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Unboxing Time: MYRAMEN Vegan/HALAL/Natural Japanese Ramen

I was recently contacted by a company asking if I’d like to try their noodles. I get a lot of noodles – but I always want to try them all! These noodles were supposed to be Vegan, HALAL certified, 100% natural and a few other tags like no MSG. Pretty impressive! Let’s take a look at this interesting variety. ...see full post

How To Fix WordPress 4.4 YouTube Embed Not Working

I rarely mention anything to do with the operation of The Ramen Rater blog, but I figured today would be a good time to do so and could help a lot of folks. I noticed that none of the videos on the blog were working after I upgraded to the newest WordPress 4.4. I used to do this: ...see full post

The Ramen Rater Noodle Fest

[youtube url=url==http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyy7L4rEH70&w=480&h=390]

So here’s a video with pretty much all the photos I’ve taken of noodles and where they come from. Strange, I know, but enjoy! ...see full post