Announcing ‘The Ramen Rater Select:’ The Ultimate Instant Noodles

January 1st, 2017

Happy New Year! I have something very special to announce: The Ramen Rater Select. What is it? The Ramen Rater Select is a line of premium instant noodles – ones that I consider to be the best in the world. The first variety will be available soon, and soon I’ll let everyone in on the flavor and where it can be purchased.

As you know, I’ve reviewed thousands of instant noodles over the years; ones I’ve liked immensely, ones I haven’t. All of the best aspects I’ve found went into the recipe for these products. This isn’t something I’ve taken lightly; it’s really been a process of trial and error. This effort has resulted in a line that is just amazing. 

When available, I’ll be having samples sent to other reviewers and posting their reviews here. Ultimately, it’s all about you – the hungry guy or gal who wants to taste something authentic, innovative and delicious. I believe I have created this and can’t wait to hear what the world thinks!

Finally, I want to mention: THE RAMEN RATER SELECT WILL NOT BE ON ANY OF MY TOP TEN LISTS. It just wouldn’t be fair, and a definite conflict of interest. I will continue to review instant noodles as I always have – based solely on my taste buds.

Again, Happy New Year to all – this hobby went from a whim to a way of life and I have all my readers and fans of instant noodles to thank, so thank you to all of you, all over the world. I appreciate you and I hope you will consider The Ramen Rater Select a kind of thank you.


  1. Wow, I thought this was going to be a variety box of your favorite instant noodles from around the world, and then I realized this was your own line of ramen! Holy smokes! (So this is your plan for world domination you hinted at before, haha!) I assume you’re contracting this out? If so, may I ask which company?

    By the way, a Ramen Rater variety box of everything on your top ten lists would be incredible too!

    1. giantslor –

      I can’t elaborate more on the RRS (Ramen Rater Select) at this point. As far as a set with stuff from my top ten lists, yeah I’ve been approached and tried to get something together literally for years but nobody can seem to get enough of them together to do it. I think however a Top Ten Pack might come into being sometime soon; the issue being is that it would need to be from multiple top ten lists; sourcing everything from the current list would be really hard; especially since everything is from different countries.

      – TRR

  2. Happy ’17! Looking forward to these Hans! Here’s hoping they will be available in Australia 🙂
    Considering the simple yet elegant accoutrements in your noodle preparation I imagine the serving suggestions will be right on the mark.
    (Bring on the spiciness!)

  3. If it will be sold online, even then I can’t try it since I’m European and shipping costs will be huge…

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR Hans!!
    Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the aforementioned box of goodness! Best wishes for a great year for you, your new baby and the rest of the family.

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