial ChickenBowlSouth Korea3.125
345MyojoCharumera ShoyuPackJapan3.5
344PaldoStirfried KimchiPackSouth Korea3.75
343Super BihunGoreng Rice NoodlesPackIndonesia4.5
342NongshimShin Big BowlBowlSouth Korea3.5
341Vina AcecookDaily VegetarianPackVietnam3.75
340ShirakikuJapanese Style Tokusen ShoyuPackJapan4
339PaylessXtra Big Chilimansi Pancit CantonPackPhilippines4.5
338NissinBig Cup Noodles ChickenCupUSA2.25
337MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup Creamy ChickenPackUSA5
336Six FortuneInstant Noodles With SoupPackSouth Korea3.5
335Goku UmaHot & Spicy BeefBowlJapan3.5
334NissinBig Cup Noodles BeefCupUSA2.125
333NissinBig Cup Noodles ShrimpCupUSA2.25
332NongshimChampong Oriental NoodlesCupSouth Korea3.75
331SunleeCrab NoodleBowlThailand4.5
330VifonPhu Gia Instant Bean Thread ChickenPackVietnam3.25
329Mee JangArtificial Beef FlavorBowlThailand3.5
328NongshimBig Bowl UdonBowlSouth Korea4.5
327Gomex3 Mien Mi Tom Hum LobsterPackVietnam3.5
326Little CookTVP Curry ChickenBowlThailand4
325Mee JangArtificial PorkBowlThailand3.5
324NongshimBig Bowl Spicy ShrimpBowlSouth Korea3.5
323OttogiJin Ramen (Hot)CupSouth Korea3.5
322UnifShrimp FishBowlTaiwan3.75
321Little CookTVP Spicy BeefBowlThailand4.75
320MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup Spicy Picante ChickenPackUSA4
319MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup OrientalPackUSA3.751
318UnifSuper Bowl Artificial Pickled Chilli BeefBowlTaiwan3.25
317MaruchanYakisoba Cheddar CheeseTrayUSA4
316UnifSuper Bowl Artificial Stewed Pork ChopBowlTaiwan3.5
315UnifSuper Bowl Artificial Spicy BeefBowlTaiwan2.75
314PaldoDosirac MushroomTraySouth Korea2.5
313PaldoDosirac ShrimpTraySouth Korea4.25
312Lucky Me!Supreme Bulalo Artificial Bone MarrowBowlPhilippines1.75
311VifonTasty MushroomPackVietnam2
310Lucky Me!La Paz Batchoy BeefPackPhilippines2.5
309PaldoDosirac BeefTraySouth Korea3.75
308TraditionImitation Chicken VegetarianPackUSA3.75
307Royal UmbrellaVegetarian Tom YumCupThailand2.75
306Rhee Bros AssiRice Noodle Anchovy FlavorTraySouth Korea3.75
305Lucky Me!Supreme Special Beef Carne De VacaBowlPhilippines3.75
304MamaPho Bo Rice Noodle Artificial BeefBowlThailand3.5
303PaldoDosirac Artificial ChickenTraySouth Korea3.25
302SamyangBowl Noodle Picante BeefBowlSouth Korea3.75
301DragonflyGuilin Style Rice VermicelliBowlChina4.5
300Wu MuSteam Spinach Ramen With OnionPackTaiwan5
299Lucky Me!Supreme Sotanghon Artificial Chicken Vermicelli BowlPhilippines3.75
298NongshimHearty Rice Noodle Spicy Veggie ConsommePackSouth Korea2.75
297Rhee Bros AssiRice Noodle Hot & Spicy KimchiTraySouth Korea3.25
296NissinCup Noodles CrabCupHong Kong3.25
295TablemarkSoybean PasteBowlJapan4.5
294PaldoSouth Korean SeafoodPackSouth Korea3.751
293TigerOnion Flaver Rice NoodleBowlTaiwan0
292PaldoSouth Korean U DongPackSouth Korea3.75
291NongshimShin BowlBowlSouth Korea3
290DollSpicy Artificial BeefPackHong Kong3
289PaldoSouth Korean Broad NoodlePackSouth Korea2
288Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Beef Rice NoodlePackSouth Korea3.25
287PaldoKing Cup LobsterCupSouth Korea3.751
286MyojoHyoubanya No Yakisoba OrientalTrayJapan4
285DollArtificial ChickenPackHong Kong4.5
284NissinCup Noodles SeafoodCupHong Kong4.5
283PaldoKing Cup Kimchi Pot StewCupSouth Korea41
282DollPickled VegetablePackHong Kong4.25
281MamaOriental Kitchen Hot SpicyCupThailand3
280Rhee Bros AssiRice Noodle KatsuoTraySouth Korea4
279Rhee Bros AssiRice Noodles SeafoodTraySouth Korea3.75
278FortuneUdon MushroomPackUSA3
277Vina AcecookOh! Ricey Beef Rice NoodlesPackVietnam4
276Wai WaiChili Paste Tom YumPackThailand3.25
275MamaCup Shrimp Tom Yum FlavorCupThailand3.75
274Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Soybean PastePackTaiwan4
273Wai WaiMinced Pork Tom YumPackThailand2.5
272Vina AcecookMi Lau Thai Artificial ChickenPackVietnam3.5
271PaldoSouth Korean Noodle Kimchi FlavorPackSouth Korea3.5
270Wu MuDried Noodle With BBQ PorkPackTaiwan2
269PaldoSpicy Shrimp BowlBowlSouth Korea3.5
268NissinCup Noodles Spicy Chile ChickenCupUSA3.5
266Vina AcecookMi Lau Thai ShrimpPackVietnam4
265NissinCup Noodles ChickenCupUSA3.5
264Vina AcecookHao Hao Sour Hot ShrimpPackVietnam3.75
263NissinChow Mein Kung Pao ChickenTrayUSA1.5
262Vina AcecookDaily Beef BallPackVietnam3.75
261Vina AcecookOh! Ricey ChickenPackVietnam3.75
260NissinBowl Noodles Hot & Spicy ShrimpBowlUSA3.5
259Vina AcecookMi Lau Thai SeafoodPackVietnam4
258Royal UmbrellaTom Yum ShrimpCupThailand3.25
257NissinCup Noodles BeefCupUSA3.5
256NissinCup Noodles ShrimpCupUSA3.5
255MamaOriental Kitchen Spicy SeafoodCupThailand3.75
254Vina AcecookDaily Hot & Spicy Tom YunPackVietnam4
253NongshimBowl Noodle Spicy SeafoodBowlUSA4.25
252FortuneUdon ChickenPackUSA3.25
251FortuneUdon BeefPackUSA3.5
250Wu MuSteamed Noodle Sesame OilPackTaiwan3.75
249Unif100 Artificial Spicy BeefPackTaiwan3.75
247MyojoUdon MushroomPackJapan3
246MamaArtificial Pork JumboPackThailand3
245Six FortuneBroad NoodlesPackSouth Korea3.75
244NissinKarashi Mayo YakisobaTrayJapan4.75
243MyojoUdon Hot & SpicyPackJapan4.5
242Fashion FoodsTom KlongBowlThailand2
241Fu Chang Chinese Noodle CompanyHot & Spicy BeefTrayUSA4
240Sanyo FoodsAunt Mentaiko Durum SpaghettiBowlJapan4.5
239OttogiPpushu Ppushu Sweet & SourPackSouth Korea1.75Y
238NissinChow Noodles Tomato BasilBowlUSA4
237KokaSpicy Seafood MarinaraBowlSingapore3
236KokaSpicy SesamePackSingapore51
234MyojoUdon ShrimpPackJapan3.75
233KokaTom Yum Rice NoodlesBowlSingapore3.51
232IndomieMi Goreng Jumbo BeefPackIndonesia5
231IndomieOnion ChickenPackIndonesia4.51
230Lucky Me!Supreme Instant Mami Noodles With Free CrackersBowlPhilippines3.75
229MyojoUdon ChickenPackJapan3.75
228VifonPho Ga Instant rice NoodleBowlVietnam2
227QuickchowBihon Guisado Rice NoodlePackPhilippines1.75
226NissinChow Noodles Cheddar CheeseTrayUSA4
225OttogiSnack RamyonPackSouth Korea3.75
224MamaInstant Bowl Noodles Artificial PorkBowlThailand2.75
223KokaLaksa SingapuraBowlSingapore4.25
222MyojoUdon CrabPackJapan3
221NissinTop Ramen BeefPackUSA3.751
220Wei LihGood Good Eat Super Ramen OriginalPackTaiwan3
219Six FortuneTom Yam Instant soup NoodlePackSouth Korea2.75
218MaruchanYakisoba Sweet & Sour ChickenTrayUSA3
217SamyangBowl Noodle KimchiBowlSouth Korea4
216MaruchanInstant Lunch Roast Chicken FlavorCupUSA2.75
215MaruchanYakisoba ChickenTrayUSA2
214MaruchanYakisoba Teriyaki BeefTrayUSA2
213NongshimBowl Noodle Spicy Artificial LobsterBowlUSA4
212MaruchanYakisoba Roast chickenTrayUSA3.75
211Vina AcecookKingcook Tomato Sauce PorkTrayVietnam3.5
210Rocket BrandSatoimo NoodlesPackChina2.5
209NissinSouper Meal Beef Flavor MinestroneBowlUSA3
208Sao TaoRamen King Scallop SeafoodPackChina4.25
207Sapporo IchibanOriginal FlavorPackUSA3.51
206Bon Go JangDeuchi UdonBowlSouth Korea3
205Sapporo IchibanBeef FlavorPackUSA4.5
204NongshimBowl Noodle Spicy ShrimpBowlUSA2.5
203NongshimBowl Noodle Hot & SpicyBowlUSA2
202NongshimBowl Noodle Cabbage KimchiBowlUSA3.25
201NongshimBowl Noodle Beef GingerBowlUSA3.5
200NongshimBowl Noodle Spicy ChickenBowlUSA4.5
199SamyangChinese Soybean PastePackSouth Korea2
198ShirakikuSanukiya SomenBowlJapan4.25
197Rhee Bros AssiRice Noodle With Spicy Flavored SoupTraySouth Korea2.25
196NissinCup Noodles Pani PuriCupIndia1.5
195MyojoChukazanmai Served Cool Sesame Flavored Rice Vinegar SesamePackJapan3
194Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Instant Rice Noodles Artificial ChickenPackVietnam3.5
193BossShrimp Tom Yum FlavorBowlThailand2.5
192PaldoSoy Flavor NoodlePackSouth Korea4.251
191Wu MuSteamed Noodle Chinese HerbsPackTaiwan3.25
190MaggiPerencah Tom YamPackMalaysia2.9
189NissinCup Noodles ManchurianCupIndia3
188NongshimUdonPackSouth Korea4
187PaldoHwa Ramyun Soy PeptidePackSouth Korea41
186PaldoTeumsae RamyunPackSouth Korea3.51
185ShirakikuSanukiya UdonBowlJapan3.75
184MyojoChukazanmai Soy SaucePackJapan3.75
183NissinBowl Noodles Hot & Spicy ChickenBowlUSA2
182MyojoChukazanmai Soy Sauce chili OilPackJapan3.25
181KamfenNoodle King Thin WontonPackChina2
180MyojoHyobanya No Yakisoba Sauce FlavorTrayJapan4.75
178MamaOriental Style Clear SoupPackThailand2
177VifonHu Tieu Bo Kho An Lien BeefPackVietnam3.75
176PaldoDosirac PorkTraySouth Korea4.125
175SamyangCold Ramen With Ponytail RadishPackSouth Korea3
174Lucky Me!Sotanghon Artificial ChickenPackPhilippines0.25
173Unif / Tung-IInstant Bean Vermicelli ShrimpPackTaiwan1.5
172MamaFlat Noodle Tom YumPackThailand3.75
171SamyangJapanese Seafood Flavor UdonPackSouth Korea3.75
170MyojoChukazanmai Soybean PastePackJapan3.5
169SamyangSeafood PartyPackSouth Korea2.25
168JFCJapanese Style Noodle Fresh UdonBowlJapan3.75
167Wai WaiCrab Instant Rice VermicelliPackThailand2.5
166KoyoGarlic PepperPackUSA3.25
165DollSesame OilPackHong Kong3.5
164Unif / Tung-IArtificial Beef FlavorPackTaiwan3.75
163VifonAsian Style Instant Noodles ChickenPackVietnam3.5
162MyojoChukazanmai OrientalPackJapan3.75
161PaldoGreen Tea ChlorellaPackSouth Korea0
160MyojoRamen Desse Soy SauceBowlJapan1.5
159MamaHot & SpicyPackThailand1.75
158MamaJok Cup Porridge Artificial PorkCupThailand2.5
156MaruchanInstant Lunch Cajun Style With chili Piquin ShrimpCupUSA3
155Lucky Me!Pancit CantonPackPhilippines4.75
154NissinCreamy ChickenCupUSA1.75
153Sapporo IchibanShrimp FlavorCupUSA1.75
152Wu MuSteamed Noodle Garlic & Sesame OilPackTaiwan4.5
151ShirakikuJapanese Style Tokusen MisoPackJapan3
150Chorip DongJjambbong Hot Spicy SeafoodBowlSouth Korea4.25
149MaruchanAkai Kitsune UdonBowlJapan4
148MyojoOkinawa SobaPackJapan3.75
147HigashiNagasaki Sara UdonPackJapan5
146MamaPho BoPackThailand2.5
145SakuraiVegetarian FlavorPackJapan3.5
144NongshimKimchi RamyunPackSouth Korea3.5
143MamaMamy Chand Clear SoupPackThailand2.75
142NissinChow Mein Teriyaki BeefTrayUSA4.5
141Six FortuneSeafood FlavorPackSouth Korea2.5
140MamaMi GorengPackThailand5
139KamfenNoodle King BeefPackChina1.75
138Unif100 Furong ShrimpTaiwan3
137NissinBowl Noodles Rich & Savory ChickenBowlUSA1.75
136MamaShrimp Creamy Tom YumPackThailand51
135Unif / Tung-IFresh ShrimpPackTaiwan3.25
134Global InspirationGyeong-Gi-Do RiceBowlSouth Korea2.25
133BaijiaHot & Sour Rice NoodlePackChina0
132Ve WongArtificial Peppered BeefPackTaiwan3.5
131Unif100 Artificial Shallot ChickenPackTaiwan3.25
130Sapporo IchibanMiso Soybean PastePackJapan3.5
129NongshimMupama Tang MyunPackSouth Korea3.51
128MamaArtificial PA-LO DuckPackThailand0.1
127VifonMi Chay VegetarianPackVietnam2.8
126MamaTom Yam Koong Rice VermicelliPackThailand1.5
125ShirakikuJapanese Style Tokusen KaramiPackJapan3
124NissinYakisoba With Mayonnaise/Mustard PacketTrayJapan5
123Wai WaiMinced Pork Soeng KreungPackThailand3.7
122DollShrimp WontonPackHong Kong4
121OttogiBekse CurryPackSouth Korea42
120SamyangBeefPackSouth Korea41
119Ve WongArtificial Pork & ChickenPackTaiwan3.4
118PaldoBibim MenPackSouth Korea3.751
117OttogiRamyonsariPackSouth Korea41
116MamaNam VangPackThailand3.6
115OttogiMiso RamyunPackSouth Korea2.8
114SamyangKimchiPackSouth Korea2.9
113NongshimHooroorook PackSouth Korea41
112OttogiJiajang NoodlePackSouth Korea3.75
111OttogiOdongtongmyon Seafood SpicyPackSouth Korea3.25
110Lucky Me!Artificial ChickenPackPhilippines1.5
109MamaPad ThaiPackThailand3.1
108Teriyaki TimeRamenBowlUSA2
107OttogiPow Crunch TeriyakiPackSouth Korea1.1Y
106GreeNoodleTom YumPackThailand0.5
105IndomieSpecial Fried Curly NoodlePackIndonesia5
104MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup ChickenPackUSA2
103Ve WongVegetarian FlavorPackTaiwan3
102IndomieSoto MiePackIndonesia1.5
101Ve WongArtificial Sesame ChickenPackTaiwan4.25
100Unif / Tung-IArtificial Chinese BeefPackTaiwan2.85
99Ve WongKung Fu Artificial OnionPackTaiwan2.75
98Unif / Tung-IChah ChiangPackTaiwan2.5
97Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Mi Tom Chua Sour ShrimpPackVietnam2.5
96Saigon Ve WongKung Fu Artificial Pork FlavorPackVietnam3.75
95Wei LihArtificial Beef FlavorPackTaiwan1
94MamaArtificial ChickenPackThailand2.5
93PaylessXtra Big Original Pancit CantonPackPhilippines4.51
92Fashion FoodTom Yum Seafood CreamyBowlThailand2
91Binh TayMi Chay MushroomPackVietnam2.75
90Long KowCrystal Noodle Six Kinds Of MushroomsPackChina2.3
89Unif100 Artificial Stewed Pork ChopPackTaiwan3.2
88PaldoSouth Korean Noodle ChickenPackSouth Korea3.251
87Wai WaiTom Yum Shrimp Cream SoupPackThailand2.75
86Unif / Tung-IOnion FlavorPackTaiwan3.65
85NissinDemae Ramen SesamePackJapan3.751
84SamyangKalgug-Su Assorted ClamPackSouth Korea1.8
83NissinDemae Ramen Spicy FlavorPackJapan2
82NissinDemae Ramen MisoPackJapan2.75
81Unif / Tung-IArtificial Spicy BeefPackTaiwan3.5
80Unif / Tung-IArtificial ChickenPackTaiwan3.5
79Sapporo IchibanKitsune UdonPackJapan3.25
78NissinDemae Ramen SeafoodPackJapan2.5
77NissinDemae Ramen PrawnPackJapan3.25
76IndomieMeatball FlavorPackIndonesia2.5
75IndomieMi Goreng RendangPackIndonesia4.5
74NissinDemae Ramen ShoyuPackJapan4
73NissinDemae Ramen Five Spices Artificial BeefPackJapan3.5
72NissinDemae Ramen Tonkatsu Artificial PorkPackJapan3.5
71NissinDemae Ramen SatayPackJapan2.5
70NissinDemae Ramen XO Sauce SeafoodPackJapan4
69BaijiaSpicy Fei- Chang Sweet Potato NoodlePackChina1.75
68Wei LihJah Jan Mien Instant Noodle With Fried Soybean PastePackTaiwan41
67MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup Lime Chili ShrimpPackUSA2
66MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup PorkPackUSA41
65NissinTop Ramen OrientalPackUSA2.5
64Sapporo IchibanChicken FlavorPackUSA3.5
63NissinSouper Meal Chicken Flavor With Vegetable MedleyBowlJapan3
62MaggiRice Noodle Mania Lemon MasalaPackIndia1.5
61Maggi2 Minute Noodles CurryPackIndia2.5
60MaggiVegetable Atta Noodles MasalaPackIndia2
59MaggiChinese Noodles Lemon Chicken FlavorPackIndia3.5
58Ve WongA-One Bun Tom ShrimpPackTaiwan3
57DollInstant Fried Noodles With Chili SauceTrayHong Kong3
56DollInstant Noodles With Sesame Oil & Soup BasePackHong Kong1
55Hua Feng Noodle ExpertFavoury Pork FlavorPackChina1
54Hua Feng Noodle ExpertSpicy Seafood FlavorPackChina3
52IndomieChicken CurryPackIndonesia42
51IndomieCurly Noodles With Grilled ChickenPackIndonesia52
50IndomieMi GorengPackIndonesia51
49IndomieMi Goreng Pedas HotPackIndonesia4.51
48IndomieShrimp FlavorPackIndonesia3
47IndomieMi Goreng Jumbo Barbecue ChickenPackIndonesia51
46IndomieMi Goreng Jumbo MeatballPackIndonesia3
45IndomieMi Goreng SatePackIndonesia5
44IndomieSpecial ChickenPackIndonesia4.252
43Kim Ve WongJaopai Series: Vegetarian Instant NoodlesBowlTaiwan0
42Ve WongKung-Fu Chicken FlavorPackVietnam2.751
41Little CookPork Mustard StemBowlThailand0.5
40Lucky Me!Pancit Canton Chili MansiPackPhilippines3
39Lucky Me!Supreme Bulalo FlavorBowlPhilippines3
38Lucky Me!Pancit Canton Citrus FlavorPackPhilippines3
37Lucky Me!Pancit Canton Hot Chili FlavorPackPhilippines3
36Lucky Me!ItnokPackPhilippines3
35MamaChand Clear SoupPackThailand3
34MaruchanRamen Noodle Soup ShrimpPackUSA2
33KokaMi Hai Tom PrawnPackSingapore3.751
32KokaMi Hai Cua Crab FlavorPackSingapore3.5
31MyojoIppeichan YakisobaTrayJapan4
30MyojoSpecial DuckPackJapan1
29Mee JangTom Yum ShrimpBowlThailand3.5
28NissinChikin RamenPackJapan5
27NissinDemae Ramen Curry FlavorPackJapan4
26NissinSoba Noodles With Mayo Mustard SquirtPackJapan4
25NissinDemae Ramen Spicy FlavorPackJapan3
24NissinDemae Ramen Spicy Seafood With Chili PepperPackJapan2
23NissinTop Ramen Creamy ChickenPackUSA4.5
22NongshimAnsungtangmyun Noodle SoupPackSouth Korea3.751
21NongshimChampong Oriental NoodlesPackSouth Korea41
20NongshimNeoguri (Seafood'n'Spicy)PackSouth Korea3.52
19NongshimShin RamyunPackSouth Korea42
18OttogiJin Ramen (Hot Taste)PackSouth Korea3.51
17QuickchowPancit PalabokPackPhilippines2.51
16SamyangKalgug-Su (Spicy)PackSouth Korea3.5
15SamyangPojangmacha U-dongPackSouth Korea2.5
14SamyangHotPackSouth Korea3.5
13Sapporo IchibanChow MeinPackJapan52
12Sapporo IchibanShrimp FlavorPackJapan2.5
11Six FortuneChicken Flavor Instant Soup NoodlePackSouth Korea2
9SmackVegetable BeefPackUSA1.5
10SutahCup NoodleCupSouth Korea2
8Tung-IChinese Beef Instant Rice NoodlePackTaiwan3
7Ve WongMushroom PorkPackVietnam1
6VifonNam VangPackVietnam2.5
5VifonHu Tiu Nam Vang ["Phnom Penh" style] Asian Style Instant Rice NoodlesBowlVietnam3.5
4Wai WaiOriental Style Instant NoodlesPackThailand1
3Wai WaiTom Yum ShrimpPackThailand2
2Wai WaiTom Yum Chili FlavorPackThailand2
1WestbraeMiso RamenPackUSA0.5