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#1141: Meet The Mnufacturer: Asian Thai Foods Joker Ready To Eat Noodles Chicken Flavor

Today, I’ll be reviewing something different. I’ve reviewed snack noodles before that have been made into various shapes, ones that start as a block and you crush and add seasoning, but none quite like these. These are in a small packet and in a block – they’re also noodles that have been seasoned already. Asian Thai Foods said that you can simply crush the noodles and have them that way; in fact, it is common that people eat many of their varieties this way – including mixing the seasoning packets and oil packets as well – and eating straight. What I’m going to do with it is add a couple things I’ve found before in namkeens. Namkeens are basically savory snack foods that are kind of like trail mix – they usually contain nuts, seeds, raisins and all sorts of different things depending on the region. Let’s have a try! ...see full post