Japanese Noodle Samples From Ippin!

I got an email last week from a company that sells all sorts of neat Japanese stuff – Ippin! A marketer named Lee contacted me! There’s Ippin for the United States and Ippin for Singapore. Let’s see what Lee put in this neat package from Japan!

Upon opening (click to enlarge).

The main reason for contacting me was to check this one out (click to enlarge) – a vegetarian ramen which will be part of an upcoming Meet The Manufacturer!

Three varieties of Maruchan Seimen (click to enlarge).

For the 45th Anniversary of Cup Noodle, Nissin started this high end ‘luxury’ ramen series (click to enlarge). Here we have turtle and ox tail varieties!

Nissin Spicxy Chicken Curry Cup Noodle (click to enlarge).

Here we have two varieties of ramen (click to enlarge) that are both HALAL friendly.

This is neat (click to enlarge) – in the center is a mee goreng Cup Noodle. On the left and right are tom yum – one from Singapore and one from Japan!

Bolognese and Vongole Cup Noodle (click to enlarge). Thank you again to Lee from Ippin! Looking forward to trying these!

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