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Vote The Ramen Rater For Best Food Blog!

Image by Steven C. - Thank you!

Hey everyone! I’m hoping you have been enjoying the website and my reviews! I was hoping you could do me a huge favor. There’s a yearly contest (longtime followers of the blog will remember it from previous years) called KING5’s BEST Of Western Washington. Basically, it’s a local contest where people can vote for their favorites. I’ve been in the Best Food Blog category for a couple of years now and hoping this year could be a little different – I really want to win this! The only downside is that you have to sign up and give your email address. Well, this year you can do so and tick a box during the process to ‘opt out’ of receiving any junk mail from them. It would mean a great deal to me if you could spend a minute and vote! It doesn’t matter where or what country you’re in, and if you’re a manufacturer, get everone at your factory to vote, please! You can do so by clicking here. Thank you very much!

Find us on the Best of Western Washington

The Ramen Rater

The Ramen Rater

While you’re at it, check out Daddy’s Donuts and give ’em a vote, too! They deserve it!

Vote For The Ramen Rater For BEST Of Western Washington 2014 Food Blog!

So last year, The Ramen Rater was #5 out of 90+ entrants, thanks to your votes! This year, let’s see if we can hit #1 in the Best Of Western Washington Food Blog competition!

Thank you for your ongoing support and readership! I really love putting up new reviews and special interviews and other stuff every day for you!