Urgent Need For New Varieties To Review

Dear Readers,

I took a look in my noodle hamper to find a horrifying scene: I’m low. Really low. On instant noodles I haven’t reviewed. Without new varieties to review, this site will grind to a screeching halt.

Luckily, I am almost thirty reviews ahead (that’s right – the review you see today was probably done a couple weeks ago at least). However, I have been posting a couple reviews per day a lot recently in order to make the two-thousandth review occur on my birthday (March 14). I hit review number one thousand on my birthday a few years ago by accident and I figured why not do it on purpose for this big milestone.

I will start checking all the Asian grocery stores in my area for new varieties to replenish my hampers with things to review and share. I’m sure though that won’t be a lot.

I  am calling for all readers and instant noodle manufacturers with new products (or olds ones) I haven’t reviewed to please donate to the cause. You’re all been so generous and kind in the past and I truly appreciate it. I do what I do not only because I enjoy it, but because I enjoy sharing these reviews with the world.

I only need one pack, cup, bowl or tray of a particular variety. The more the better. Please refer to The Big List to see if I’ve reviewed what you think I might not have. If it’s not on there, chances are I’ve not tried it and would love to. Then please use the contact form and I’ll let you know where to send them.

Thank you to everyone who has sent varieties in the past – I truly appreciate it and hope to continue reviewing for the duration.


Best regards,

Hans Lienesch

The Ramen Rater


  1. How about you review fan recipe ideas for common noodle varieties? I have a few , as well as noodles that I combine. For example I put nongshim spicy ramyum with nongshim Kimchi ramen, add spring onion, bok choy, and plastic cheese. So yum!

  2. Hi Hans

    I was wondering if you will review instant rice noodles or other types of instant noodles(different texture,but still instant)? If you would I’m happy to send you some from Malaysia 🙂 Ive been a lurker on your side for a few years now so would love to send you a few packets 🙂


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